US Election 2016, Trump & The Snake

Could ever-controversial Donald Trump be the next president of the United States? With Regulus rising and a Medusa-slaying Algol on his Midheaven, Trump has an ‘in your face’ horoscope for sure! Regulus could represent Trump falling from the great height, but he has resurrected himself many times. Trump says he wants to make America great and spangly again, but can he resurrect a whole continent?

Regulus rising gives “Great honor and wealth, but violence and trouble, benefits seldom last, favor of the great, victory over enemies and scandal.” The notorious star Algol is said to represent beheadings and assassination, but this is very rare! John F Kennedy did have Jupiter on Algol, but in his house of death and square Uranus (Shock).

With Trump, his Algol MC is squared by Mars in the first house, so he himself holds the sword. Algol then could be Trump removing the ‘heads’ from failing or corrupt companies. After all, Trump was famous for his line ‘Your fired!’ in the reality T.V show the Apprentice.

Trump comes across as fierce, but it is not his core character. The ascendant is the human vehicle designated at birth, so if you are a fighter you will get a tank! Mars with Regulus“Honor, fame, strong character public prominence, high military command.”

Donald Trump ~ Regulus/Mars Rising

Donald Trump Horoscope
Donald Trump Horoscope

Trump’s Mars/Regulus image is the appropriate suit of armour to wear, when you are faced with a deadly enemy. However the ruler of both Trump’s Mars and AC is an airy Gemini Decan 3 Sun. The driver knows how to make the headlines. I called this decan ‘Media Gods & Business Tycoons’. Trump’s Sun is in glitzy Orion’s belt, conjunct Uranus trine Jupiter in Libra. It is a birthchart of innovation, daringness and ambitious vision, but can be shocking too.

Trump himself is quite Uranian, but has been stressing law and order all the way through his campaign, as well as the infamous wall. On election day, the wall of transiting Saturn slides across the gateway of the US Ascendant by less than a degree. This could mean that things stay the same of course, but Hillary Clinton is not the same as Obama. US chart ruler Jupiter square the US Sun, which is again conjunct Jupiter. Trump has natal Sun trine Jupiter. So much Jupiter.. growth, building, making America ‘great again’.. all big Jupiter claims. On election day, the US will want some Jupiter optimism, even if it seems unrealistic in the current climate.

Trump’s Transits & Progressions

Trump has been experiencing slimy Neptune trine Mercury since February 2016. The trine could mean that deceptive reporting and outright lies from the mass media could actually work in Trumps favour, but only if they are exposed. However Trump has a 12th house, watery Mercury himself which means his message can be confused or twisted. In quick-fire debates Trump has trouble getting his message across succinctly and tends to meander.

Billionaire Builder

Trump’s braggadocio temperament and emotional delivery resonates with the US’s Jupiter ruled chart and his style is more like an unrefined labourer than anything elite. Quite an interesting paradox, but then only a billionaire could fund his own campaign and therefore be outside the payroll of the globalists.

Mostly, the educated media’s attitude towards Trump is one of snobbery. In a world of racism and sexism, it’s strange that classism is ignored. Trump’s taste shows his roots, it’s a bit ‘Footballers wives’... Anyone who has spent time with builders knows that Trump’s raw manner of speaking is not that shocking for his generation or class.”

*UPDATE Oct 10th ‘Lewd Tape’. I wrote this whole post before the tape came out and then posted just hours before the story broke. What I term ‘raw manner’ is Trump’s general, public style of speaking I am referring to and NOT this private ‘male only’ conversation. Please watch The Truth About The Trump Controversy for the non-mainstream perspective.

Saturn/Moon & Yod ~ To White House?

On election day, a transiting Uranus Yod throws a quincunx down to Mercury conjunct Trump’s IC. Transits to the IC can show an uprooting or move, so this Yod might be an omen pointing the way to the White House for Trump.

Trump Yod
Yod To The White House?

Trump’s progressed Moon is on its way to conjunct natal Saturn (Exact Dec 1 2016). Astrologer Jessica Adams points out there is a transiting Saturn on its way to conjunct Trump’s natal Moon too. This is a double whammy! A Moon/Saturn emphasis is usually read as heavy responsibility and even depression. Adams says;

“There is absolutely no way this man is going to move to the White House in January 2017. Why? According to this ancient technique, Trump was born with the Moon at 21 Sagittarius in the Fourth House, which rules his home and his country. Saturn is approaching a conjunction to that Moon. Nobody is ever that unhappy living in the White House – surely?” ~ Jessica Adams

We differ here. I use whole sign houses, so instead Trump’s natal Moon is in house 5 of children and also rules hidden enemies. Yes, Trump has a lot of powerful enemies, and defending against them is actually Saturn’s job. Does a Saturn transit always point to unhappiness conjunct the Moon? In Trump’s case it could mean defending himself and withdrawal. I don’t think he is going to be starting any wars.

Trump has already said the US shouldn’t police the world for free. Other countries might value the lives of the sons (Children) of America a lot more if they actually had to pay for their ‘cannon fodder’. Even if we consider a 4th house moon, Trump might indeed not feel at home in the president’s palace. I think he’d miss his gold taps, baroque ceilings and marble everything. The White House frankly, is a bit of a downgrade.

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  1. Very good Marina, well done, I have shared your link with many friends

  2. Oh God, Ann Coulter, the one who is not anti-gay, just against gay marriage and doesn’t want gay people to be discriminated (???? fuck logic), just to quote a classic non-sense that comes out of her mouth. This is a total new low down for an astrologer like you after Trump, who, ironically, fits very well your prediction on Saturn/Antares in Sagittarius, though you don’t seem quite much to see it.

  3. Vladsch. You can listen to people without identifying 100% with them. That’s called discernment. I can read the Koran without it turning me into a Muslim! I can like both Ann and support gay marriage. Honestly.. *sigh* Stop putting people in boxes. Antares can be my Hillary and your Trump, at the same time! You are projecting identity politics at its very finest. Thanks for the demonstration 🙂

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