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Vladimir Putin Horoscope

An example of how I read a natal chart using President Vladimir Putin. Does this chart show eminence, and if so is it honorable or corrupt? Can we even see corruption or psychopathy in a chart? What makes a good leader?


  1. Great video, I was a bit apprehensive about watching a 40 minute video but I could really hear the truth in your words, I live in the Netherlands and I have a strange fascination with russia and especially Putin, it’s nice to have my gut feeling confirmed that Putin is a good leader and well equipped to handle his country and his enemies(unsurprisingly), that mars there in the 12th house is fascinating, you just know he has those deep dark enemies calculating his every move and perhaps he has enemies that are even smarter than him? Anyone any idea who could be his real enemy?

    • Thanks! I got so much stick for this video on YouTube but I’m glad I put it up.
      I really don’t understand the hatred for Putin. Very few men with that sort of power in the world remain un-corrupted, there are far worse out there.
      It’s seen as hip to wear a red hammer & sickle T-shirt, symbolizing a regime that killed millions under Stalin, yet Putin is the devil!! Mad.


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