The Three Liliths

Lilith Lilith Astrology, in astrology incorporates three entities. We have Black Moon Lilith, Asteroid Lilith and the lesser known Dark Moon Lilith. Together they work as a Triple Moon Goddess, which describes a process of transformation. The three Lilith’s are also useful in pinpointing which brand of Lilith energy is strongest in your chart and at which stage you may have the most issues with. After studying Eris in detail it is apparent to me that she is the higher octave of Lilith. Eris is the Uber-Dark Goddess and by combining her with the outer planets we can see how each corresponds quite neatly with three phases of the moon.

To see the Lilith astrology archetype in terms as a triple goddess makes total sense to me. After I wrote this post I discovered Demetria George had come up with a similar concept about Lilith. Comparing it to the bible story she says: ” The Asteroid Lilith describes the first stage in the mythical journey where she is suppressed, humiliated and flees in a fiery rage to the desolate wilderness. The Dark Moon Lilith depicts the pain of her exile where she plots and executes revenge. The Black Moon Lilith shows how she transmutes her distorted image back into its natural healthy expression” [1]


CRESCENT MOON. 1181 on The Maiden (Puberty & Virginity), Colour White.

ORBIT. She is the only solid representation of Lilith found in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Takes 4 years to orbit the Sun. Discovered in 1927. Diameter of 67km.

KEY WORDS. Rebellion, feminist, prostitution, exile, freedom fighter, confrontational, equality, impulsive, innovative, unconventional, asexual, instinctual, hands-on healing.

She is hands on with her energy as represented by the hand like glyph. Earthy and practical, she reflects the part of the creation myth where she protests to God about having the “lay beneath” Adam and not being treated as his equal.

Asteroid Lilith is like URANUS/ERIS. Uranus having been castrated makes him asexual, he is often sited as being the “gay” planet which is suggestive of alternative lifestyles. The fact that he was castrated by Cronus (Saturn) is interesting. Another symbol of patriarchy whipping off power from this eccentric, ball breaker!

Asteroid Lilith Feature.


FULL MOON. Comprising True (Osculating) Lilith. h13 on & Mean Lilith from their regular drop down menu. The Mother (Creativity & Sexuality), Colour Red.

ORBIT. It has a 9 year orbit and interestingly spends 9 months in each sign. Very apt for the Full Moon phase. This describes beautifully the gestation of Osculating Lilith to Mean Lilith in the corridor. The corridor being the womb.

KEY WORDS. Magic, animal magnetism, kundalini, creative force, tantric sex, seduction, intuition, psychic ability, imagination, poetry, psychic healing, hypnotism, charisma, glamour, shamanism, mushrooms, psychedelic drugs.

This is not a solid object, it is a point of alignment. The Black Moon is the apogee of the Moons orbit, the point that is farthest from the earth. Just as points like the North Node and the Vertex are hugely important, so is the lunar apogee.

Black Moon Lilith orbitJust as there is a Lunar mean and true Node, so there is a Mean and True (osculating) Lilith. As I have found True Lilith to have just as strong an influence as Mean Lilith. Together they form according to Lilith expert Kelly Hunter, a Black Moon Corridor. True Lilith has a wildly vacillating orbit and demonstrates the same quality as an anaretic Planet; potent, fermenting, on the verge of changing. Mean Lilith is more like a fermented refined and stable magic.

Black Moon Lilith is like NEPTUNE/ERIS. This part of the Lilith myth corresponds to the forbidden fruit episode, where Lilith comes back as a serpent. The serpent represents occult knowledge, while the apple representing sex or enthogens. Neptune is very much like a psychic sponge. The zone has shamanic qualities, a similar effect to using drugs to break down the barriers to the unconscious. Like deceptive Neptune when drugged, this zone can let in the demons as well as messages from the spirits.

Black Moon Lilith feature.


NEW MOON. Also known as Waldemath Moon. h58 on Menopause & The Shadow). Colour Black.

ORBIT. It flies through the chart, like a witch on it’s broomstick taking 119 days to travel round the earth spending 10 days in one sign. Sighting of this mysterious 2nd Moon goes back as far as 1618. it is supposed to resemble a sphere shaped dust cloud. In 1918, Astrologer Sepharial claimed to have confirmed the existence of Waldemaths “ghost” moon.

KEY WORDS. Vengence, Sadomasochism, Demons, The Shadow, Rage, Anti-mother, Fairytales, Nightmares, Ghosts, Nymphomania, Gremlins, Psycho, Toxins, Depth psychology, Stalkers, emotional pain, Catharsis, Madness.

The Dark Moon is the hurt, nasty side of Lilith, and very much like Algol the notorious Fixed star. It can be channeled beneficially if used without ego to release negativity through creativity or art therapy. It is the part of the Lilith myth where in exile she turned baby killer out of revenge to god. “Dark Moon relates to highly individualized soul desires that are denied personal satisfaction for higher expression on social/spiritual levels.”Kelley Hunter.

Dark Moon Lilith is like PLUTO/ERIS. The shadow and demons are very much part of Pluto’s underworld, generally he is thought to have raped and abducted Persephone (Eris), but in other versions Persephone goes willingly. Dark Moon then can work two ways like the myth, we either face our Demons and release them safely or we bury them. If they are allowed to fester they become enraged, then we risk them breaking out and psychically “raping” us.

Dark Moon Lilith Feature.

1. Finding our Way through the Dark. Demetra George. pg 92.

The 3 Liliths In Your Horoscope

Create your chart HERE. It will take you to a page that shows says free Horoscopes at Astrodienst.
Scroll down to right at the very bottom and click on “Extended Chart Selection
In “Additional objects“, select “Lilith”. This is Black Moon Lilith (Mean)
In the box for “additional asteroids or “hypothetical” planets” add 1181, h13, h58. This will show asteroid Lilith, Black Moon Lilith (True/Osculating) and Dark Moon Lilith in that order.

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Author: Marina Macario

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  1. Jim thanks for sharing..I too have had similar experiences when my Prog Sun conj natal Venus/Liliths at 22degs Leo when I turned 40.Having natal Nep/Scorp sq this point in the mix it was OOW (out of this world) and severely addictive.I feel ashamed on the outside still now 4 years on but secretly “alive” on th inside.I have been doing my best to embrace this point in my chart since it is such an important point in my chart.With tr Jupiter in Leo stations Rx here now it is clearly one that I need to focus on with optimism, expansion and a shot of luck thrown in..should I b worried??Yes and no..but I am eager to explore the depths agn.

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    • there is the ancient secret mystery of the 4th Lilith…the ultimate shadow goddess unseen but felt by the inner cosmic eye…who can be contacted in the stillness of inner soul fire by meditation on the sacred of sacred woman

  2. fiinyx, I have no idea. You are pretty vague as to exactly what you are referring but assuming you mean a powerful sexual awakening of your inner sexual goddess which overwhelms you and/or your partner – then my suggestion is to share this part of you with someone who will adore that manifestation and enjoy it as much as you – and who helps you to allow this aspect of self to be reintegrated with the “truth of you” as it should be.
    As for the rest of your ponderings – I just don’t do well trying to predict what is coming my way according to any astrological omens. I find that floating along with as little resistance as possible allows me to experience my life and when something big happens I can look back and sometimes see what was at play.
    Evolution happens and we really don’t control anything other than how hard we fight it. But pushing it is just a frustrating as fighting it.
    I can look at my wife’s basic awakening astrology (general timeframe) and several anomalies jump out but really what difference does it make? None of it could have predicted anything other than probability of sexual and individual energy being available. The way it did burst forth was astonishing and would not have been considered possible (knowing who she was as we did) unless we were involved in a cult that specialized in this sort of Kundalini awakening energy, and even if we were involved, at the time, with a group of awakened teachers who helped guide us along, what other than universal guidance would have put us there in the first place.
    It’s just a ride – this life of mine – but boy it can provide some excitement at times. Enjoy the ride! Love all of it! That is the challenge. Jim

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  3. My relation with Lilith is an interesting one. For me atm I’ve deliberately put her into exile for the simple reason that if we are to be true to her myth she’s one evil bitch. She IS the demon. In saying that I get that she’s the original femininity. But since we are all just coming to terms and understanding with the sacred loving side of Lilith and her sex, we don’t then have the books in print to describe and balance the myth of Lilith. I’m sure I will reinstate Lilith as my moon goddess. For now my goddess is label free of her. But it will take your book Marina on her for me to again feel like I can identify with Lilith without feeling like the whole history of her evil side is weighing upon me.

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  4. LOL This is so me, I always looked at My Scorpio Moon/Chiron MC Opposite Moon as major childhood heart breakers. Although I have a lot of hot guy astrology throughout that makes me feel a little better about all that happened, my story is so unique. One people are often emotionally shell shocked after I have told them about. In my Chart this Asteroid Lilith In the 4th, Opposite my already sore Chrotic MC by 1*. And Cancer 12th! That house Cusp is like a 2nd Moon in the 12th! Explaining most Leo Ascendant’s alcholic and distant Mothers! Really sealed up the rest of my chart and the rest of the story I felt I was missing..

    I mean how many blitz of Fatherly Sun and Moon family placements must I have?
    This is my number one peeve of all my dates and people I know, is that they tell me everyones pain IS THE SAME. Ugh NO Sorry No,,, I do things in a way because I did not get to return home! I do not have barely any famililar Expericenes as a child. AND have the most intese Moon In Scorpio and Moon in the 4th to feel it! and fixed astrology from which to not MATCH the Traumas of so much change, PEOPLE, instead of taking my story to some intellectual place so they avoid feelings or actually saying how far I have come are going to start respecting it! I have UNIVERSAL PROOF NOW that I suspected was correct, and they will respect me. Or not see me at all.

    Then My Moon Also got hit by Retrograding Mars Saturn and Pluto in 1986 as a baby, I used to attribute all of this to my Moon in Scorpio, but I can see the rest of the influences that finally made my upbringing so trying and probably nothing like a person with one Scorpio Moon Contact alone would have. At least I have experenced almost all life themes. And am able to help, but who helps the 9 life paths? Guess we just go on doing what we do best. Helping ourself and everyone else. But the Nice Aquarian South Node Libra guy is gone! Its Show Time. LEO North Node Aries here I come.

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    • *Sorry for the Correction, a Triple malefic Retrograde in Scorpio was in 1984, I was 4. That, with Mars Saturn and Pluto, quadrupled my already twice (by degree and sign) debilitated Scorpio Moon. Around 1983 started the sexual abuses from a girlfriends boyfriend of my mothers, and physical and verbal abuse–from a newly single, first child born: Mars Anterian T-Square Sun/Moon Mother. My first expulsion from the home came in 1986/87 at 7 years old. Some are very lucky to never have Pluto come by the Moon. Let alone, have to go through these types of signatures 5 times over, and– at such a early age!

      This is the reason I disengage friendships with people, and boyfriends, and people who call me there son, but do not act like it. My half sister’s step Mom a Sagittarian, actually treats me like it. (hint leo Sun’s) People have a problem hearing where Im really from, lucky for them i’m usually too broken hearted to explain. So… later they can project a unhealthy set of ambition’s on me for not sharing! All day I listen to where people are from, got a college story, I listen, on your hopefully well aimed dreams. fond family memories, but, I can never say mine. Then I meet the ordinary mis-fortuner’s that I STILL find the courage to inspire and pick up, where, they never do it for me. Transpersonal’s.. keep on keepin on!

    • One final note, I have only alluded to a bit of my Lilith Childhood here, still the words bear only– about a quarter of the picture. Im going to finally get the bravery to say the rest and with Marina’s permission.. or not, which is ok, even if she just is interested in the truth, It will be nice. suppressed and humiliated is right, I had my sexuality supressed by a male.. my sister is the one that told on him, but he made a excuse saying he was fixing my underwear band, and once my mom’s friend’s boyfriend was caught cheating on her with another man, my mom said she knew why he spent so much time with me and that what my sister said he was doing, really was what he was doing. He ended up going to jail for 2 years, I remember nothing. Except her telling me this all through childhood therapy. I remember my sister, but not him. To make a long story short, I acted out with sister when I was 5-6 years old. That got me in deep deep trouble and is what caused my original expulsion, as My mother, having disowned her entire family for the same issue related to her dad–Mother/ few family not believing her, was livid with me, that is the first place I learned the word, and world that was soon to follow,

      I was taken to Colorado Christian Home, at 6 years old, site is googleable now. I was made to apologize, I was made to write letters, be the perpatrator, they basically made me out to be a molester, A ADULT one> which is not fair!! But it gets worse and here is where I differ from people telling me they were molested, try being labled the molester, it is a whole nother world. A WHOLE SET OF CIRCUMSTANCES ARE BROUGHT TO YOU. VERY PAINFUL ONES. THAT GARNER NO CARE. ONLY HATE. After my therapy embarrassment and submittance to everything, I was allowed back home, I was a problem child being my Mother was very aggressive with me, she used all kinds of things to force me to behave without ever seeing my father, which I later learned from my sister’s girl talk, that mom was very sexual person. Basically as my sister gave me the choice in knowing, my dad was her pimp, as my mom probably faced the same streets i did trying to stand on her own. Without the love of a safe family. But my mom fitted in still, she was a beautiful white fe-male. Not gay like me and not bi racial. Nor to be 21 on 911 fresh in New York to witness it, she did experience the Anchorage 9.0. though. So disaster, just seems to run in my family for some reason, Anyhow, things have finally calmed down now that she has been passed away for about 10 years , I do not mind the extra struggles, but I hate when people don’t allocate where struggle is heartedly won.

      At the risk of you guys coming up with your own conclusions, I have to say the rest, but I will try summing it up, Mars on Zosma on the 11th degree is my Astrological Proof along with the story. That is sexual abuse, leading to abuse by government, As you guys see this is VERY wrong to put a child through or the GOV to do. Let me say, with a 4th house Moon in Scorpio, and Cancer 12 house, you think I LOVED MY MOM? I loved her to death, would do anything for her. Except when she hated me, I loved her so much I would never do anything to lose her or risk that, She was my ONLY PARENT, never knew my dad or know his family / see knew it was normal to have grandparents, on both the black or the white side. also to be so embarrassed having people stand around analyzing my sexuality. telling me its a bad thing, what I did was worse than murder, incest. It was play sexuality, not full, my sister was a year and a half yonger than me, But my new sister was born, then my mom was broke for the 3rd time, on welfare and baby sitting to make ends meet, one of the little boys- 5

      And you know OPRAH– granted she’s a Satanist since she spells her company name backwards.. even had kids on it ADMIT TO KILLING THERE PARENTS when they never had! By DNA clearance, This is basically what they did to me and my family, they pulled me out agian last time at 11, pulled all my family and sisters into rooms to question them with black and white drawings of naked people, and asked me a 1000 times if I would ever do it agian, I said no so many times. I still have nightmares where I run out of breath or can only speak/breath/explain one way on the exhale one long one, trying to explain that I did not do anything. My mom was on my side for a little while, she said to the police, he would never do it agian, but she would vacillitate and end in frustration threatening to kill her self in front of me.

      This is how I figured finally once I was adult enough to think like one, if you break a lamp and you know you did it, and you question a child they will say they did not do it. Question them for a month, they will still deny, ask leading questions, and raise the pitch of your voice as in leading to a reward, drop the name Santa, at first they will deny, but a few more months due to you bothering them they will tell you Santa did it. Now throw in a child that gets spanked by a stranger for acting out something hush hush, now he does not want to be in trouble, and will put my name in his mouth to take some of the heet off and make his mom the police and everything a bit more quiteter let these people go home, you found the main ringleader 12 year old, so- called repeat offender! lol. I was even friends with the little boys mother, because I asked her if she thinks im bad for what I did to my sister, she said no I was young thank you for telling her and that my mom already did. Her information conflicted with my therapists, and why if I wanted to do that agian would I be truthful to her all facts that escaped lazy money hungry caseworkers, I could not play with kids, I was too scared. Too this day I am so afriad to be a round children and its so sad, because I have the Leo Ascendant, Childhood Ascendant. Mine was ruined by the Government making me out to be some monster, this is why to people tell me Im beautiful and so goodlooking, but all I see still is the lost boy and the tiny family he had.

      The thing is I have told people what happened when they wanted me to watch there kid, my Ex’s ex girlfriend, before he knew he was gay, wanted me to watch her son. I told her that I had to tell her everything, even though I was so scared, to be labeled agian, she let me take him to the pool alone, I had so much fun that day and did not know I had a Leo Ascendant, at that time and thats why people see me with the innocence of a kid. My sister also left my nephew with me, which I stayed away form them, because they have too much time on there hands (fathers side) in Colorado and gossip. She said be an uncle as she stood by the door to run her errands, what they did to us was fucked up. Im going to the store and left me with my 6 year old nephew. NOW if I was what they said I was would these people trust me there kids. NO ESP my Libra Sister for which she knows im deeply sorry and said its not my fault. But the therapists said it was ALL MY FAULT. Now my older sister does not know that this happened, she thinks I just dissapeared for bad behavior, and you know a whole avalanche of experiences were lived in the 7 years of these very abusive grouphomes through being gay and bi racial. It was a lot, They ended up locking me up at 27 once too because I ran away due to them finding gay litrualture, in one of the 11 grouphomes full of 12 boys each and 13 grouphomes full of 12 girls each. You know they all meet in the same place for therapy, so my little stint of being gay was about to spread like wild fire. Which intransient living… alway’s someone being accepted back home, or smoking weed downtown and going to juvinial hall.. You do not want to be gay, this is the worst and your are like dropped to level 0 and meat for paranah’t too them. I was nearly Matthew Sheppard’ed, This kid tried to stab me with a philips screwdriver, after going to a police to tell them I could not go back, but they said go downstairs go to sleep, nothing would happen, like 2 hours later they were back due to this kid almost stabbing me instead of rubbing it on my head, if he had stabbed instead of rubbed while putting it on his dead daddys grave that he will stab my faggot ass right now, I would not be here. they had no gay grouphomes.. I gave them 4 days and I ran away at 17. Astrology/ God, saved my life, If I had not found all this in there, I would have been far more successful, trying a second termination.

      Reguardelss of the accusations, the trying of a 6 or 12 year old for that matter, which was done to him is wrong!! It was admitted in the NYTime’s. Yes all the hard work accepting myself as… what did they call me at my friends house when they came to pick me up take me back to Colorado in handcuffs, first through NYC Jail, then, through two airports, which was punishable by up to 2 years in Adult prison; for violating the terms of my probation: and running away since they did not protect me being gay, also I had been allowed to go home to MOM! Yay, all better now…. But did she changer her mind, of course she did, dramatically at the last minute when everyone was so excited to see me go back home, I just said in my mind that GOD will tell the truth and I will once I get back home. they threatened me with 2 years in a juvinale jail at 14 if I came up guilty, but I knew that if there was a GOD and he was in charge of this, then it would have not got this far, better say you did at least something, you already know the drill, and like my Gardian ad litem; which a lawyer said was wrong by telling me, think about putting those kids upon the stand and bringing up there old wounds, yes she really did say that to me, LEADING on your 14 year old client, since you know there will not be any fight now that you have talked my mom into giving me to the state. they did not let you go home till you gave em what they wanted when you were 8, now you will not get accepted or taken back, as the first step in recovery and getting home to mom is addmitting… carrot to a horse, railroad case … the police, saying I was on the run, they had changed some of the laws to go into adulthood,, I was not on the run till 18 which I thought would clear, so I was not on the run, but banging on the door in front of a brand new Aquarian friend, they took me away in cuffs saying I was wanted for the rape of a child in Colorado, O is that what you guys called it so you could feel better? Because that was molestation that did not happen anyway, Projecting the Adult molesters and rapists onto little kids much? Scrambling to review the case, when I arrived… everyone was flabbergasted at me being there! I was a 27 year old male around teens truant for school or smoking weed yes, it did look quite stupid and absurd to even the adults there. I wrote a letter to the judge explaining the way gay celbs were not even out at this time, and that I waited an appropriate amount of time before leaving the grouphome for being almost terminated for being gay. He let me go with no punishment, but was the most re scarred wound, just thinking you will do two years behind bars.. IS doing two years.

      But I hope they feel good locking up a 27 year old man for a childhood case, your waited till your shameful CPS souls could bear prosecuting a 14 year old boy, tossed into State Custody without any legal gudiance but a state appointed guardian ad litem, who never looked in my face once, probably because her father did something to her so she projected her whole life onto me, they all projected the ADULTS doing the real raping and molesting on to me, I hope it was worth it. I hope you are all healed, feel great breaking up family’s and making money out of something as absurd as this.

      Sorry for the 3 posts and mis-spellings, school was a little difficut to concentrate on.

  5. Seriously, Uranian Mane? No one wants to come on here simply to hear you muse about your life. You didn’t even form a single bit of that as either an engagement or question. Why do you think we all want to read a short novel about who you are? Tone it down.

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    • Thanks for that rude comment Valmont, this is the internet.
      If you don’t like the freedom that is expressed on it or in Astrology, you should probably stick to a local Sun Sign paper.

      I didn’t form anything as a question because I need no advice, I have a Disseminating Moon, am a 9 life-path and have seen enough abusive therapists. So why would I take any advice on this subject from someone frankly as rude and un-empathetic as you?

      Obviously it is not well no matter as I have Chiron on the MC. But your good practice for when I share something very personal, I cannot among usual folks, as it is disbelieved. Really, Thank God for Astrologers who understand this placement is real. And I shared it to better share what other children being wrongfully accused means for them and there futures.

      Further reading and proof is below for any Yes-ones that are interested, the world is a pretty diverse palace. Thanks for the practice, Val.

    • i agree. i cant believe i made it all the way through all that. i guess its like a burning house. you keep your eyes on it because you think something might happen. but it never happens. since you talk about your chart so much, why dont you post your data? im knee deep in shit already i might as well continue…


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