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Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Your Gemini Horoscope for July 2017 means the material world holds a great fascination for most of this month, but you may feel too...
Gemini Decan 1

Gemini Decan 1 ~ May 20 to 31

DANDY WARRIORS.The “Good V Evil’ duality of Gemini is strong here mainly because of Aldebaran’s dragon-slaying tendency. He is St Michael, god’s first soldier..

Gemini Decan 2

Gemini Decan 2 ~ May 31 to 11

ROLLER COASTERS. These people don’t do anything by halves. Too often they just take on far too much and then suffer burn out, by having an accident or becoming ill.

Gemini 2017

Gemini 2017 Horoscope

For most of 2017, Jupiter sprinkles stardust over Gemini's relationships, plus there is the added spice of Lilith dramatically blowing away the cobwebs in...

Gemini Decan 3 ~ June 11 to 20

MEDIA GODS. This is a multi-talented, multi-tasking, multi-faceted super-parent who wants it all and does it all. It has two sides, each one is just as forceful and strong as the other.