Sun Square Neptune

By | October 3, 2011

Sun square NeptuneSun square Neptune will give the drive for solar recognition, but at the same time an extreme sensitivity to the exposure that goes with it. They can become successful because of their incredible imagination, charisma and ability to tap into the collective unconsciousness. At the same they are very prone to projection. The public or their lovers are inclined to turn them into their ultimate fantasy figures, which they feel they cannot possibly live up. Afraid of not measuring up to the god or goddess role, they may turn to drug and alcohol abuse. This dissolves their already fragile ego even further. There are problems then with believing their own publicity. The Neptune square seems to aggravate physical handicaps or give a tendency to hypochondria.

Sun Square Neptune Celebrities

Kevin Costner, despite his mega success and hero roles, in his youth he was a shy loner  mainly because of his short stature, he went from 5ft 2 to 6ft 2 in college. He is still not comfortable with stardom, saying “I don’t know why so much attention is paid to me or why so much money comes our way.” Brian Wilson was the tortured genius of The Beach Boys, remembered for his ethereal music. He suffered with deafness in one ear, mental illness, drug and alcohol addiction. Rock Hudson’s Neptunian deception was played out by concealing his homosexuality behind a macho matinee idol image. He cracked jokes about sissies and faries and was sometimes very generous but sometimes heartless. He was known to have a drink problem also. Marie Antoinette was famous for living a total fantasy life completely out of touch with her starving subjects.  Poetic writer James Joyce had a talent for all things Neptunian, he once studied medicine and had a beautiful tenor voice. Suffering poor eyesight all his life, he underwent about 25 eye operations and feared going to the doctor about his stomach problems in case he was told it was cancer.  Other Sun square Neptune are Paul McCartney and John Milton.

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