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Weekly Horoscope ~ Mar 20 to 29


Aries Decan 1 ~ Mar 20 – 29 2017. The new weekly horoscope runs as an Egyptian week, ie 10 days. It will start as the Sun moves into a new decan and looks at what fixed stars it hits during the decanate week. The star interpretations are written for those born with their Sun on that degree, but the general mood of the day will carry that flavour too.

To Boldly Go & Red Ambition

This impulsive decan tries everything at once, grabbing with both hands. It wants it all and it wants it now! Of course it does, it is the start of a brand new cycle. Everything is fresh, new, shiny and bouncy. This decan makes natural leaders, warriors, front line fighters and trail blazers.

Mar 20

It’s officially the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere! The Sun reaches 0º Aries at 10.29am GMT. 6.29am EDT. 3.29am PDT.

Mar 21

Aries 1º 03’~ Kerb in the upper leg of Pegasus. 4.6*

Kerb is in Pegasus’s sexy thigh (If a horses thigh can be deemed sexy.), and suggestive of Aries’s famous precocious sex drive. Unfortunately this stars only interpretation is “Danger of being jilted by a lover”. Presumably this is something to do with Pegasus’s rider being “jilted” off his back. Rams make intense romantic partners, so they stand less chance of being “jilted” if they back off from their beloveds every once in a while. Their psychic heat is enough to burn those close to them to a crisp if they stay too close for too long. Robson says the Pegasus constellation in general gives “ambition, vanity, intuition, enthusiasm, caprice and bad judgment.” Being around these folk can be quite exhausting if you are not a fellow fire sign.

Mar 22

Aries 2º 35’ ~ Deneb Kaitos in the tail of Cetus the Sea Monster. 2.2

Deneb Kaitos is a 2nd Mag major star found in the tail of Cetus the sea-monster. Robson says “It causes self-destruction by brute force, sickness, disgrace, misfortune and compulsory change.” While Elsbeth Ebertin says “Inhibitions and restraints in every way, psychologically and physically.” [1] Aries rules the head, so mental disturbance and hot-headedness go with the territory. Deneb Kaitos is probably the very star that gives the rams their selfish and quite frankly, spoilt-brat reputation…This star situated in the tail can make them lash out without thinking at times. They can deeply wound (lacerate.) without meaning to. Lacerta the lizard is also in this decan.

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  1. This is my absolute TOP favourite format of all your horoscopes, Marina! I’m crazy about Fixed Stars.
    On the composite chart with my SO, Jupiter is conjunct Juno on Spica.
    Jupiter is at 22Libra50
    Spica is at 23Libra05
    Juno is at 23:28
    MC is at 28Libra47, so this configuration hits you right in the eye the minute you look at the chart. Incidentally, the chart is a “cradle” pattern which includes all the main planets, but not all of them touch the angles of the cradle.
    That Jupiter-Spica-Juno sounds so good, right? The King and Queen of the Roman pantheon together with Spica?
    Except that Jupiter didn’t exactly treat Juno with the respect she deserved. In fact, he can be regarded as the usurper of her power … and while Juno is often seen as the marriage asteroid, I have also seen interpretations that point out Jupiter’s serial unfaithfulness to her.
    Hmmmmm …
    Those negative factors actually affected our relationship when we were young and stupid. As we have matured, I have gained his respect now and he (says he) is no longer unfaithful.

    I totally adore your site and how you write on it, Marina! Your insights are rare and special.

    • Hi Irmi, Yes Jupiter is the male’s natural drive to conquer and sew as much seed as possible, which they have to learn to harness. Just as females have to learn to get to grips with over-nurturing and judging things more rationally rather than emotionally. I’m glad you managed to keep your marriage together despite all. I think Jupiter/Juno just show the challenges a marriage will go through if you marry an Alpha male!

  2. Hi Marina, thank you so much for replying!
    You have given me extra insight with your comment about over-nurturing – this man’s Ascendant is in Pisces, so he is adept at needing nurturing. And I have Venus in Cancer … fortunately conjunct Moon in Gemini (orb 1:43). BUT – his Asc degree is in quincunx to his Saturn, Pluto and my Sun and Part of Fortune …
    Every single thing you say about Spica applies to us in one way or another, even the physical unfruitfulness set against the craving for higher learning.
    We didn’t keep our marriage together. We divorced long ago and recently rediscovered each other. It was all very exciting to get together again, but it’s not at all certain that we’ll make it this time. He is an ultra-Alpha male and I have become quite independent during our time apart. We have a bit of a “Twin Flame or Hell Fire” thing, but communicate beautifully if we stay calm and focused.
    The Sun is on Spica TODAY – and there’s this lunar eclipse going on …