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Venus Retrograde

Venus retrograde 2017 lasts from March 4 to April 15 and spans 13º Aries back to 26º Pisces. The chart for the actual station is dramatic! The sort that makes a good romantic romp. Uranus/Eris are set aflame by a swooning Jupiter in Libra opposite. There is a passionate stellium in Aries which divides Venus from her lover Mars. The most ‘dangerous’ period comes in the final 12 days. (See bottom for YouTube version of this post.)

The Aries/Libra axis is triggered then, but Venus stops shy of Aries decan 3 where a fiery tug of war happens. Instead she retreats back towards Pisces. It looks like she sees a storm ahead and wants no part of it. The early days of this retrograde should be peaceful however as Venus is also in her receptive, docile, Hesperus phase. Now we look at Venus retrograde’s journey through the decans.

Venus Retrograde Aries Decan 2 ~ Mar 4 to 16

Venus is supposed to be in its detriment here, but my research suggests otherwise. The good fortune might be due to the influence of the benefic star Alpheratz in the chain-breaking princess Andromeda. Another possibility is that Aries passion works well with Venus in such a regal, Sun-ruled decan.

Both the Sun and Venus are creative planets, and Andromeda is a female (Venus) royal (Sun.). It is the position of a queen and there will be a certain amount of wild lust too. Venus in Aries 2 can give the gift of oratory. Intellectually there is a synergistic paradox, but the breaking-free attitude of Alpheratz also means that we get inventiveness and vision at this time.

Venus Retrograde Aries Decan 1 ~ Mar 17 to Apr 2

Things heat up as Venus moves closer to the Sun and with her transformation from evening to morning star.

Mar 17 Venus on Algenib 9º “one can count popularity and interest in art and literature and distinction; if no further configurations also point to similar gifts.” [1] and “Generous, proud, quick temper, bad morals, drink or evil habits, favorable for financial affairs.” [3]

Venus RetrogradeMar 25 Sun conjunct Venus. As Cazimi (under 17′) this peace-loving combination finds a resolution no matter what, and this saintly avoidance of conflict might even appear too good to be true. During combustion however, the Sun’s ego can completely consume the grace of Venus. It’s a fine line to tread so check times*. On Mar 25 then there is a window of opportunity where Venus sits in the throne of the King and can bring peaceful and benefic alliances.

Swooning Love Romp

On the personal level this can be an ultra-creative, fertile and loving day. If you want to christen an important event then, try close to these exact times to be safe*: 10.17am UT, 5.17am EST, 2.17am PST. Otherwise Venus is bombastically combust from Mar 21 to 29. Venus also becomes more troublesome after Mar 25 anyway since emotions lead the way once she turns into Lucifer. Before that on Mar 23 Venus is pulled down a rabbit hole into the underworld, until she resurrects as the morning star and a very angry Eris on Mar 27!



  1. Marina I have Venus retrograde on my solAr return this year in August and its conjunct my DC what about those of us who have it retro on our solar return please?
    Love your work
    Stella xx

  2. Yegads. All that catholic school programming and they never told me there was no satan in that desert. The Jesus was just hangin out there prayin and asking his dad the Big G, why have you forsaken me? Why me? Why me? That Jesus took a big gamble goin around preaching like that. Interesting about satan. Will have to ask some of the bible people about that.

    • Oh, I was confused. According to a bible studies person, Jesus went into the desert before he entered his ministry as she called it. It was there satan tempted him to worship him. The why me plea was in the garden before judas betrayed him and he was crucified.


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