Taurus Decan 3 ~ May 10 to 19

Taurus decan 3

Taurus decan 3 is ruled by Saturn and is the Capricorn decan of Taurus. The sun twists and turns through the constellations of the Ram, the River, Perseus the hero, Queen Cassiopeia, Medusa’s head and some of the Pleiades from May 10 to 19.

It is appropriate that the dark lord of time Saturn rules this decan since it also contains the infamous star Algol. This part of Taurus is home to bohemians and temperamental, artistic types due to it being jam-packed with so many challenging/volatile/inspiring stars.

Artistic Alchemy & Life’s Troopers

Most of these stars are extremely emotional since we have so many of the weeping sisters of the Pleiades here too. Decan 3 bovines then, are much less set in their ways than the classic Taurus archetype because of the influence of dashing hero Perseus here. Taurus 3 can be daring, but they are still very much fixed in their determination to pursue their dream.

Taurus decan 3Taurus decan 3 are extremely chivalrous, they have impeccable manners and a great deal of class. Even the most low-down wretched expression of this breed will give off an aura of sophistication. Even if Taurus 3 are caught shamefully falling on the pavement (after too much Algol-hol!) they will still manage to wobble back onto their high hooves gracefully.

Sorry I will be late updating this post & eBook in line with the solar calendar. Preparing June’s horoscopes and Moons will have to take priority before I go on holiday.

Taurus Decan 3 ~ Fixed Stars

Taurus 20º 51’ ~ Botein in the flank of Aries the Ram 4.5 *
Taurus 20º 52’ ~ Rana in Eridanus the River 3.7
Taurus 23º 52’ ~ Zaurak in Eridanus the River 3.2
Taurus 24º 12’ ~ Capulus in the sword hand of Perseus 4.4
Taurus 24º 46’ ~ Segin in the left knee of Queen Cassiopeia 3.4
Taurus 26º 09′ ~ Alpha Caelum in Caelum the Sculptor’s Chisel 4.5
Taurus 26º 10’ ~ Algol in Medusa’s Head. 2.1
Taurus 27º 41′ ~ Misam in the left arm of Perseus. 4.0
Taurus 28º 42 ~ Miram in the right arm of Perseus. 3.9
Taurus 29º 25’ ~ Electra in the Pleiades on the shoulder of Taurus the Bull 3.8
Taurus 29º 26′ ~ Celaeno in the Pleiades on the shoulder of Taurus the Bull 5.4
Taurus 29º 26′ ~ Beid in Eridanus the River. 4.1
Taurus 29º 34′ ~ Taygeta in the Pleiades on the shoulder of Taurus the Bull 4.4
Taurus 29º 41′ ~ Maia in the Pleiades on the shoulder of Taurus the Bull 4.0
Taurus 29º 42′ ~ Merope in the Pleiades on the shoulder of Taurus the Bull 4.2
Taurus 29º 44′ ~ Asterope & Sterope in the Pleiades on the shoulder of Taurus the Bull 5.8
Taurus 29º 53′ ~ Theemim in Eridanus the River 3.9
Star positions for the year 2000. *Magnitude.

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  1. I see a blinking in the area of the third i from time to time. I wondered if it was a sign algol was at work as sun in tauras is 23 not far. Silvia Browne talks of downloading. She claims not all downloads are positive. Of late horrible cruel happenings in dreams. Rare that cruel. I seem to be witness.
    A native girlfriend and her man and i at 17 had a dramatic over the bank car accident and she has venus exact. She was tall striking beauty. I felt she often tried to warn me of approaching evil. Telepathically. I guess saturn there means we suffer more in our senior age.