Taurus Horoscope 2018 ~ April to June

Your Taurus Horoscope 2018 still has the grace of Jupiter in your powerful, angular marriage house. During this season Jupiter will be retrograde which gives you a more intense bake for all kinds of relationships in your life. Jupiter is famous for making one attracted to foreigners or someone whose background is quite different from yours. This can cause a consciousness-expanding effect in relationships, as you fit in with the behaviour patterns and values of your new mate. Depending on how evolved your partner is, this can be positive or negative. The effect might be regressive if you have to submit to fit in with their culture. Whatever happens, you will be made extremely aware of the differences between people and whether you can realistically work harmoniously with them in the long term or not.

From April 18 to Jul 1 Saturn is also retrograde in your 9th house of foreigners, so there is definitely an international theme going in your Taurus Horoscope 2018 where you will be forced to re- evaluate your attitude to those of another culture or religion. This forces you to address your own belief system too. You might actually fall in love with a person from a country that you had even been quite prejudiced about in the past. During this period Ceres passes through deepest roots of your chart where it is somewhat reclusive (Until Jun 27).

Power Hungry Mars in 2018

Ceres forces you to withdraw from too much socialising and kidnap any partners into staying close to your nest. Here the earth goddess wants to go into her cave and make potions. So the best way of using this transit would be to make your home a sanctuary. If you are single, indulge in treating yourself to your own company. If with a partner study, read and pray together. Your home will become your sacred space and temple. Fill it with candles and incense for purification by fire. Subjects who are feeling more sociable may open up their homes to those who have experienced abuse and hardship.

From May 16 Mars spends a crazy long amount of time in your house of status, so when you do go to work you will be totally passionate about it. Mars will turn retrograde next season and feel as power hungry as Pluto for a few months. If you push too hard and fast with your ambitions at this time you could really easily threaten those who have authority over you. Don’t feel you need to defeat any small opposition to your goals and don’t let yourself get over-defensive either. You have enough zip in your approach to actually rally people to your side quite easily with time. Patience is never easy when you want to win so badly, but keep your eye on the ball. Try to steam forward without getting too frustrated by ‘helpful’ suggestions. Eventually others will see you were right and trust you enough to leave you alone. The secret is harnessing this thrusting Mars energy, so that it carries others in your wake. You can inspire by example rather than needing to rail-road others.

Taurus Horoscope 2018

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