Venus Retrograde

Venus Retrograde 2013The Venus retrograde period lasts from December 21 2013 until January 31 2014. This is usually about forty days and forty nights. Forty is mentioned in the bible often, but most famously when Jesus was tempted by Satan in the wilderness for forty days. Could this be referring to the astrological phenomena of Venus retrograde? After all, Venus has two sides to her. She is the goddess of love and war according to the Babylonians. The word Lucifer (which is often confused with Satan) means light-bringer and refers to Venus in her morning star phase. The ancients said the first few days of her Lucifer phase was a particularly dangerous time. People born with Venus as a morning star are said to rush headlong into love affairs and are very passionate. Venus as an evening star is has more of the receptive, traditional meaning.

The retrograde period I think describes very well the transition between the two modes of Venus and her descent into the underworld before she resurrects as the wildly passionate, but occasionally treacherous morning star.

Venus Retrograde Meaning

So what does Venus retrograde mean generally? Commonly it is advised one does not start a love affair or buy luxury goods during this time. During these forty days you may have to resist the seductive Lucifer side of Venus and her charms just like Jesus in the desert. Temptations could be an illicit affair or the lure of bling-tastic material goods. We can find significance in this journey of Venus if we regard her movements like the ancient sky-watchers did. During the first phase of the Venus retrograde she is Hesperus, high in the night sky and loving, reflective and receptive. During this time we might feel like we need more love, but are extra shy about going out and finding a new lover. Instead we might cling to a past relationship, which is why this period can bring the return of old flames and karmic connections. Better the devil you know hey? It might make you mournful of a love lost and very defensive if anyone new tries to step on the ghost of your beloved ex. During this time it might be good to bring closure to any long dead relationship with a reflective post-mortem. After that, when Venus goes invisible, give that bad romance a good funeral!

Venus Retrograde HoroscopeFor the last two weeks of the retrograde period Venus is Lucifer the morning star. This is the time when you are most likely to get involved in a very silly affair. You will most definitely be thinking with your reproductive organ and not your brain, so do try to resist the sex if you can. Just wait! It’s only two weeks.. A one night stand might during this time might seem harmless, but do you really want to risk crabs, unwanted pregnancy, being called the office bike or bunny boiling from the stalker from hell? Venus is not all sweetness and light, Aphrodite’s bad points are often overlooked. She had a reputation for jealous revenge, possessiveness and was constantly unfaithful. Surely there must be some good points to this period you ask? Well like Mercury retrograde, Venus turned inward has its uses. Lyn Koiner says it “is an excellent time for buying antiques, flea market items and secondhand goods wherein you know the real worth and value of the item but the seller does not.” It’s also good for selling your own unwanted items. Ebay calls. I believe the first two thirds of Venus Retrograde could be an ideal time for creativity that explores your inner world. Make music, art or poetry just for yourself and not for the public. Yes we might feel like retreating from socialising or a from a relationship, but could learn a much more about loving ourselves. As for the dangerous Lucifer period, I would to go with the Babylonians on this one and stay celibate for the last two weeks of it.

The shadow period is not so important with Venus retrograde since (Unlike Mercury) its effect will be very subtle. It does mean however Venus will spend a lot longer in a sector of your chart than usual so the effects mentioned will be felt earlier if you have planets in Venus’s path. If you are in a relationship any unresolved gripes might come to a head at the retrograde. There may have been a hint of it at the same degree when Venus was in the pre-shadow and should be resolved by the post-shadow degree. Keep an ephemeris close to hand.


Venus enters shadow 20 November at 13º Capricorn
Venus station retrograde 21 December at 28º Capricorn 9.53pm UT
Venus station direct 31 January at 13º Capricorn 8.48pm UT
Venus leaves shadow 4 March at 28º Capricorn

Venus as evening star Hesperus until December 31*
Venus into the underworld January 1 – 16
Venus conjunct Sun January 11
Venus as morning star Lucifer from January 17

Venus Retrograde Journey

Venus Retrograde 2013Venus will align with the constellations of Sagittarius, Aquilla, the Peacock and Lyra. All of these can produce extremely aspirational, showy and gold-digging types of energies, and it’s Christmas and Venus is easily tempted during a retrograde…. I predict this will be a big year for returns come the New Year. Many people, despite the recession, will be compelled to buy the most ridiculously ostentatious gifts they can find, and then regret it. Next doors kids are getting a personalised diamond-encrusted ipad, therefore pester-power will ensure your darling has to have one too…Peacock wants to show off and Vega wants to be seen with the in-crowd.

If your chart is touched by the retrograde, you might be feeling pretty insecure by now. So you will buy whatever you need to fit-in, whether it be a Prada designer bag or an organic hemp t-shirt. Deep down we all need to be loved and accepted by our peers even if our worthy higher self is telling us this is highly shallow of us. This is the vanity of Venus and the battle we have with our self-worth. L’oreal says we are worth it so what the hell.. But love and money are even more connected than usual during this time.  Looking at the retrograde chart, Venus conjunct Icarus points to extreme behaviour and the need to find a balance between being a miserly scrooge or an overly rotund Santa. There are more signs of this sharp contrast with Moon square Saturn (Bleak house) and Ceres square Jupiter (Greedy Mansions). Those evolved types can laugh at the circus from their artist’s garret and draw ironic pictures entitled “Spontaneous human con-sumption.” Another risk of this particular Venus retrograde is getting involved with a gold-digger. Don’t spend your hard-earned cash on any new floozy until February. Say to them, this puppy is not just for Christmas. And please.. no pets as presents. There is a high potential for abandoned fluffy dogs in January and not just the human kind..


Nunki ~ 13º Capricorn: November 20, Rx January 31, February 10.
Vega ~ 15º Capricorn: November 22, Rx January 22, February 11.
Deneb ~ 18º Capricorn : November 28, Rx January 14, February 19.
Sheliak ~ 19º Capricorn: November 27, Rx January 15, February 18.
Sulaphat ~ 22º Capricorn: December 2, Rx January 9, February 23.
Peacock ~ 24º Capricorn: December 5, Rx January 6, February 25.
Sham ~ 28º Capricorn: December 19, Rx December 21, March 4.

*You can find out if your Venus is a morning star Lucifer or an evening star Hesperus by looking at your chart. If Venus is placed in the degrees after the Sun ( A higher number of degree or in the next sign) it is Hesperus, if it is placed before the Sun ( A lower number of degree or previous sign) it is Lucifer.

Author: Marina Macario

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  1. Holy cow, Vanessa! that is so funny. I had the same thing kind of going on, venus was rx in my 1 house, I’m libra rising (Sun sag). Venus is my chart ruler, also have natal venus in libra. I had the same kind of temptation thing..sort of, not sure it it was mutual but…he is a sun cap.

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  2. Oh dear! This is one Libra that went to the dark side beginning 2 January 2015. I re-connected with an old high school classmate, an aquarius. All I did was follow a dating coach’s advice to contact the one that got away with a positive message, and voila! The aquarius man siezed the day and quite literally talked me into his bed. It wasn’t even difficult for him. We are on opposite sides of the fence spiritually, and while he could pinch a penny from a hen’s behind, I’m a terriblee spendthrift for clothes and home improvements. But, but, but . . . he’s so darn charming! If only he’d open up more emotionally–I often feel as though he’s keeping me at arm’s length. What to do, what to do?!

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  3. Hello! I am a pisces decan 1 and the 2015 venus retrograde in my 7th house is making me nervous! Is this a time when breakups are common or it more of a reflective time? or maybe a more private time for relationships? Venus retro in my 12th house last year was somewhat negative so i’m not sure what to expect from it this year. thanks!

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