Sun conjunct Neptune

Sun conjunct Neptune people are more prone than most to the dissolving of the ego. The boundaries between themselves and others are blurry and they absorb the collective unconsciousness like a sponge. They can be prone to escapism and all forms of addictions. This is because their physical sensitivity to the real world around them is so great. They long to merge with the great spirit and feel that euphoria of oneness once again. Their health can suffer from their lack of “armour” from external penetration, psychically or physically. (Frida Kahlo)  They extremely self-sacrificial, devoting themselves entirely to a person, a cause or their art. The merging of solar logic with the great poetic imagination that Neptune brings can create the most uplifting and enlightening art or music. And of course Neptune rules the Cinema. Many Neptunian stars being ripe for “Projection”….

Sun Conjunct Neptune Celebrities

Louis Pasteur (09′) combined fee creative imagination with methodical science. He became famous for inventing “Pasteurization”, a process where bacteria is dissolved using heat. George Melly (50′) the drink loving Jazz-personality and journalist surrendered to his ailing health, he said his dementia was like an LSD trip and thought his deafness was a benefit as he didn’t have to put up with boring conversations. Frida Khalo (59′) the Neptunian artist par excellence, was preparing to be a doctor before a metal handrail from a bus crash cruelly pierced her body. She suffered multiple injures, her already polio effected leg smashed to smithereens. She endured a series of operations throughout her life, but she painted her way to recovery. On her devotion to her errant husband she wrote Diego in my urine – Diego in my mouth – in my heart, in my madness, in my sleep.” Carrie Fisher  Spend most of her adult life battling drug addiction till 1997 where she had a psychotic episode related to her bi-polar disease. Other famous Sun/Neptunians are self confessed sex addict Michael Douglas, Buddy Holly and K D Lang.

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Author: Marina Macario

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  1. My 12th house sun is identical to the sun conjunction neptune, I can relate to everything this article said

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  2. yep sun conjunction neptune is identical to my sun in the 12th house, the 12th house is also ruled by neptune :D

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    • Dear Nick
      You might be interested to know that I am an astrologer – psychological in orientation – specializing in all matters related to the twelfth house and all the various subjects which converge there. I also host a forum site especially dedicated to this house, where people with planets in this house can share and exchange thoughts and experiences. And also, astrologers working on client’s charts can participate in discussions.

      You would be very welcome to join.

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      Best wishes, Cate

  3. here is a very neptunian picture, since with sun in the 12th house and sun-neptune the father is absent or mysterious i thought i would upload this picture,

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  4. I have Sun conjunct Neptune conjunct Mercury, which is not only the birthchart ruler, but also the ruler of the first decan of Sag where my Sun is…

    Frida Kahlo for years now has always been such an inspiration…

    About the addiction thing: I’ve made the experience, of being able to pretty much get addicted to almost anything… (from sex to sports to Facebook to TV to alcohol, cannabis and sweets)… but my main drug still is love…

    Neptunic greetings from the Andes,


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  5. I always used to wonder why no-one has been impressed by my “Scorpionicness” since I was an angry teen. After all, I have Sun, Venus, South Node, and Neptune, all in Scorpio and all conj. w/in orb (widest is 5 deg. the others are all w/in 1 deg.). I recently discovered that it’s because all my Scorpio planets are in the 12th House…kind of takes the sting from the Scorp to the outside world (not to me though). And Neptune…I am realizing how I’ve underrated it’s influence all my life. Good and bad.
    Ironically this is due to the Sag Asc, but I don’t know what I’d do w/o it!!! lol

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