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Trump Inauguration Horoscope


What omens do we see in the Trump Inauguration chart? What does it augur? The augur was a priest in Roman times. His role was to practice augury, interpreting the god’s will by looking at the flight of birds. I also take a look at Obama’s inauguration chart briefly for comparison.


  1. Haven’t watched your analysis yet but just wanted to comment on the time of inauguration: holy cannoli it was done at midday at the top of a hill. The occult omen on that is entirely ominous. Good luck with that America. The “rescue” package of a few years ago will be nothing compared to what is going to happen now.

    • I’ve had a few pic pics at midday on the top of hill! It didn’t do me any harm. Can you explain what the occult omen is? Its not entirely ominous to me.