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Sun Quincunx Lilith


Sun quincunx Lilith seems to be about creating unique and unusual ways to exorcise your demons. The quincunx shows the successful alchemical blending of seemingly incongruous elements. These self -divined people somehow get away with being respected and idolized combined with also being the taboo, exiled or demonic. Sometimes they start their life being the darling of society, repressing their eccentricity and then shockingly flip over to their more authentic selves which then exiles them.

Sun Quincunx Lilith Celebrities

Mean Liliths: Joe Frazier(21′)  was famed for his relentless boxing, always on the attack. He had a mystical look and a wicked left hook. Joseph Goebbels (39′) was the spin doctor for the Nazi regime, he was neurotic and fell under Hitler’s spell. Paul Newman (88′) the stunning looking actor with beguiling baby blue eyes later became a highly successful business man giving away $150 million to charitable organizations in his lifetime. And Amy Winehouse (77′), her Back to Black album is exorcising Black Moon demons all over.

True Liliths: Sir Isaac Newton (31′) As well as being the astronomer who showed us how the cosmos was structured. He was also an occultist, secretly carrying out experiments in alchemy. He combined science with spirituality to understand the Universe, and predicted the end of the world in 2060! The Kray Twins (05′), brutal gangsters who ran organised crime in Londons East end, such was their charisma they actually became celebrities until they were jailed in 1969. Spike Milligan (18′) the wildly eccentric British comedian notoriously incredibly difficult to work with. Diagnosed  bi-polar. Cat Stevens (56′) musician had both Liliths quincunx the Sun, he became enlightened after nearly drowning. Later he married a Muslim, changed his name to “Islam” and gave up music in favour of his new religion. In 2004 he was denied entry to the US because he was on the countries “Watch List”.



  1. Once again, you’ve hit the nail on the head. And you’ve helped me as well. *hands armload of roses in the full spectrum of shades*

    My 22o Cancer 3rd House true Lilith (h13) is 0o quincunx my 22o Sag Sun 8th House.

    The alchemical side of me is something a couple of other people have commented on. I’ve never known what to make of it, nor they themselves to help me understand it. They were speaking metaphorically rather than logically so it’s left me with food for thought.

    I’ll study the true Lilith famous people you cited to see how many instances of this “combining” I can find. I believe that’ll help as well. If I can figure out if and how they were successful with it, I’ll be two more steps ahead before I have to take the one step back.

  2. I have this quincux. And in many ocassions, people gave me opportunities. Then, I started to reject them, ´cause this Hierophant (Saturn in Antares, ugly thing, opp. mars): perfectionist, I guess…

    I must put the face of a horrible monk!?

    How sad! I hope I may “raise” this. I am at the hat with this criticism of mine, and it is on the very bottom of my karma!

    How something that is so awful, feels as being so “good” (no wonder, in other times, people like me would be crystallized and hanged and killed with a tab).

    I always say that I have the propensity to bring demons of people out, so to say (to me!).

    I hope this alchemy allows me to be more simple…