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Leo Horoscope 2018

Leo Horoscope 2018

Leo 2018 Horoscope ~ January to March Leo in 2018 has Saturn in its house of routines and daily work all year. The worst thing...
Leo Monthly Horoscope

Leo Monthly Horoscope

Your Leo Horoscope for October 2017 means connections with your immediate neighborhood become important this month. Locally there are many events and a call...
Leo Decan 2

Leo Decan 2 ~ Aug 3 to 12 (10º-20º)

LION TAMING. The energy is primal, spontaneous and uncensored. This does not mean these people aren’t spiritual, it’s just that they don’t like bowing down to a Guru.
Leo decan 1

Leo Decan 1 ~ Jul 23 to Aug 2 (0º -10º)

STATELY ELEVATORS Extremely dedicated to their field of endeavor, some may pursue a career for the sole reason of achieving high status. They need to be seen as the boss.
Leo 2017

Leo 2017 Horoscope

Here follows the summary from your Leo 2017 Horoscope. Scroll down to buy the full versions for all 12 zodiac signs Relationships are up for...