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Sun Quincunx Moon

Sun quincunx MoonNatal Sun quincunx Moon is supposed to be the aspect of adjustment, but that rather downplays this jazzy number. Dissonance chords in music are said to be unpleasant to the ear, we expect them to move to a more stable chord. But a piece of music without dissonance is boring.”The pattern of tension and release created by resolved dissonances is part of what makes a piece of music exciting and interesting.” [Catherine Schmidt-Jones].

People with Sun inconjunct Moon tend to be people who shake things up. I liken it to the pearl in the shell caused by that niggling grit of sand. It seems quite alchemical. So these guys succeed in marrying paradoxical elements together successfully after some initial struggle and then make their name from that. Merging the masculine and feminine, logic and intuition into a totally new creation.

Sun Quincunx Moon Celebrities

Rudolph Valentino (75′) was a great example of this paradox, thought as a threat to the all American man with his dandiness and pomaded hair. Rumours of his homosexuality were completely unfounded. His Ex heavy-weight boxing trainer Jack Dempsey said “He was the most virile and masculine of men. The women were like flies to a honeypot.”

Glenda Jackson (05′) gave up her BAFTA winning acting career to shake up British parliament as a Labour backbencher MP. A feminist and committed socialist, she is known for her opinionated and blunt manner. Wesley Craven (71′) rebelled his strict Baptist upbringing and became famous for his horror movies, including the highly successful “Nightmare On Elm St”  Others include Nobel literature prize winner Patrick White (85′) who had a very strange 1920’s upbringing, living in a one bedflat with his nanny, sister and maid while his parents lived next door. Anita Bryant (60′)  famous for her Christian fundamentalist crusade against homosexuals in the 1960s. And Jazz supremo John Coltrane (70′) who reformed spiritually after a 4 year heroin addiction.



  1. Possibly true. My Gemini sun and my Capricorn moon create this most difficult of aspects – it seems like we born with it naturally assume a contrarian attitude in everything we do. We even like to contradict ourselves. Being a lecturer, I will, for instance, say to my students, ‘you don’t have to believe me, do your own thinking…’, and then I will hold forth on a subject that I just told my audience to take everything I say about it with a pinch of salt. In a relationship, we can be at once forgiving and demanding. Also, a tendency to compartmentalize life into totally disjointed segments, like, I do this job like a pro but my real passion lies elsewhere.


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