An example of how I read a natal chart using President Vladimir Putin. Does this chart show eminence, and if so is it honorable or corrupt? Can we even see corruption or psychopathy in a chart? What makes a good leader?


  1. I come from the same city as Putin and speak the same language. How can you speak so confidently about a ruling dictator without understanding contemporary Russian history and current events? The county’s electoral system is corrupt and there is no justice in the courts. Political prisoners are being put away at a terrifying pace. Boris Nemtzov, a liberal opponent and only threat to Putin, was recently murdered (by Putin and/or his cronies). Most Russian people live in poverty. The HIV/AIDS epidemic is spreading fast, while being ignored by Kremlin. The prime minister has told us to “hang in there” while they wage war on Ukraine and Syria. The Russian Orthodox Church has fused with the state – it gets huge payoffs for continuing to brainwash the people. They mostly teach that suffering is good. The oligarchs, the very few who are wildly rich will stand by Putin because he made them and he can break them like he broke M. Khodorkovsky. Putin is KGB, a murderer and a very good liar. He’s also highly Intelligent. I’m only here to caution.
    Americans also like to applaud Putin. Westerners are like little lambs praising a wolf in a sheep’s skin.

    Also, his humor, when he jokes in Russian, is derogatory, belittling and gross.

    • Alina I am very grateful for your opinion. But do you currently live in Russia? No I can’t speak confidently about life in Russia, of course not. But I can speak confidently about Putin’s chart. I’m Italian, and I speak the same language as the Italian Prime minister, but I have no idea about Italian politics and neither do any of my relatives in Sicily. I live in the UK. Half the country wanted Brexit and think Nigel Farage is a hero and the other half think he is the devil. So I don’t think any of us mere proletariat can ever know the truth of our leaders. I have read a few book about Russian history and I listen to Lada Ray who is from the Ukraine. I trust her perspective as she seems quite enlightened about geo-politics on the whole. Russia was a broken country back in the 1990’s so it had a long way up to climb. It seems to have done quite well under Putin in comparison to what it had before. I think that’s what Putin fans in the West see anyhow.


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