Here follows a sample of your Taurus Horoscope 2018. Saturn continues its journey through your expansive 9th house in your Taurus Horoscope 2018. The main thing to watch out for is becoming too set in your beliefs. You may test them and think, “Ok that’s it, they work, I’m sticking with them for the rest of my life!” This could be a time then where Taurus becomes a nun or or joins a cult. I jest, but there is a danger of swinging from one extreme to the other in 2018. However, there is also an opportunity to learn to balance your spiritual life with the material too.

This equilibrium might actually come from encountering religious extremism in people you meet day to day or while travelling. This is the house of foreigners too, so boundary issues might be pertinent, especially in these troubled times! Legal matters could also be challenging, divorces might move frustratingly slow and any financial settlements meagre in their offerings. Better to hold off any serious court action until Saturn leaves this zone in 2020 if you can possible help it….

Taurus 2018 Horoscope Keywords

Testing beliefs, inviting boudoirs, uber-confidence, jet stream lovers, passion for status, fleeing the crone, ex reconciliations.

In 2018, Taurus makes use of Mars putting passion into your marriage house until Jan 26. Jupiter is already in the there too, so this is an ultra great time for putting the zip back into any stale relationships. Remember this is also the house of open enemies though, which could be interesting… You will certainly know who your friends are. You will certainly need your allies on your side when defending yourself against the wild mob who are hurling knives at you. Ok, it’s not going to be that bad hopefully, but Mars in its rulership here in Scorpio is going to be feisty to say the least. You need to be able to take the high ground and not rise to the bait. Your partner at this time might also delight in just winding you up. The best approach with lovers is to make love not war. It really is the only option. If they won’t let you, just take out the frustration on a tennis racquet or any ball that you can kick or hit.

The Feb 15 Solar Eclipse prompts you to realise that you are no longer content to stand on the sidelines cheering on other less worthy peers. It’s all about confidence! If your parents were not inclined to champion your efforts and were rather critical of you, then you must address wether this same programming is what is holding you back now. Now is not the time to hold back, it’s about facing your fear of rejection and grabbing the solar spotlight unashamedly. Ask for that pay rise, promotion or more publicity. What is the worst that can happen? With Solar Eclipses expect the unexpected. Wether you are pleasantly surprised or slapped in the face, at least you will know where you stand… Continues in eBook.

Taurus Love Horoscope 2018

Venus is retrograde from Oct 6 to Nov 16. It starts off in your marriage house and regresses back into your work zone. The most intense part of the retrograde will be in your house of relationships until Halloween wooooo! Venus retrograde in your marriage zone could work out either wonderfully, or… not, depending on how much self-work you have done in the realm of relationships. Usually, Venus is mostly love and light, but in her retrograde phase, she tends to call on her Luciferian side. The horny one’s random mischief-making can cause havoc with this house’s other function; open enemies! An old foe could re-surface, but this is actually to give you the opportunity to make the peace with them. You may never be best buddies, but at least you can tie-up loose ends and bring closure to your connection…Continues in eBook.

Taurus Horoscope 2018 ~ eBook

Taurus 2018 Horoscope
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Taurus 2018 Decan 1 ~ eBook Excerpt

“Saturn in Capricorn is trine your decan until Dec 20. Your life is blessed by the supreme structure of Saturn while this trine is in effect. You will need to build on it so that you can keep this framework for the future. Trines are gifts, but are so often taken for granted and not ‘banked’. This is an opportunity not to be squandered! Saturn gifts are like that on old dusty antique that has been sitting in the attic for years unappreciated until an expert tells you it’s worth a fortune under the grime. Offers that come at this time will seem pretty drab then, but don’t pass them by without giving them a serious test drive. A new relationship is likely to grow on you also.

Anything worthwhile is going to take time to mature with this Saturn transit, but it really will be the case of an ugly duckling turning into a swan. In the beginning of the year the Venus square from Jan 18 to 25 tests your new mature approach in relationships. You might feel let down by someone who was just a player, but end up confiding in another who becomes an unexpected rock. The Ceres square from Feb 5 to Apr 28 can also be a challenging time as you adjust to becoming more realistic in your love life and mourn the loss of a fantasy boyfriend. The early part of the year is not so eventful, but it is all about planting seeds which bare fruit in the second half of the year.” Continues in eBook.

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