Sun Quincunx Ceres

Sun Quincunx Ceres


Sun quincunx Ceres yields extremely unique and talented individuals who are spurred to great heights in an attempt to rise above a less than satisfactory mothering experience. The quincunx aspect will find highly unusual ways to stimulate production. There is usually a dark opulence to their creations or a blending of very gaudy style with the very Spartan. This is also reflected in the lives of the individuals who may spend one half of their lives in utter luxury and indulgence and then completely downsize and strip-down. The yearning action of the quincunx with Ceres gives a real craving, so there is a certain urgency to this aspect, a real hunger to succeed in order to fill the great dark void within.

Sun Quincunx Ceres Celebrities

Famous people with this aspect include gloriously handsome gay author Truman Capote (49′) was famed for writing “Breakfast at Tiffanys” and in a much darker vein, “In Cold Blood”  which was inspired by a true life massacre of a whole family. He was a lonely child, torn by divorce. Truman found solace in his obsession for story telling, writing for 3 hours everyday after school. As an adult Truman was a rampant socialite who felt at home with the elite and bohemian alike .

Another troubled Ceresian author Patricia Highsmith (70′) also turned to writing as a release from her severely dysfunctional relationship with her cruel mother. She was an alcoholic, bi-sexual, seen as mean and unloving by her peers and found it impossible to stay in a relationship longer than a few years. Her books and macabre short stories critically acclaimed however and noted for their black humour and clever satire.

Catherine the Great (56′), Empress of Russia revitalized her country  after the death of her Imperial husband. She too was spurred to great heights by her cold, abusive, but fame-hungry mother who pushed her into royal marriage. Catherine was subject to some urban myths fuelled by her excessive libido and perchance for bedding young men even up to old age. One ridiculous rumour being that she died as a result of a horse actually mounting her in one of her bedroom shenanigans.

The combined Davison charts for Pierre & Marie Curie (18′) and Charles & Camila (77′) have this aspect. The Curies worked tirelessly together, united in their passion for physics and chemistry. While their royal highnesses are in a working relationship of sorts also. Both have suffered mourning through untimely deaths and long years of separation. Marie was devastated by the sudden loss of her beloved Pierre who was run over and killed by a horse- drawn carriage. Charles & Camila are forever tainted by Charles behaviour and Diana’s subsequent early death.

Other examples of kinky quincunx Ceres s-excess are ornate and extreme artist Salvador Dali (05′), self proclaimed prostitute Margo St James (85′), sex-positive campaigner for COYOTE (Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics), “Diiirrrty” Christina Aquilera (87′), fashion designer/pimp Francesco Smalto (27′), Glam-rock pretty boy Mark Bolan (38′) and super-smily, peanut-farming president, Jimmy Carter (26′).


  1. Just pondering this one again, having gone into meltdown at my mother’s cat for refusing its food 5 days in a row, and realising I used to do that with my children. YOU WIll BE NURTURED DAMN YOU! (Aries sun/virgo Ceres)