Sun Opposite Neptune

Sun Opposite Neptune


Sun opposite Neptune creates a dynamic and creative push-pull which drives them to achieve imaginative excellence. They have an ethereal, other worldly aura which attracts people. Their audience tends to project their own dreams onto the Sun opposite Neptune subject, which they wear well and make good clothes-horses for partners to wrap their fantasies around. These subjects are prime candidates for projection and seem to attract wounded and troubled partners who seek in them salvation. They may have supremely idealistic expectations in their love life, constantly searching for that perfect Soulmate to make them feel whole.

Sun Opposite Neptune Celebrities

Elizabeth Taylor (41′) was the perfect Neptune beauty with her spellbinding and unique violet eyes. She has fallen hopelessly in love with 8 husbands, all dramatic and romantic fellows in some fashion. They include 2 abusive alcoholics, and one who sadly died in a plane crash. Her most famous marriage was her star-crossed match with fellow screen idol Richard Burton. Elizabeth has had more than her fair of medical problems but continues to radiate star quality. Alison Goldfrapp (87′); Multi-media popstar and walking work of art. Alison draws inspiration from surrealism and nature. She said that  “music is a visual experience” and she visualizes her lyrics before writing them. She uses animals to convey human emotions in her lyrics and they feature heavily in her videos. She is famed for her unique fashion sense, inspired by paganism, and quite shamanic, she has been known to wear a horses tail on stage.

Tiny Sheena Easton (59′) made her big dreams come true winning a BBC “Making of a Pop star” contest which catapulted her to instant Hollywood stardom. She has since sang a Bond theme and dueted with Prince, a far cry from her working class Scots roots. Sheena has married 4 times and says she is “always in love” with her relationships. Carol Channing (97′); Strange elastic-faced actress with a kooky image, had 3 marriages including one celibate due to husbands impotence. Poppy King (68′) built a multi-million pound cosmetics company by the age of 21. The “Lipstick Queen” owned one of the biggest cosmetic companies in Australia, but it has since gone into liquidation.


  1. I have this aspect, very tight, 1 degree orb. You are very right about projections. When I was younger I used to let other people define me and would somehow really become what they projected on me. And amazingly everyone projects something different on you, so you can get real confused about who you are and feel lost. Neptune rules my 7th house but hits the Sun from the 4th, so this was most prominent with family and boyfriends. Thanks to some other placements in my chart I became aware of that through my first Saturn return (which was a reall mess)

    So now I use this opposition for meditation and would recommend it to anyone with similar problems. The aspect has to manifest somehow..meditation has actually been more beneficial than anything to me 😉

    • I have sun opposite neptune-in my second house. I feel it is one of the hardest parts of my chart to deal with. I have lately had my millionth idea to make some money and its a fantastic idea, but i’ve watched every one of them fade into the clouds and its killing me. I wanted to know one thing if you can please. Does having the planet retrograde (which it is on my birth date) make a difference?
      Thanks loads if there’s an answer.

    • If you give yourself some time to read retrograde planets, and to feel, really feel your experiences, I´m sure you will get the answer you need!

      Right now, I´m kind of feeling the profound impacto of this on my own chart/life, and I do not feel really awe with it!

      Good luck!