March Horoscopes

March Horoscope & Astrology ~ Ostara

Happy Ostara! March sees the perfect balance of day and night as we reach 0º of Aries and the beginning of the Pagan new year. The promise of Imbolc is fulfilled, the sap is rising as the natural world is coming alive again. Night and day are in equal length at the Spring Equinox

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The 1st house

The First House ~ Spring

The first house is the most personal point of the chart. This represents the physical body and the incarnation for this lifetime. It represents the beginning of

relationship composite chart

The Soulmates Chart In Synastry

Finding true love with a soulmate is not all that it’s cracked up to be. It’s more likely to be a case of “Help, I’ve found my

Best Synastry Aspects

Synastry aspects between natal charts describe the unfathomable connection that makes each lover’s hearts sing when they meet. We look at this after first determining each person’s relationship needs

Mercury retrograde meaning

Mercury Retrograde Meaning ~ Magic!

What is the Mercury Retrograde meaning in astrology? The traditional advice with Mercury retrograde is “Don’t travel, Don’t sign contracts. Don’t marry. Don’t touch electrics!” However, the

Saturn Uranus Aspects

Saturn/Uranus Aspects ~ Techno Revolution

Saturn Uranus aspects brings about invention, flight and innovation, particularly of things mechanical. Saturn and Uranus are opposing forces politically, where Saturn is authority and tradition while

Fixed Star Lyra

Constellation Lyra ~ January 1 to 20

Vega is the principal star of Constellation Lyra. If your birthday is between January  4 to 8, your Sun is conjunct this beautiful Sapphire star. Constellation Lyra

Venus Pluto aspects

Venus Pluto Aspects ~ Madly & Deeply

Venus Pluto aspects love truly, madly, deeply. There is no chance of having a lighthearted fling with these folk. They will do their utmost to keep you

venus saturn aspects

Venus Saturn Aspects ~ Beautiful Chains

Venus Saturn aspects are typically associated with feeling unloved, especially by the father or other symbols of patriarchy. It can also indicate a stern and regimental upbringing where

sun trine saturn sun sextile saturn

Sun Sextile/Trine Saturn ~ Cool Timing

NOVEMBER 19 ~ Sun sextile Saturn at 27º Scorpio/Capricorn. Sun sextile Saturn or Sun trine Saturn are great time keepers, organisers and natural leaders. They inspire obedience because

Mars Pluto Aspects ~ Sexy Predator

Mars Pluto aspects marry sex with power. Mars square or opposition Pluto with its more dynamic qualities can make for a domineering bully or ruthless dictator in

Venus Mars aspects

Venus Mars Aspects ~ Love Bombing

Venus Mars aspects are passionate and driven, but the hard aspects can also be quite cruel and ruthless. Under normal circumstances, Venus will soothe Mars and Mars

Mars Retrograde 2020

Mars Retrograde 2020 ~ Volcanic Success

Mars retrograde 2020 will travel from 28º Aries to 15º Aries from September 9, 2020 until November 14, 2020. The red planet turns retrograde about every 2

Mars conjunct Saturn

Mars Saturn Aspects ~ Axe Wielders

Mars Saturn aspects are astrology’s axe wielders. The title was chosen not because this aspect is particularly murderous, but because it is highly symbolic of the archetypal energy

Betelgeuse ~ Birthdays June 19 to 21

Betelgeuse is the famous bright red star in the shoulder of Orion. Currently it is positioned at 28º 45’ Gemini*. Orion is probably one of the easiest

The Hyades ~ Birthdays May 26 to 30

The Hyades star cluster is in the face of Taurus the bull, spanning 5 to 9 degrees Gemini. The Sun passes through these degrees around May 26