Taylor & Burton Synastry

To show how Lilith works in synastry I thought it would be best to pick the most Lilithy couple I could find.  Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton are a classic example of star-crossed lovers. There was certainly a grand passion between them, and they famously divorced and remarried twice. Liz Taylor was more than a match for Richard Burton. Their fights were legendary, for many years they were Hollywood’s golden couple but also an example of Liliths double edged sword. As a couple they demonstrated both the wild and destructive Lilith energy and the charismatic and magnetic power of the Dark moon.

Elizabeth TaylorWhen using Lilith in synastry, it is best to start simple. I really wouldn’t use more than one to start with. The one to use would be the Black Moon Lilith, the lunar apogee. If you have any doubts about the accuracy of the birthtimes I would play safe and use Mean Lilith. Harmonious Lilith aspects between each partner brings magic into each other’s life, adding spice where one already has good sexual connections. Long term however Lilith aspects cannot really replace the classic Mars/Venus synastry aspects. Black Moon Lilith will show how tantric your sexual relations could be and add to the all-important sexual chemistry. Hard aspects to the personal planets may show an irresistible, obsessive attraction, the sort that hypnotizes you into abandoning your more regular moon, domestic commitments. Lilith is what makes you leave a 30 year marriage on a whim. She can break the spell of entrenched habitual behavior, but at worst she really is in modern terms what you would call a “Bunny Boiler”, a classic home-wrecker.


Elizabeth has a huge Black Moon Corridor, containing the North Node, Eris, Part of Fortune, and a very tight Venus/Uranus conjunction (05′). I’m not surprised to see discordant Eris in there. So all these give a strong Lilith flavour and Venus conjunct Uranus certainly describes her sparkling sexuality.

Her Sun conjunct Mercury gets a square from the demonic and mysterious Waldemath Dark Moon which in turn squares Neptune. This dynamic, driven, but also difficult T square aspect completely describes her love affair with the demon liquor and also her glamorous career. The apex has Dark Moon conjunct her DC, what she attracts in a partner. Perfectly brooding Burton. Feminist Asteroid Lilith opposes Black Moon Lilith, attempting to reconcile rebellion and equality with sexual magnetism. Elizabeth Taylor Horoscope.


Richard’s birth data is DD, so I won’t pay attention to his angles. His Mean Lilith is tightly trine Mercury, he was famous for his mesmerizing voice. He certainly had a seductive vocal delivery as an actor. Like Liz he also has a Lilith in aspect to alcoholic Neptune. His Asteroid Lilith opposes it. So he is the rebellious drinker, the renegade.

His Dark Moon is semi-sextile Eris, the outcast vibe here with a demonic flavour. He said he drank because he always felt like the “poor boy from Wales” amongst the Hollywood elite. He never felt he really fitted into their clique. Dark Moon is the exiled Lilith and Eris in myth was the angry goddess that wasn’t invited to the wedding. The Dark Moon is hurt and vengefull, like the malevolent fairy in sleeping beauty.

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Author: Marina Macario

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  1. Great post! Thank you this very interesting info.
    What would you think about his lilith conjunct her pluto (in scorpio, tight, less than 1 degree)?
    Inversely, in natal he is very plutonian and she gas a lilith-mars-venus conjunction in aries (7th house)….
    I’d love to hear your take on this. How do lilith and pluto react to each other?

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  2. Where to find ephemerides for the Dark Moon Lilith?

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