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Vladimir Putin Horoscope

An example of how I read a natal chart using President Vladimir Putin. Does this chart show eminence, and if so is it honorable or corrupt? Can we even see corruption or psychopathy in a chart? What makes a good leader?


  1. Putin is the only world leader of any real merit. He will go down in history as one of the great leaders of all time. Russia was on its back when he took power. The vultures were circling to pick the last remaining meat off Russia – her gas and oil. To understand what Putin has achieved you need to understand geo-politics – and how the neo conservatives trying to take over the world have tried to break Russia with illigal sanctions and unfounded accusations and demonise Russia. Is there a sinle piece of evidence Russia hacked the DNC? Of course not.
    Putin is a great. So is Russia.
    Ps. I am Irish and do not have any agenda other than trying to see things truthfully.


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