Sun conjunct or quincunx Ceres embodies many of the themes of the Persephone myth. There seem to be themes of sudden great gain or loss which forces growth. These people might find pain is involved if they have to separate from their family for any reason. Sun with Ceres can feel scarred, betrayed or tainted by some family scandal, inheritance or ancestral trait. This subject may have had an overly cosseted childhood which leaves them ill equipped to deal with the gritty reality of the outside world.

These folk have a childlike naivety, that only see’s the good in people. The problem is then that they are easy prey to those who exploit their kind and trusting nature. There may be a weakness for being seduced by the inverted glamour of the outlaw, but this may be the only way they can break away from an overly possessive parent. Not wanting to upset the family then, the Sun Ceres individual can subconsciously create a situation where they get disowned. This way the lover becomes the demon, not themselves.

Tragic Persephone & Resurrection

Problems with this aspect can be the unrealistic expectation of an eternal summer and the huge sense of loss when this cotton candy world expires. Ceres is associated with the poppy seed and hops, therefore the attraction to prolonging the happy season through the use of opiates or beer can be a danger. On the plus side Ceres is about fertility, and with the creative Sun this aspect can indicate an abundant artistic output. The subject needs to insure they get their wintertime however, otherwise they are easily prone to burn out. With age and after many rebirthing experiences they make good “midwives” themselves, helping others in their transitions. This aspect can denote an extremely productive and prolific individual, one who attracts wealth towards them, but wether they get to keep the fruits of their labours is another question.

Sun quincunx Ceres yields extremely unique and talented individuals who are spurred to great heights in an attempt to rise above a less than satisfactory mothering experience. The quincunx aspect will find highly unusual ways to stimulate production. There is usually a dark opulence to their creations or a blending of very gaudy style with the very Spartan. This is also reflected in the lives of the individuals who may spend one half of their lives in utter luxury and indulgence and then completely downsize and strip-down. The yearning action of the quincunx with Ceres gives a real craving, so there is a certain urgency to this aspect, a real hunger to succeed in order to fill the great dark void within.

Sun/Ceres ~ (In)*Conjunct Aspects

Sun Conjunct Ceres

Sun conjunct CeresGood examples of naive artists falling prey to ruthless Plutonians. Flamboyant playwright Noel Coward (34′) portrayed the debauchery and indolence of the upper classes in his play The Vortex, only to become victim of this elite when he met his Pluto. This was stockbroker Jack Wilson who then became Cowards’s lover and manager. Wilson repeatedly abused his position, syphoning off cash from Coward. Despite Wilson’s alcoholism and thieving, love struck Coward chose to turn a blind eye. Nina Simone’s (43′) prodigious musical talent did not prevent poverty and prejudice forcing her into a cycle of success and loss. Nina missed out on more than $1 million in royalties for “My Baby Just Cares for Me” after selling its rights early in her career. Nina married her manager, but then separated having no idea of her business worth. She had to flee to Barbados to evade unpaid taxes. As Nina matured she moved away from music to become active in the civil rights movement.

Tragic Persephones; Child star Tatum O’Neal (24′) was exposed at a young age to her famous father Ryan’s sexual misdemeanours. She details his abuse as well as her molestation by a family friend in her autobiography “Paper Moon” Tatum lost custody of her children due to her herion addiction. Innocent and cherubic Lena Zavaroni (24′) shot to fame with the very Ceres named Ma! He’s Making Eyes At Me”. At just 10 years old, her huge Bassey-esque voice belied her tender age. The sudden success proved too much for someone so young.Lena suffered with anorexia from the age of 13 and was living on state benefits by the time she died, aged 35, weighing just 32 kilos.

Feast and famine;
Vincent Price (83′)’s Grandpa made a sweet Ceres fortune from his“Dr Prices Baking Powder”, while Vince went from sweet to sour with his horror acting, then turned on his privileged Republican roots by becoming an outspoken Democrat. Well bred Christian Dior (38′) was forced to start from scratch when his father lost his huge wealth. He designed for curvy, voluptuous Ceres women, corsets synching in voluminous skirts. Dior is quoted as saying “I have designed flower women.” [1] Lastly Chuck Berry (55′) went from serving time in the underworld (A 3 yr prison sentence for armed robbery) to fame and acclaim as a rock and roll star. Another great example of this aspect is Princess Stephanie of Monaco who had this aspect in conjunction to the moon and square her MC.



  1. Oh, my gosh, I’m just so stunned by everything I read here, this entire week..My daughter has Ceres at 27 Lib. ( I forgot the name of lucky star which Marina said was here ) and her ceres is conj. my Neptune ( 26 lib ) I thought that this meant my daughter might perhaps win lotto riches, etc. but, after reading older ceres comments ( from 2011) I am shocked.. My daughter has SCORPIO moon ( 0 scorpio ) very close to 27 Lib Ceres.. also, daughter has natal Mars ( 27 Cap) exalted, Just now, I realize the square.. When daughter was 7 years old, I trusted my ex- husband to take her for the summer ( Cape Cod, Mass. ). Ex gave daughter to his mother to watch, mother gave my child to her ( immoral ) daughter, and I was informed by this pack of wolves that daughter would NOT be returning as scheduled on return air flight portion of plane ticket, instead, they were filing papers in court, citing ( my address was unknown ). WHAT ? No money, but I got from Florida to Mass on my own, and, using ten yr old Christmas card list, tracked them all down ( with help of one good cop ) Ceres conj moon in SCORPIO square Mars does indeed mean ( kidnapping ). When daughter gets safely home, she tells me they lock her in closet…Daughter is age 28 now, and sometimes, she denies ever being kidnapped by paternal family, however, I have old Christmas card on my refrigerator with picture of Mass policeman ( and his police dog ) this same cop who helped me bust daughter out of captivity, so ( daughter with Neptune memory ) go ahead and try to explain that…my advice ? Never ever screw with mother who has both Mars and Saturn in SCORPIO…we will hunt you crazy bastards down like a dog…

  2. Dearest Marina, it has been a few hours since I posted my prior 12/12/2014 comment , with regards to what I learned ( through prior comments on this thread ). About Ceres Conjunct moon ( kidnapping ) ..I am a believer now..Because the moon has a roughly ( 28.5 day ) cycle, I applied this ( ceres/ moon conjunct = kidnapping ) theory to a cold case I have been working to solve since December of 2011.. A small toddler from my home state of Maine was ( stolen ) from her bed on evening of 16 December 2011..At least, that is what the custodial Dad reported to 911 responders..Mother told press that last time she spoke to toddler by phone was 8 Dec. 2011.. This case remains unsolved.. However, because of the moon’s 28-day cycle, to place moon/ Ceres in Conjunct ( and in house 12 of confinement to boot ) This kid was snatched on 08 Dec. 2011 on or around 0935 a.m. Police have been baffled, because they knew the actual date of abduction ( declared by paternal family ) was false……I know that Saturn rules ( bones, corpses, graveyards, etc. ). I need to learn more astrology ( and read faster ) so I can figure where the little girl’s body may be hidden..For 3 years, I have assumed her natal moon was in late Sag. when I moved the birth time ahead ( natal moon at 0′ 15″ Cap. ) it fits like a puzzle. Thanks to everyone who comments here…Even if I am wrong, it may jump- start the case once again, and some exhausted culprit may come forward and confess..Blessings to all, and, keep those comments coming..


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