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The Three Liliths

Black Moon Lilith

Lilith in astrology incorporates three entities. We have Black Moon Lilith, Asteroid Lilith and the lesser known Dark Moon Lilith. Together they work as a Triple Moon Goddess, which describes a process of transformation. The three Lilith’s are also useful in pinpointing which brand of Lilith energy is strongest in your chart and at which stage you may have the most issues with.

After studying Eris in detail it is apparent to me that she is the higher octave of Lilith. Eris is the Uber-Dark Goddess and by combining her with the outer planets we can see how each corresponds quite neatly with three phases of the moon.

To see the Lilith astrology archetype in terms as a triple goddess makes total sense to me. After I wrote this post I discovered Demetria George had come up with a similar concept about Lilith. Comparing it to the bible story she says:

” The Asteroid Lilith describes the first stage in the mythical journey where she is suppressed, humiliated and flees in a fiery rage to the desolate wilderness. The Dark Moon Lilith depicts the pain of her exile where she plots and executes revenge. The Black Moon Lilith shows how she transmutes her distorted image back into its natural healthy expression” [1]

Asteroid Lilith

. 1181 on astro.com. The Maiden (Puberty & Virginity), Colour White.

ORBIT. She is the only solid representation of Lilith found in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Takes 4 years to orbit the Sun. Discovered in 1927. Diameter of 67km.

KEY WORDS. Rebellion, feminist, prostitution, exile, freedom fighter, confrontational, equality, impulsive, innovative, unconventional, asexual, instinctual, hands-on healing.

She is hands on with her energy as represented by the hand like glyph. Earthy and practical, she reflects the part of the creation myth where she protests to God about having the “lay beneath” Adam and not being treated as his equal.

Asteroid Lilith is like URANUS/ERIS. Uranus having been castrated makes him asexual, he is often sited as being the “gay” planet which is suggestive of alternative lifestyles. Asteroid Lilith is also the eternal child, a Peter-pan since the lack of a traditional sexuality restricts the act of having children naturally.

Asteroid Lilith Feature.

black moon lilithBlack Moon Lilith

FULL MOON. Comprising True (Osculating) Lilith. h13 on astro.com & Mean Lilith from their regular drop down menu. The Mother (Creativity & Sexuality), Colour Red.

ORBIT. It has a 9 year orbit and interestingly spends 9 months in each sign. Very apt for the Full Moon phase. This describes beautifully the gestation of Osculating Lilith to Mean Lilith in the corridor. The corridor being the womb.

KEY WORDS. Magic, animal magnetism, kundalini, creative force, tantric sex, seduction, intuition, psychic ability, imagination, poetry, psychic healing, hypnotism, charisma, glamour, shamanism, mushrooms, psychedelic drugs.

This is not a solid object, it is a point of alignment. The Black Moon is the apogee of the Moons orbit, the point that is farthest from the earth. Just as points like the North Node and the Vertex are hugely important, so is the lunar apogee.

Just as there is a Lunar mean and true Node, so there is a Mean and True (osculating) Lilith. As I have found True Lilith to have just as strong an influence as Mean Lilith. Together they form according to Lilith expert Kelly Hunter, a Black Moon Corridor. True Lilith has a wildly vacillating orbit and demonstrates the same quality as an anaretic Planet; potent, fermenting, on the verge of changing. Mean Lilith is more like a fermented refined and stable magic.

Black Moon Lilith orbitBlack Moon Lilith is like NEPTUNE/ERIS. This part of the Lilith myth corresponds to the forbidden fruit episode, where Lilith comes back as a serpent. The serpent represents occult knowledge, while the apple representing sex or enthogens. Neptune is very much like a psychic sponge. The zone has shamanic qualities, a similar effect to using drugs to break down the barriers to the unconscious. Like deceptive Neptune when drugged, this zone can let in the demons as well as messages from the spirits.

Black Moon Lilith feature.

Dark Moon Lilith

NEW MOON. Also known as Waldemath Moon. h58 on astro.com.( Menopause & The Shadow). Colour Black.

ORBIT. It flies through the chart, like a witch on it’s broomstick taking 119 days to travel round the earth spending 10 days in one sign. Sighting of this mysterious 2nd Moon goes back as far as 1618. it is supposed to resemble a sphere shaped dust cloud. In 1918, Astrologer Sepharial claimed to have confirmed the existence of Waldemath’s ‘ghost moon’.

KEY WORDS. Vengeance, Sadomasochism, Demons, The Shadow, Rage, Anti-mother, Fairytales, Nightmares, Ghosts, Nymphomania, Gremlins, Psycho, Toxins, Depth psychology, Stalkers, emotional pain, Catharsis, Madness.

The Dark Moon is the hurt, nasty side of Lilith, and very much like Algol the notorious Fixed star. It can be channeled beneficially if used without ego to release negativity through creativity or art therapy. It is the part of the Lilith myth where in exile she turned baby killer out of revenge to god. “Dark Moon relates to highly individualized soul desires that are denied personal satisfaction for higher expression on social/spiritual levels.”Kelley Hunter.

Dark Moon Lilith is like PLUTO/ERIS. The shadow and demons are very much part of Pluto’s underworld, generally he is thought to have raped and abducted Persephone (Eris), but in other versions Persephone goes willingly. Dark Moon then can work two ways like the myth, we either face our Demons and release them safely or we bury them. If they are allowed to fester they become enraged, then we risk them breaking out and psychically “raping” us.

Dark Moon Lilith Feature.

The 3 Liliths In Your Horoscope

Create your chart HERE. It will take you to a page that shows says free Horoscopes at Astrodienst.
Scroll down to right at the very bottom and click on “Extended Chart Selection
In “Additional objects“, select “Lilith”. This is Black Moon Lilith (Mean)
In the box for “additional asteroids or “hypothetical” planets” add 1181, h13, h58. This will show asteroid Lilith, Black Moon Lilith (True/Osculating) and Dark Moon Lilith in that order.

1. Finding our Way through the Dark. Demetra George. pg 92.


  1. Hi, for ages I’ve been confused as to which lilith is the default addition on astrodienst. There are so many references to different liliths in various articles. I’m afraid your article has confused me once again….

    If I go to this description: http://www.astro.com/astrology/in_lilith_e.htm

    Then it’s clear that the lilith in the immediate add on list in extended chart selection on astro.com is the Moon apogee. However they refer to this in their article as ‘dark moon lilith’. In your article you refer to ‘dark moon’ as an entirely different asteroid.

    You also list ‘h13’ as the apogee lilith, however this is not the same as the one which defaults on astrodienst extended chart selection page. h13 comes up as ‘lilith (o)’ and has no glyph.

    The reason lilith isn’t used it regular chart analysis is down to all this conflicting information, so I’d like to be clear and simply use the one which is listed on astrodienst as a default and then do my cross-referencing from there.

  2. This article and all of your subsequent Lilith articles are inspired! I spent an entire evening reading them all & running many charts. I’ve always had an interest in Black Moon Lilith’s place in the chart but have found very little information on the subject. Now I have 3 (more like 4) Liliths to investigate!
    I especially like your idea that Eris could be her higher octave. Eris was first introduced to me as the goddess supreme of the exceptionally silly but still intelligent “religion” of Discordianism. So she became a very different entity to me once she was also a figure in astrology. The Discordian influence still sticks in my mind though. I wonder if you’re familiar with it?
    And just fyi I am loving this website!!

    • Thanks. I have forgotten about Lilith lately due to research into Ceres. But I hope to tie everything together soon. I will be working with a software company who produce instantly downloadable astrology reports and I hope to get out a Black Moon Lilith report soon.
      Ah yes the discord aspect is one that I have to add to the Eris post when I re-vamp it.