Thunderstruck Tower

I like what Palden Jenkins has to say about the Pluto/Uranus cycle “Uranus and Pluto have their own characteristic styles of creating resistance and conservatism. They can push people up against their fears, exacerbating resistance to change by threatening insecurity or disaster….” It was on the back of the economic crash in 1929 that Hitler rose to power. He was seen as a saviour. It is generally though that the Nazi’s were only able to take hold due to their clever use of propaganda over their desperately poor and weakened people. But the Nazi party struggled to achieve an overall majority. After a succession of elections, the Nazi’s became the 1st party in 1932 and in 1933 Hitler seized control.

Hitler remained in power because Germany became affluent very quickly, due to his economic policy of throwing out the international banning cartel and issuing its own money which in true Uranian fashion was a pretty radical move. UPDATE! Comparisons currently to the 1930’s square tend to point towards the rise of anti-semitism in Europe, but it’s interesting that the problem is more with Islam rather than Judaism. This square could be more to do with the corrupt banking system and moving towards independent local currency, as interestingly Germany did in 1933.

Both Uranus and Pluto are about change, yes, but Pluto’s transformation can fester underground forever, occulted, until Uranus’s lightning bolt hits it just at the right spot. The process is rather like the thunderstruck tower of the tarot. The rebuilding of that which has been devastated can a while. It is not a quick fix. Uranus and Pluto are uncomfortable bedfellows as Uranus craves sudden change while Pluto demands achingly slow and thorough transformation. But in this modern, Uranian society we have grown used to ever-faster technologies with lifestyles to match. (The worlds 1st proper motorway, the German Autobahn was opened in 1932.) Pluto reminds us of the longer term evolutionary cycles that involve karma. What one sows is what one reaps, generations after.

“Uranus-Pluto conjunctions and oppositions might bring sudden and radical changes, like a cathartic diarrhoea, yet their full integration takes ages.” ~ Palden Jenkins 

Current Uranus-Pluto Cycle

tower2Uranus conjunction Pluto 1965 – 1966 ~ Virgo 2
“Bloody Sunday” Civil rights demonstration. 1st troops sent to Vietnam. Worlds 1st Nuclear reactor. Hurricane Betsy ($1 billion damage & 76 deaths) in New Orleans. Moors murderers Myra Hindley & Ian Brady arrested. 1000s of anti-war protests picket the White House. National Organisation For Women founded. Aborigines were given the vote in Queensland. Unmanned Soviet rocket lands on Moon. John Lennon declares “Beatles more popular than Jesus”. 20,000 Buddhists march in South Vietnam. Two Deadly Earthquakes in Turkey destroy whole cities. LSD made illegal. 1st case of HIV brought into USA.

Uranus square Pluto Waxing 2013 – 2015 ~ Aries 1/Capricorn 1
Pope Benedict resigns. Pedophiles in the Catholic church. Floods & landslides in India (5700 dead). Mass protests and violence in Egypt. Typhoon Yolanda in Philippines & Vietnam (6241 dead). US & UK are scheduled to withdraw troops from Afghanistan after 13 years. Ongoing Arab Spring (riots and civil wars in the Arab world that began in 2010). Exposed paedophiles in the entertainment business. Rolf Harris etc. ISIS established.

Uranus opposition Pluto 2046 – 2048 ~ Virgo 1/Pisces 2
Uranus square Pluto Waning 2073 – 2074 ~ Capricorn 1/Aries 1

There are some great connections between women’s rights and non-violent civil disobedience landmarks along both Uranus/Pluto cycles. Richard Tarnas’s epic book “Cosmos & Psyche” does a fantastic job of looking at the historical long-term cycles of the outer planets. He gives a larger orb to their effects than I have here, for example, he sees the 1965/66 Uranus conjunct Pluto as being active from 1960-1972. For my current research I just wanted to narrow it down, otherwise, this article would’ve been a book… But as someone born in 1966, I definitely feel a resonance with the 1960-72 generation.

I stated in a previous post that one aspect of the Uranus square Pluto may be Sexual (Pluto) Revolution (Uranus). After looking at the history of Uranus/Pluto cycles it is great to see so many clear examples of it. The very first Women’s Rights Convention was held in New York at beginning of the last cycle, gathering force at Uranus conjunct Pluto 1850/51. Female writers were the leaders of this group and formulated their demands for women’s suffrage. The first feminist books were published at this time too including “Discourse On Women” (1850) and “The Enfranchisement Of Women” (1851).

What was seeded at the conjunction, became militant by the Uranus opposition Pluto 1901/02. 37,000 women signed a petition delivered to the British parliament in 1902 asking for the right to vote. Emmeline Pankhurst founded the “Women’s Social & Political Union” in 1903. The same year, Marie Curie became the first woman to receive the Nobel prize. Uranus conjunct Pluto 1965-66 brought in the second wave of feminists with the founding of the National Organization For Women (1966). The book “The Feminine Mystique” (1963) was credited as the “Book that started it all”. UPDATE 2016. But this is all so very western biased! We can’t say this Women’s liberation is experienced in 3rd world countries and in the Middle East. Mass migration from Muslim countries to the west, uncomfortably rubs the Bur-qua up against “slut walks”.

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  1. So I’m posting this on Facebook today:
    “Last week NASA exposed camera shy Pluto!! As a collective this is nice synchro for shining a light on our demons. There is even a time! According to the New York Times “A SUCCESSFUL FLYBY. New Horizons phoned home at 8:52 p.m. Eastern time on Tuesday.”

    Here is the chart. Pluto in the 1st house of course opposed by Mars/Mercury/Moon. Mars on Sirius, a bright spotlight. Sun between Castor and Pollux. The twins of dark and light. Venus on Regulus, in the shadow zone of the coming retrograde where we will confront the shadow in relationships.”

    • Wow! Al that Cancer in the flyby chart! Pluto transit involve experience and owning very uncomfortable emotions! The Vertex is on Regulus ( i know in fixed star lore this isn’t supposed to be relevant but I keep seeing stars on points which actually do translate!) With Jupiter and Venus conjunct in Leo is Pluto about to be reinstated as a planet? King of the underworld? Many astronomers think it should! Long reign his chthonic majesty! Lilith is conj Alkaid. Isil anyone? Demote Pluto at your peril!!

  2. I was born at the time of the Uranus conjunction Pluto of 1965/66. Life has been pretty tough for me and very frustrating over the years. The last 3/4 years I have had the guts to confront my fears, through spirit guides and mediums. It’s been a pretty scary ride and staying focussed has been hard. I’ve made tremendous progress within myself, and still continue to confront my demons. The last 4 years have been enlightening, to say the least. I am now pursuing my purpose for being here, which is to serve others. I actively listen to the universe for guidance.


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