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The weekly horoscope in Gemini Decan 1 runs as an Egyptian week, ie 10 days. It starts as the Sun moves into a new decan and looks at what fixed stars it hits during the decanate week. The star interpretations are written for those born with their Sun on that degree, but the general mood of the day will carry that flavour too. The ‘Good V Evil’ duality of Gemini is strong here not just because it is the Gemini decan, but mainly because of Aldebaran’s dragon-slaying tendency. As St Michael, god’s first soldier, he is therefore the chief slayer of all things Satanic. With Jupiter’s influence here then, we get activists and militants who are on a spiritual or religious mission to add to already zealous theme.

Dandy Warriors & Geek Chic

May 20/21

Gemini 00º 00’ ~ Alcyone in the Pleiades of Taurus the Bull 3.0*
Gemini 00º 21′ ~ Atlas in the Pleiades in the shoulder of Taurus the Bull. 3.8

Alcyone is the main star of the Pleiades; this mysterious star cluster has beguiled us for thousands of years. Their role is supposed to help humanity evolve by purifying our astral and etheric bodies in order to receive higher wisdom. The Pleiades are supposed to dissolve away our dirty devils, rather like Perseus’s mission to slay the demon Medusa. We find most of Perseus the constellation in this decan too. Our hero risked life and limb to rescue his love Andromeda, so very chivalrous and noble. Or was he really after her father King Cepheus kingdom..? Somehow it all seems to good to be true, which is why Gemini decan 1 can get the reputation of being a cad. Alcyone can also be a bit sleazy too! Some keywords are “vain, venerated, indulgent, spoilt, easily flattered, flirty, beautiful, poetic, talented, theatrical, ravishing, handsome, designer, dandy”. The stars of the Pleiades, like the Gemini archetype as a whole are a mass of contradictions; they can be the good twin or the evil twin. One twin is constantly at war with its shadow and they are constantly on the verge of becoming the very “darkness” they are trying to eliminate.

Many astrologers have written about Pleiades and it all seems very paradoxical, with great success and then ‘violent death’, charming to say the least… Ever cheerful Robson says “Alcyone causes love, eminence, blindness from fevers, small pox, and accidents to the face. They are said to make their natives wanton, ambitious, turbulent, optimistic and peaceful; to give many journeys and voyages, success in agriculture and through active intelligence; and to cause blindness, disgrace and a violent death. Their influence is distinctly evil “ [2] Ann Wright   points out that ‘Evil influence or Evil disposition’ could also be another word for homosexuality since in Robson’s day it was still illegal and the word it self was extremely taboo. It is a very feminine star, but I don’t think it is particularly gay, but make one far more open about ones sexuality whatever flavour it is. Gay Pride is such an Alcyone event, just for the costumes! (Dandy warriors!)

Weekly HoroscopeThe Pleiades may also make one more likely to experiment and not be too concerned with the gender of the person they love. They certainly don’t care for conventional relationships as stressed by Ebertin “The Pleiades gives ambition and endeavor, which gives preferment, honor and glory. Not a good omen with regard to relationships to the opposite sex.” [4] Again code for ‘homosexuality’ perhaps. The challenge for Gemini decan 1 is to try not to create yet more divisiveness in their zeal to spiritually spring-clean. New-age light workers and Christian fundamentalists are found here and interestingly the Pleiades seem to resonate with a lot of ‘starseed’ types… So Alcyone types tend to be truth seekers, activists, bohemians and eco-warriors. Here you will also find more straight-laced looking liberals who are so incredibly “right-on” and politically correct. Atlas is one of the Pleiades was the father of both the Hyades and Pleiades. He is the endurer, and is depicted carrying the weight of the Pleiades are found in the shoulder of the bull.

May 22/23

Gemini 02º 05’ ~ Mirfak in the right side of Perseus the Hero 1.9

Mirfak on the right side of Perseus. This constellation generally “is said to denote adventurous individuals, but also those who are less than honest in their dealings with others.” Robson also says Perseus has an “intelligent, strong, bold and adventurous nature, but a tendency to lying.” I get the picture someone who in British cockney vernacular “ducks and dives” to make a living. He may be a bit shifty, but still likable. He seems to always get the better of authority by his cunning and can be a modern day folk hero. Mirfak likes to brag and is full of bravado, like Muhammad Ali in his pre-fight spiel.



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    • I don’t think so. From Tuesday we are in the last quarter moon phase. Better for pruning, harvesting, cultivating. Wait till the eclipse next week.

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