The Three Liliths

Lilith Lilith Astrology, in astrology incorporates three entities. We have Black Moon Lilith, Asteroid Lilith and the lesser known Dark Moon Lilith. Together they work as a Triple Moon Goddess, which describes a process of transformation. The three Lilith’s are also useful in pinpointing which brand of Lilith energy is strongest in your chart and at which stage you may have the most issues with. After studying Eris in detail it is apparent to me that she is the higher octave of Lilith. Eris is the Uber-Dark Goddess and by combining her with the outer planets we can see how each corresponds quite neatly with three phases of the moon.

To see the Lilith astrology archetype in terms as a triple goddess makes total sense to me. After I wrote this post I discovered Demetria George had come up with a similar concept about Lilith. Comparing it to the bible story she says: ” The Asteroid Lilith describes the first stage in the mythical journey where she is suppressed, humiliated and flees in a fiery rage to the desolate wilderness. The Dark Moon Lilith depicts the pain of her exile where she plots and executes revenge. The Black Moon Lilith shows how she transmutes her distorted image back into its natural healthy expression” [1]


CRESCENT MOON. 1181 on The Maiden (Puberty & Virginity), Colour White.

ORBIT. She is the only solid representation of Lilith found in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Takes 4 years to orbit the Sun. Discovered in 1927. Diameter of 67km.

KEY WORDS. Rebellion, feminist, prostitution, exile, freedom fighter, confrontational, equality, impulsive, innovative, unconventional, asexual, instinctual, hands-on healing.

She is hands on with her energy as represented by the hand like glyph. Earthy and practical, she reflects the part of the creation myth where she protests to God about having the “lay beneath” Adam and not being treated as his equal.

Asteroid Lilith is like URANUS/ERIS. Uranus having been castrated makes him asexual, he is often sited as being the “gay” planet which is suggestive of alternative lifestyles. The fact that he was castrated by Cronus (Saturn) is interesting. Another symbol of patriarchy whipping off power from this eccentric, ball breaker!

Asteroid Lilith Feature.

Author: Marina Macario

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  1. Thanks Marina. :) I find this subject endlessly interesting and gobble up every bit of info out there, especially since all of the Liliths (and some of the other archetypes) figure so prominently in my astrology; I just recently discovered Kali is exactly conjunct (within 2 minutes) my Moon and Pholus. Yikes!

    I also THINK I have a mystical rectangle involving Osculating Lilith/Eris (conjunct in the 8th), Ceres in the 2nd, the Fixed Star Aldebaran (conjunct my MC), and Fortuna/Antares (conjunct IC). I’m still trying to understand its significance (it seems to involve surrendering to a higher wisdom), and learn a lot from your posts.

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    • Mystic rectangles are a bit of a mystery. But they contain the best of all aspects I think. The oppositions give them great dynamism, the sextiles spark and the trines contain them in a harmonious case. I think the orb should be quite tight. Around 2 degs 30′.
      I do like an 8th house Lilith, she seems very at home there. And you have her with Eris. Very fiesty!
      Must look up my Kali. Didn’t know there was one. Thanks for that.

    • I found a great online discussion about some of the Hindu/Tantric asteroids on Lindaland – Kaali (4227) was one of several interesting ones that I never knew existed either. Hope you enjoy your research.

      My Eris/Osculating Lilith is feisty, alright – lol! Sometimes too much so for my own good, I think. It’s an ongoing process learning how to channel my emotions “productively” as opposed to allowing the negative energy of others to dictate my responses. I’ve gotten much better at stepping back as I’ve aged. Having BM Lilith/Sedna conjunct in the 8th as well (and within 5 degrees of my 8th house South Node) only adds to the fire. Thankfully, BM Lilith and Osc Lilith are separated by around 17 degrees.

      Tthanks for your input on the Mystic Rectangle; I had wondered about orbs. In my case, the orbs are tight and with the exception of Fortuna, all of the points are in the same degree and within about 30 minutes.

    • Thanks LB, Looked that one up interesting I’ve got it at 7 scorp. With Osc lilith at 6 scorp and Lilith at 1 scorp… All in the sixth Sextiling my 4 degree cap jup in 8th to add to my card t-square. This will be interesting

    • You’re welcome Tina. Coincidentally (or not), your Kali/Osc. Lilith square my 5th house Kali/Moon and are conjunct my Scorpio Mercury/Neptune/Jupiter/Asteroid Lilith all just outside or in the 3rd.

    • I just found out that Kaali is conjunct my MC by 4 mins! Crumbs…

    • Marina and LB, Looks like all our eyes are open to some new info. Have court tomorrow so head can’t seem to grasp all Im reading. And I am having trouble finding clear straight forward facts on Kaali. I read linda land. Have any more for me?

    • Tina/LB/Marina – can’t remember where but have read asteroid Kaali is tantric occult practices and kundalini

    • Hi

      Great website Marina; excellent timing for me to discover my Goddess planets…thx.

      I too have a rectangle between pluto (libra), 1181 lilith (Gem)(i’m still not sure what the difference is between the natal lilith & this one), neptune (sag) and Eris (Aries)…

      I also have a triangle (forget what you call them) between isis, neptune & Eris with the point at Isis conjunct my sun in leo in the 10th… i luv to know the significance of that one too, knowing that isis is the goddess of fertility and your theories on the tenth house being the house of the mother…

      I have kali in the 8th house (gem) alone


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