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Taurus Weekly Horoscope

The weekly horoscope for Taurus
and Taurus Rising for June 30 – July 6. Your mind is going backwards in the house of learning. Your usual impressive encyclopaedic knowledge is compromised and you feel like you have lost your Mojo at pub quizzes. This week it is probably best to get out of your head anyhow, put down the pen and pick up the pint. Forget trying to communicate anything unless it’s to write reams of florid poetry or to draw still-life sketches of picturesque corners of your house. You may well have a crisis in your communication style, people just don’t get you, or take what you say wrongly. This may hurt your sense of self-worth as you see yourself as a bit of a wiz with words. Don’t overlook the fantastic opportunity of Venus on Praesaepe on July 4. This star contacts the spirit of your ancestors, so see a psychic and have a chat with great aunt Macadamia. She will understand you if no else does..


    • Read for the whole of Taurus in that case. Not much changes in a week between decans unless a planet or asteroid moves into it. If it doesn’t I can’t just make things up!