US Election 2016, Trump & The Snake

Could ever-controversial Donald Trump be the next president of the United States? With Regulus rising and a Medusa-slaying Algol on his Midheaven, Trump has an ‘in your face’ horoscope for sure! Regulus could represent Trump falling from the great height, but he has resurrected himself many times. Trump says he wants to make America great and spangly again, but can he resurrect a whole continent?

Regulus rising gives “Great honor and wealth, but violence and trouble, benefits seldom last, favor of the great, victory over enemies and scandal.” The notorious star Algol is said to represent beheadings and assassination, but this is very rare! John F Kennedy did have Jupiter on Algol, but in his house of death and square Uranus (Shock).

With Trump, his Algol MC is squared by Mars in the first house, so he himself holds the sword. Algol then could be Trump removing the ‘heads’ from failing or corrupt companies. After all, Trump was famous for his line ‘Your fired!’ in the reality T.V show the Apprentice.

Trump comes across as fierce, but it is not his core character. The ascendant is the human vehicle designated at birth, so if you are a fighter you will get a tank! Mars with Regulus“Honor, fame, strong character public prominence, high military command.”

Donald Trump ~ Regulus/Mars Rising

Donald Trump Horoscope
Donald Trump Horoscope

Trump’s Mars/Regulus image is the appropriate suit of armour to wear, when you are faced with a deadly enemy. However the ruler of both Trump’s Mars and AC is an airy Gemini Decan 3 Sun. The driver knows how to make the headlines. I called this decan ‘Media Gods & Business Tycoons’. Trump’s Sun is in glitzy Orion’s belt, conjunct Uranus trine Jupiter in Libra. It is a birthchart of innovation, daringness and ambitious vision, but can be shocking too.

Trump himself is quite Uranian, but has been stressing law and order all the way through his campaign, as well as the infamous wall. On election day, the wall of transiting Saturn slides across the gateway of the US Ascendant by less than a degree. This could mean that things stay the same of course, but Hillary Clinton is not the same as Obama. US chart ruler Jupiter square the US Sun, which is again conjunct Jupiter. Trump has natal Sun trine Jupiter. So much Jupiter.. growth, building, making America ‘great again’.. all big Jupiter claims. On election day, the US will want some Jupiter optimism, even if it seems unrealistic in the current climate.

Trump’s Transits & Progressions

Trump has been experiencing slimy Neptune trine Mercury since February 2016. The trine could mean that deceptive reporting and outright lies from the mass media could actually work in Trumps favour, but only if they are exposed. However Trump has a 12th house, watery Mercury himself which means his message can be confused or twisted. In quick-fire debates Trump has trouble getting his message across succinctly and tends to meander.

Billionaire Builder

Trump’s braggadocio temperament and emotional delivery resonates with the US’s Jupiter ruled chart and his style is more like an unrefined labourer than anything elite. Quite an interesting paradox, but then only a billionaire could fund his own campaign and therefore be outside the payroll of the globalists.

Mostly, the educated media’s attitude towards Trump is one of snobbery. In a world of racism and sexism, it’s strange that classism is ignored. Trump’s taste shows his roots, it’s a bit ‘Footballers wives’... Anyone who has spent time with builders knows that Trump’s raw manner of speaking is not that shocking for his generation or class.”

Saturn/Moon & Yod ~ To White House?

On election day, a transiting Uranus Yod throws a quincunx down to Mercury conjunct Trump’s IC. Transits to the IC can show an uprooting or move, so this Yod might be an omen pointing the way to the White House for Trump.

Trump Yod
Yod To The White House?

Trump’s progressed Moon is on its way to conjunct natal Saturn (Exact Dec 1 2016). Astrologer Jessica Adams points out there is a transiting Saturn on its way to conjunct Trump’s natal Moon too. This is a double whammy! A Moon/Saturn emphasis is usually read as heavy responsibility and even depression. Adams says;

“There is absolutely no way this man is going to move to the White House in January 2017. Why? According to this ancient technique, Trump was born with the Moon at 21 Sagittarius in the Fourth House, which rules his home and his country. Saturn is approaching a conjunction to that Moon. Nobody is ever that unhappy living in the White House – surely?” ~ Jessica Adams

We differ here. I use whole sign houses, so instead Trump’s natal Moon is in house 5 of children and the progressed Moon is in the house that also rules hidden enemies. Yes, Trump has a lot of powerful enemies, and defending against them is actually Saturn’s job. Does a Saturn transit always point to unhappiness conjunct the Moon? In Trump’s case it could mean defending himself and withdrawal. I don’t think he is going to be starting any wars.

Trump has already said the US shouldn’t police the world for free. Other countries might value the lives of the sons (Children) of America a lot more if they actually had to pay for their ‘cannon fodder’. Even if we consider a 4th house moon, Trump might indeed not feel at home in the president’s palace. I think he’d miss his gold taps, baroque ceilings and marble everything. The White House frankly, is a bit of a downgrade.

Trump’s Sun into Virgo ~ Sphinxed

2016 US presidential electionTrump’s progressed Sun moved from Leo to Virgo on August 8 2016. This is a start of a new 30 year cycle for him and mirrors the move of Regulus from Leo to Virgo with all that that entails for him personally. In my Regulus post I wrote:

“Can we shift from service-to-self to a service-to-others mentality? It’s hard to feel like you want to be of service if you are essentially already living as a slave. The working classes suffer most from cheaper, imported labour. These working classes, (often vilified as Chavs or rednecks ) are craving Regulus empowerment and fame through ‘selfies’ and reality TV shows. Why? Because the despised populist working class are subconsciously grasping for their lost sovereignty and culture with this apparently narcissistic, negative-Regulus behaviour.”

The Regulus image that Trump wears on his ascendant is compelling for ‘populist’ ordinary working-class people. But the largely middle-class intellectual press just do not understand this, so they will attempt to shame Trump fans instead. ‘Shame’ doesn’t always work in the privacy of the polling booth, as the ‘Brexit’ vote in the UK showed. The media have even gone as far as to say Trump voters have a lower IQ! On July 6 2016 Trump’s Progressed Sun made a conjunction with his Regulus Ascendant. This heralds a peak moment in his life and he will never have this lion-power ever again. The effects of this courageous transit will carry him over to August 2017. What these progressions show, is a gradual mellowing of the combatant Trump style to something more parental. If Trump doesn’t become president, he will probably just retire very happily and let his children take over his Empire.

Trump’s Total Lunar Eclipse

2016 Presidential Election
Solar Arc ~ Lunar Eclipse

Trump was born on the day of a total lunar eclipse. These natives are “ unusually fearless both of physical danger and of the opinions of others about their actions and attitudes. In addition, they were unusually direct and brusque to the point of formidableness…” – Charles Jayne. Using solar arc progressions, the whole Lunar Eclipse alignment will move forward a degree every year. From 2016 to 2017 Trump’s progressed Lunar eclipse conjuncts natal Regulus Ascendant indicating a fate he cannot avoid. Along with fighting the Democrats, Trump has had to battle the mainstream media and even the Neo-cons in his own party. He would have had a much easier life being a TV star and property mogul. With these transits, something else is compelling Trump to keep going like Trojan. In an 1988 Oprah video Trump said he would only run for president ‘If it got so bad..”. 

Trump Natal Moon In The Snake

Saturn in Sagittarius will travel over Trump’s important eclipse degree (23º) during the course of 2017. This is no ordinary miserable Saturn conjunct Moon transit. Trump has a day chart, so Saturn is not so harmful to him. Trump’s Moon’s star is exiled Ras Alhague in Ophuichus the snake charmer. Trump is certainly the outsider politically and the only one who has addressed all the juicy taboo, un-PC topics. (Natal Mercury square Eris.) Though the press condemn him, the good copy is irresistible. This is Ras Alhague’s forbidden fruit. Trumps recital of the song “The Snake” fits his Moon quite nicely.

Zodiacal Releasing ~ Trump’s Peak Periods

Lastly a traditional technique to find the peak periods in Trumps life.  Trump’s Cancer L1 period runs 2000 to 2025 and is not a peak period. Cancer for Trump is ruled by a Ras Alhague Serpentine Moon and it is also the house of hidden enemies. Not an easy ride while running for president! At least Cancer for Trump contains a benefic, an exalted Venus no less, which will protect him from the vipers on his Ophuichus South Node. Trump’s Gemini L2 runs May 2016 to Dec 2017. Also not a peak period, but activates his powerful Gemini Sun. This gives Trump the confidence of fixed star “Alnilam Rash, headstrong, surly (Yep!)” [1] Orion’s belt with Trump’s Sun gives “Notoriety, good fortune, lasting happiness.” [2] This ‘surly’ and fortunate period will take Trump through the election.

Peak Period
Trump Peak Periods ~ Fixed Signs

Trump starts a Capricorn L2 ‘loosening-of-the-bonds’ period on December 28 2017. This can be a time where he really reaches the peak of success in this political career or…. changes track completely! Note Obama has a ‘loosening-of-the-bonds’ next year also from May 13. So these are almost concurrent, like one is handing over the keys. These are quite rare occurrences in one’s life, Trump’s last one happened in April 1998. (Funnily enough, all that I could find about Trump’s life at this time was a false quote about ‘dumb republican voters’ supposedly from a 1998 interview which just show’s how what the press can get away with.)

Unfortunately we cannot look at Hillary’s peak periods since we don’t have a reliable time. Capricorn L2 ruled by Saturn (H12 conjunct Venus); Trump might need to rely on the help of the women in his life to mitigate the attacks of ‘misogyny’ from the press. Venus is in Cancer L1 12th house too, so women either love Trump or hate him.

The Saturn Wall

During this Saturnian time, Trump will face a lot of obstacles, ironically, a great wall of opposition. However, Trump hits his next L2 peak period in March 2020 (Aquarius H7). This could help win him a second term if he should become president in November. As it stands, I wouldn’t say Trump has the best transits for this election, but he has the kind of birth chart that could transcend anything. What is more important is his own soul’s evolution as seen in his progressions. Trump’s biggest enemy is the mass media and his own impulsiveness, but if he can learn to master them he could win the presidency. For me, Trump seems to have a catalyst type of energy.

Trump For President?

Trump is rude and ridicules his opponents, (Sun on Alnilam,) but his birthchart does not scream evil psychopath to me. In essence, the 2016 US Presidential Election boils down to someone being called a ‘fat pig’ against Hillary’s warmongering ‘foreign policy’. In the old days, actions spoke louder than words. These days, with ever diminishing attention spans, opinions are shaped by tweets. Crazy times!

Whether the White House will sport a gigantic Trump T is impossible to say, since we cannot measure Trump against Hillary fairly. For every action there is an equal opposite reaction. If Trump is in the running for president of the United States, it’s because the Overton window has shifted too far to the left (Ie: More government intervention).

Love him or loath him, Trump’s birth chart shows that he is important for the fate of the USA, if only to bring balance (Jupiter in Libra) and freedom of speech back to the ‘land of the free’. Snake-taming, Medusa-slaying Trump is probably the only man, big and ugly enough, to stand up against globalist censorship and the shadow government.

1. Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan, 1990, p.44.
2 & 3. The Fixed stars & Constellations in Astrology. Robson. p.193.p156/7.

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