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Titanic Sinking

The sinking of the Titanic has always fascinated me as a very sad story of a vessel being pulled down into the underworld, to me it has elements of the Persephone myth about it. We have a time for Titanic hitting the Iceberg at 11.40pm. [wiki]. It’s a pretty phenomenal chart as you would imagine. Pluto on the Descendant (29′), South Node and Spica on the Midheaven (22′). Massive wealth, power, status. Titanic tragedy. The Nodes are conjunct the MC/IC axis by only 22′, and this ship should have been a success with Spica on the MC, but it is being squared by the God of the sea Neptune and Persephone’s mother Ceres. Ceres is opposed Black Moon Lilith. Which can be a daughter rebelling against her mother (Much like described in the 1997 film Titanic with Kate Winslet & Leonardo Di Caprio.) Lilith square Sun (31′) also describes Liliths anti-establishment ethos and which in the film was played out by 1st class passenger Kate & 3rd class immigrant Leonardo.

Lilith can break up families, and bring tragedy. Ceres is about abduction and grief. So it’s not surprising these are in hard aspect. I’m sure many children lost their parents in the tragedy since there was a struggle for lifeboats and it was women and children first. The chart is mostly below the horizon, or below sea level. The most interesting conjunction is the Moon and Eris both on Scheat“It causes extreme misfortune, murder, suicide, and drowning.” [1] and with the Moon in particular “danger of accidents and by water”. I mentioned Persephone earlier and Eris to me is Persephone after the rape. In this case Pluto is the iceberg, ripping into her side. I also have found Eris in hard aspect to the Moon very dangerous and psychotic in my post on Psychopath Astrology. And we have a Hades Moon square Pluto to add to the Persephone theme. Just read the link and it makes sense with the whole tragedy

Titanic Hits Iceberg HoroscopeThe Moon is conjunct Eris/Persephone below the horizon. This is the ship being pulled down into the underworld by Pluto the Iceberg. But Pluto is just re-balancing something. Ceres conjunct Neptune could be the big impossible dream, the opulence, the chandeliers, Persephone’s privileged background. The ship contained societies elite, most of whom must have survived. Ceres square Sun conjunct a Mercury retrograde. Well naturally! Even the way the poor ship nose-dived like a torpedo after only 2 hours seems to be described by the Sun on the North Node at the IC. Titanic’s fate lay below sea level. Apparently there was an huge amount of coal stored in the bowels of the ship that caught fire and weakened its structure, melting its iron so that it snapped in two. Pluto is of course coal. Because of this huge wealth of Pluto the unsinkable was sink.

Pluto on the DC was on Betelgeuse.“Honors and titles will be given…If setting, these honors and titles will not come until after death.”. The Titanic has become a legend since it sank, so it is still very much alive in peoples consciousness. Titanic is big business and such is the obsession with it there are Titanic conventions and even an astrologer who specializes in finding the Titanic past-life connections in your chart! The AC was on the star Acumen the sting of the Scorpion which again makes me think of Pluto the God of the underworld stripping down this symbol of overblown wealth and privilege. All that luxury is now eroding at the bottom of the Atlantic.

Captain Smith – Titanic Synastry

Captain Smith’s natal North Node, Moon and Ascendant are all in the Titanic’s 8th house of death. His natal Moon opposes Titanic’s Uranus which is traditionally the planet of accidents, shocks and disaster. Smith’s Saturnian scythe is on the Titanic’s Venus, her luxury and wealth. His disastrous Uranus is Titanic’s destiny being that it is on her North Node/IC conjunction and in horary astrology the IC is the “End Of The Matter”.

Smith has Pluto on his own MC (55′) which makes him an agent of Pluto, Persephone’s abductor. His MC/Pluto falls on Titanic’s Mercury/Sun conjunction in the Underworld (4th house) both squaring the the sorrowful Ceres/Lilith opposition.

Titanic Captain Smith SynastryCaptain Smiths Sedna falls on the calamitous Moon/Eris conjunction on Scheat. Sedna’s mythology is one of betrayal by the father, but it is also very similar to the myth of Persephone in the sense it is about the parent/child relationship and being forced to grow up in a very brutal manner. Captain Smith was responsible for the safety of his passengers and ship so he was the symbolic father. In effect he was responsible, albeit indirectly, for any children who had been orphaned by the tragedy and  for them having to grow up quick.

I think it’s amazing how the astrology shows us why the story of the Titanic has continued to fascinate us 100 years on. There is an underlying mythology that touches us on a very deep level which is why the film Titanic is the second highest grossing film of all time. And even the fictional love story, created to carry the account of the Titanic’s sinking, is reflected in the horoscope of the sinking.

1. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923. pg 206


  1. Parin, that first chart is for the iceberg “directly ahead”.

    Charles Chiniquy: “Canada’s best-selling author of all time”
    Mercury conjunct Castor, ” Remarkable psychic powers entailing criticism and ridicule but eventual prominence”
    Venus conjunct El Nath, “Favorable for gain, enemies who are powerless to injure.”
    Saturn conjunct Toliman, “Studious, well read, materialistic, self-seeking, favorable for gain, accumulation of money and property and legacies, though not without quarrels”

    And the captain was a Jesuit.

  2. I know it all seems very far fetched. I don’t know why but I was compelled to write this.
    If we can believe a “crazy muslim” can crash a plane into a huge steel structure (which will then disintergrate into just rubble on the ground.)Than why not a crazy Christain with a ship?

    I find it strange that if you look at the route to New York from Southampton. The Titanic is way off course AND in iceberg territory. The ship wasn’t an old schooner blown away in a storm. It was a state of the art ship with a huge crew. The weather was fine that night it seems. Surely someone wouldve noticed how far off course they were? Reports say it was travelling at full speed when it rammed the iceberg.
    It doesn’t make sense.

    As for the Jesuits. I don’t know that much about them exept Its a Vatican run thing yes. My Lilith always interested in Vatican run things! If they can burn witches they are capable of anything.. I keep an open mind in all things and do not discount anything no matter how bizarre.

    More stuff about the Jesuits: vaticanassassins.org/ Vatican Assassins


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