Virgo 2018 Horoscope ~ April to June

Saturn in 2018 continues to sculpture ideas in your joyful 5th house. The best way to use this period is to work really hard on creative projects, for you will find you have great self disciple when it comes to the arts and craft. This could be a wonderfully inspiring time for very sculptural projects and or a creative engineering project would go very well. You can be very ambitious while playing around with ideas. Taking a job that involves working with children would be perfect. As your progress, you start to feel increasingly more mature and patient. This allows the kids to enjoy themselves while you take care of practical matters.

Jupiter expands his great gasiousness in your learning sector until Nov 8. This is also a fantastic time for expanding your mind, you might be tempted to blow those synapses using psychedelics or some other sacred juice, but you might not even need to go that far. You brain is already throbbing with excitement and able to absorb new wisdom with ease. The mind will naturally be able to see alternative vistas, with very little herbal prodding. Dutch courage will not be needed to unzip a reticent mouth, as words leap out before you even have a chance to contain them.

Guru Obsession in 2018

Ceres spends an extended time in Leo and therefore your mystical 12th house until Jun 27. Becoming obsessed with a guru or some sort of idol is a possibility at this time. Keep well grounded and avoid getting involved with Neptunian type people until you can see things more clearly. Good relationships may become warped and distorted, so that they are hard to trust or seem too good to be true. Bad relationships seem more glamorous and seductive. It really is like being in a hall of mirrors.

Black Moon Lilith in is in your 5th house all season. Lilith transiting through your pleasure zone means creativity is heightened and the sexual urge is high. Generally though, Lilith here is a time of forbidden pleasures, taboo indulgences and acting like a teenager again. Be prepared for a period of great drama where emotions boil over and ones daily life feels like a soap opera. The effect can also feel rather like a mini midlife crisis as you try to relive and retrieve lost parts of your carefree and possibly more honest youth.

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