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Trump, Israel & Mars on Algol

UPDATE April 11 2017. SYRIAN WAR. I knew these two would be trouble. Mars is conjunct Israel’s Algol Sun and Trump’s Algol MC over the Easter period (Exact April 15). It also happens to be Passover. (From April 10 to 18.) What sacrifices shall be made? A look at the synastry between Don Trump and Ben Netanyahu, using their very revealing composite chart! I also look at the relationship between Israel and the US in terms of their composite chart and transits to it in 2017. There is an uncanny Regulus/Mars theme between Trump, Netanyahu and the USA/Israel Davison. Some changes are afoot with the US’s closest ally thanks to Neptune.The Israeli grandmother clip comes from ‘Defamation’ (2009) a documentary film by award-winning filmmaker Yoav Shamir. This is a re-upload. The first version of this vlog was raw, too trite and rather waffly. V2 is edited and updated.


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