Half Price 2020 Horoscopes!

Can you believe that we have past the middle of the year already? It seems like time has stopped and 2020 has not even begun yet. 2021 Horoscopes are imminent so if you haven’t already you can now get the individual 2020 horoscopes for $1.95 instead of $3.95! Or simply buy the whole 12 for $6 below.


All 12 Horoscopes ~ HALF PRICE

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4 thoughts on “Half Price 2020 Horoscopes!”

  1. Hello, I already bought the aries 2020 one at the end of last year…. but now i also want to see the 2021 love forecasts…. any chance I can ge the updated one since I already paid for it?

    • The love horoscope does come free with the Aries 2021 Horoscope, so you could buy it there? I might make them available as single entities. But the reason I added them now was to make the 2020 more worthwhile since half of them are now out of date. It’s more like you are buying the love horoscopes with a free 2020, rather than the other way around. If that makes sense.


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