Taurus Decans

TAURUS DECAN 1 ~ Birthdays April 20 – 30

Raging Bulls & Ravenous Raconteurs. Taurus decan 1 are ruled by Mercury and Venus. These people are gifted orators and fight their battles with words. These are the steam rolling bulls… More>

Picatrix* ~ A woman of curly hair, having a single child who is dressed in clothes like unto fire, and she herself dressed in similar clothes. And this is a face of plowing and working the earth, of sciences, geometry, of sowing seed, and making things.

God/Spirit†~ Charis (Kindness, one of the Graces.) Tarot Card ~ 5 Pentacles

 STARS ~ Mirach in Andromeda, Sheratan in Aries, Caph & Schedir in Cassiopeia, Hamal in Aries.

TAURUS DECAN 2 ~ Birthdays May 1 – 10 

Stage Mothers & Statesmen. Taurus decan 2 are ruled by the Moon and Mercury. These bulls are tenacious and ambitious; they rise to the top through sheer determination, patience…. More>  

Picatrix ~ A man like the figure of a camel and having on his fingers are hooves like those of cows, and he is covered completely with a torn linen sheet. He desires to work the land, to sow, and to make things. And this is a face of nobility, power, and of rewarding the people.

God/Spirit~ Horai. (Goddesses of the Seasons).  Tarot Card ~ 6 Pentacles

STARS ~ Almach in Andromeda, Menkar in Cetus, Cih & Rucha in Cassiopeia.

TAURUS DECAN 3 ~ Birthdays May 11 – 20

Artistic, Alchemical & Life’s Troopers. Taurus decan 3 are ruled by Saturn.  It is appropriate that the dark lord of time Saturn rules this decan in both rulership systems since it houses the infamous star Algol…..More>

Picatrix ~ A man of ruddy coloring with large, white teeth appearing outside of his mouth, and a body like an elephant whose legs are long; and there ascends with him one horse, one dog, and one calf. And this is a face of laziness, poverty, misery, and fear.

God/Spirit ~Litai (Spirits of Prayer). Tarot Card ~ 7 Pentacles

STARS ~ Rana & Zaurak in Eridanus, Capulus & Algol in Perseus, Electra in Taurus.


The decans above are as accurate as they can be within a ten degree orb. But for a detailed exploration of your birthchart please refer to the READINGS page.

NOTE: I started off using the ancient Chaldean rulers of the decanates, but will be adding in fresh material relating to the triplicity rulers in 2015. Click on the links above for a more detailed interpretation of each decan using the fixed stars and celebrity examples. You can also apply the decan character traits to your Ascendant or Moon using these zodiac positions:  Taurus Decan 1 0° – 10°Taurus Decan 2 10° – 20° and Taurus Decan 3 20° – 30°.
*The Picatrix is a book of occult magic and astrology. It is often used as a reference for making astrological talismans. †The 36 Airs of the Zodiacs list of Gods and Spirits.


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