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Your Taurus Horoscope for May 2016 means very intense communications for you this month with Mercury Retrograde in your own sign. This means your words are powerful, for good or for ill. Right from the start of the month the focus is projecting your brilliance out into the world. Yes everything revolves around you during your birthday month and this is the time of the year when you are allowed to be totally and utterly “Me, me me!!” which is quite different from your usual placid and peaceful self. So during this time you will find it much harder to see things from the another persons point of view. This can cause conflicts with your peers if other factors are making your ego swell. It is therefore vital you find some form of artistic self expression as your creative force is at it’s peak. Enjoy this period to focus on your needs and what makes you feel good. Your physical body should get a nice energy boost too. Your sunny warmth and enthusiasm are attractive to others. This lasts until May 21 when you will have to step off the sunny pedestal and concentrate on finding another strategy to keep the money rolling in. Your passionate personality and vibrant personality won’t be enough to lure in the punters after that date. You are a great salesperson, but now it’s about the quality of the products.

Taurus May 2016 ~ Mercury Retrograde

This retrograde will take place in your very own sign Taurus, so this is an important time for getting your thoughts clear before you express yourself. What you say will be paid very close attention to, so that each and every nuanced word will be amplified. Mercury Rx has the effect of echoing messages, tweets or letters over time so that it is not easy to forget the words that are said. That is why it is of utmost importance that you mean what you say, and say what you mean. Any communications you make will stick around as if they were en-graven on clay tablets and will last just as long. You will be closely identified with anything your write, so if you need to express your personal truth for posterity, now is the time to prepare for that. Yes it is a retrograde, so it might be wise to wait until after Mercury is direct (in this house) to officially publish anything. But any throw-away comments that raise an eyebrow and witticisms that raise a laugh make great fodder that can be stored away for future use. It is a great time so examine how certain words effect your body. Books you read at this time will be felt viscerally.

Taurus May 2016 ~ Emotions

There is a melodramatic full moon for you on May 21 where your life suddenly becomes text book ‘hammer horror.’ You may feel yourself attracted to the “Dark Cupid” and find yourself obsessing over certain foods, songs, items etc that remind you of this new forbidden-fruit lover. These will then trigger adrenaline-charged emotional reactions from you which feel like a drug. You could become quite voyeuristic and things in your life suddenly have a fetishistic quality about them. With this Full Moon you might have a passing fad about wanting yellow tinted glasses, or a blue velvet purse. The sensation of a type of material becomes one of the things you crave or you may just want to collect many items of the same thing. Yes this is a real howler of a Full Moon where you feel more of a lunatic than usual. Taking any mind-altering substances will only make things more psychotic so I would avoid this if you know you have an extreme natal chart. Powerful and dangerous people hold a fascination for you at this time, so avoid hanging out with gangsters and get hold of the Godfather Box set DVDs instead. Safer…

Taurus May 2016 ~ Love

It might be all about YOU in your career, but not in matters of the heart! Your ruler Venus in your own sign is feeling confident and strong, but she does not need to push herself forcefully on others. Venus is so assured that she will attract people to her and be happy to put them first too. Despite the “Dark Cupid” warning from the Full Moon, there is a great opportunity to wean yourself away from the bad boy/girl temptation and get yourself on the right track with a totally new type of love affair. Venus in Taurus should help you to attract pure, genuine love into your life, and be the anti- “Hammer Horror” moon shield you need! You are wearing Venus like a silky second skin, while at the time it is oozing charm out of everything pore of your body. You really won’t have to do anything to get the object of your desire as the Venusian energy magnetises everyone to you. This peaceful energy does not want to cause any conflict, so you will gladly accommodate any wishes of your partner. The only thing you have to worry about is being a bit of a pushover, so try not to get too gushy! You can be the perfect host this month uniting folk for relaxed and enjoyable social occasions. You can also mend frayed relationships for those who have broken apart.

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