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Celestial Weather 3rd – 9th July

Podcast up! Here Marina discusses the astrology forecast for the week ahead and also the Regulus and Psychopath blog posts.

The written version is here: July Forecast 2011



  1. I have Saturn at 29 Leo on Regulus in 7H. I always wonder what does it mean for me? fame and fortune in the future? a tumble from success? I try to remain humble and open no matter what comes my way. Long lasting relationships with the others are NOT my forte! Saturn is there in the 7H with Mars opposite my ASC. Any insight or advice is appreciated! I ponder this aspect a lot. 11/12/77 11:44 am – whittier, ca

    • Could mean marriage comes later in life to a older, well off, regal kind of guy. Yes a lot of testing obstacles and rapid breakups before that, but this is because you want the very best. He should be worth the wait, but yes be prepared to humble up and bow down to your lord and master ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Hi Carolyn. I have now put links to the posts I refer to. This weekend I will be writing up the lunation for July the 15th this weekend and will post podcast at the same time (Sunday). No more confusion!


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