The Astrology Of 2018

The major 2018 astrology predictions for the first six months of the year. In 2018 we have both a Venus Retrograde and Mars Retrograde. In this post, I look at the movers and shakers in the solar system, the good, the bad and the beastly! What will these alignments mean for you personally and in the collective?

January to March Astrology 2018

We literally start the year with an epiphany moment on Jan 6 since the chart is just nuts with Mars conjunct Jupiter square the nodes. A very conquistadorial energy much like Mars square or opposition Jupiter, this is the best combination for a military commander, for it is daring, courageous, pioneering and busting with red-hot, sexual energy. Use this fiery moment to make a brave step towards your North node mission, especially if this aspect plugs into your natal chart.

Into the New Year and we have a 11º Leo Lunar Eclipse already on Jan 31. It’s quite a dramatic one with a Persephone theme since the Moon is pretty much exactly conjunct Ceres while Venus will be conjunct the South Node, will we see yet another high profile #MeToo come out of the closet? The Sun is on the nagging star Armus, I know that’s not a pleasant word, but what is brought to the surface won’t be very palatable either. Prepare for harsh criticism showing up in the news.

The 27º Aquarius Solar Eclipse on Feb 15 is in some ways it is a response to the very significant Regulus Solar Eclipse in August last year. Instead of a roaring lion, we have a romantic Swan influence over this New Moon eclipse. The Moon is conjunct Mercury also on Sador in the constellation of the Swan.“Cygnus gives a contemplative, dreamy, cultured and adaptable nature. The affections are ill-regulated and unsteady, the talents develop late. There is some love of water and swimming and the arts.”

Mars square Neptune on Feb 17 has a Joan of Arc energy where the victim/ savior archetype is strong. People will love to fight for the underdog. This is very much a chivalrous aspect too and carries with it the romance of the high seas. Of course, you might equally find yourself captive or captiv-ated by a rum-swilling Pirate of sorts if this touches your chart strongly. This combination is extremely seductive, but with these hard aspects, are the danger of falling victim to sexual obsessions.

The first Mercury Retrograde of the year lasts from Mar 23 to Apr 15 and will span 16º back to 4º Aries. Mercury will want to break free from any mental constraints when it aligns with Alpheratz on Mar 26. It will also according to Robson give “Active mind, benefits from judges, lawyers or churchmen, pioneer work bringing prominence, accused of selfish motives, writes on science, religion or philosophy.” Mercury in Aries decan 1 is extremely inventive! The brain cells fire like quicksilver in this super fast zone, sometimes minds can be so lightning fast that they suffer headaches. Mercury in Aries decan 2 seems to work great schemes, indeed, some would say Machiavellian ones. Here we find boastfulness and convincing storytellers. There talent with the vocals, whether it is just making speeches or all-out musical singing.

2018 Astrology

April to June Astrology 2018

On Apr 26, Mars makes its volcanic conjunction to Pluto which it does every two and a half years. The hotspot is at 21º Capricorn. This aspect could signify a tragedy, but on the positive side can also be empowerment and rising like a phoenix from the flames. Mars conjunct Pluto does a great job of purification by fire and is also incredibly sexy. In the wider world, this may be seen in arson attacks, forest fires or the eruption of violence. Not only that but risk-taking Mars square Uranus happens at the end of Aries too on May 16! In traditional astrology Mars is making a move that is called ‘translation of light’, which means Mars is delivering something from Pluto to Uranus and can act as a facilitator.

Now technically, die-hard traditionalists would not even count Uranus or Pluto as planets, but I certainly think this exchange is valid in this case! We can clearly seen the fall-out from the 2012 to 2015 Uranus square Pluto. in hindsight now. Many demographic changes have happened in parts of Europe as a result of the migration that occurred over this timeframe. But I think it will be useful at this time to look back at the post and review what I said about the Uranus square Pluto at the time. The period between Apr 26 to May 16 then may mirror some of the themes of Uranus square Pluto in 2015. This is important because the planet of war enters the shadow zone of next season’s Mars Retrograde on May 11.

2018 Astrology predictionsIt is interesting that so many historic events from the 1960’s Uranus/Pluto conjunction are being revised currently, such as the Kennedy assassination and the weaponization of the hippie movement. (Check out David McGowan’s work on Laurel Canyon.) Also, we have to consider the consequences of some aspects of feminism and the loosening of borders (and morals!) within the Western world. I didn’t really foresee the connections between WW2 and the rise of so-called ‘Far right’ nationalism in Europe. Similar dynamics of the 1933 Uranus square Pluto are recurring now when before it was Russian communists V European fascists. This time it has flipped and we have nationalistic former communist countries like Poland and Hungary V the cultural Marxists/progressives of Western Europe. Ironic!

So this Mars retrograde is very important and one which could see conflict, but maybe this is what is needed. Many are taking their smartphone ‘soma’ and thus are too distracted to take action in the real world. It is hard though… At the moment the same silent majority are feeling their way out of the lies and are testing the water via the anonymity of the internet. But there are a growing number of outspoken Eris types who are putting their faces out there. Speaking out like this is emboldening the disgruntled masses into digging their heels in at anymore ‘progression’. Could we see some reversals then in tandem with Mars’s retrograde motion next season? Mars then takes Pluto’s power and hands it over to the individualists.

These individuals could start to form alliances, Uranus will be on Alrisha, the star in the knot that holds the Pisces fishes together. The actual fishes on the constellation image swim in different directions, so could both the left and the right unite against globalism? Russia is still a socialist country and at the same time nationalistic, as is China. It is only the West that defines nationalism as ‘Far Right’ when it is certainly not so in the rest of the world!

2018 Horoscopes offerMars square Uranus starts to make itself felt on May 12 while Mercury is also conjunct Uranus on Alrisha. Expect some news of unexpected alliances forming, but these allies might be perceived as threatening to some. Mars square Uranus can be shocking and sudden, with a speedy collapse or an accident. Uranus will,
however, make its first ingress into Taurus after spending 8 years in Aries on May 16! This is quite a moment as Mars square Uranus will be exact. We would hope Uranus in Taurus will be rather more sedate and stable then it has been in feisty Aries. However the exact Mars square Uranus that christens Uranus’s grand entrance suggests otherwise, it could mean fireworks. However, these colourfull explosions are also festive, so maybe these alliances previously mentioned are a cause for celebration.

May 25 gives us the first Jupiter trine Neptune of 2018. (The 1st one occurred on Dec 2, 2017) This is a major aspect pattern and really helps us navigate through the harsher aspects of 2018. It brings hope and spiritual harmony. Jupiter trine Neptune is also a very charitable aspect, but one that needs to be channeled realistically so that the help really does goes to the grass-roots, needy people. Trines can abuse some folk’s good nature and trusting hearts. The road to ruin is paved with good intentions!! Sorry to be so Saturn.. However, it is so easy to become very dewy-eyed at the glittering grand trine on Jun 1. It really is just too angelic for words.

The Moon turns our angel delight into a kite and you just might feel as high as one, if this grand water trine hits any of your personal planets. Venus is even on Sirius, the Goddess Isis no less, which is devotion on a grand scale. It’s so easy to fall for soulmates and gurus at this time, or someone who feels like both. You might need to anchor your feet the ground before your head bumps into the moon… This gorgeous grand trine is in effect until Jun 5, so this is a great week for a wedding! All in all, June is a very romantic month with a cupid’s dart of a Venus/North node opposition Mars/South Node on Jun 20. Thrash out all your passion until… Mars Retrograde commences proper on Jun 27 and will travel between 28º Capricorn to 8º Aquarius…(The 2nd half of the year will be added around March 2018.)

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