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  1. Hi Marina, before you go away thinking that college ‘students’ caused the Berkeley riot, please consider the eyewitness account by Professor Robert Reich, one-time U.S. Labor Secretary, and a leader in progressive politics. http://robertreich.org/post/156777888615
    As he states, these were not students. They were more like paramilitary types brought in to start trouble so Trump can send in the troops, or cut funds, or whatever.

    As far as your question as to ‘where are all the conservative women?’, they are actively denying health care to their poorer sisters, and trying to privatize or eliminate Social Security so they can keep it all for themselves. Nikki Haley, the new Republican UN ambassador, is “taking names.” Which country is going to be ‘bad’ first? Those are US-style conservative women for you.

    I stand to lose my medical coverage, and even my rent-subsidized home due to those same conservatives. I don’t think you would want to call yourself one here in the US, because you actually have a soul and care about others. Trump is a thing. He never laughs or cries; all he cares about is having it all, a true Corporation in living form.

    Okay, off my soapbox. This looks like a lovely solar eclipse new moon. I do love your video posts, Marina. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Greg,
      Conservative means something different here! More like traditionalist and prudent. This is the problem with English speakers think they are speaking the same language when they actually aren’t. I really can’t stand the neo-cons!
      But anyway I have posted another video to clear that up. http://darkstarastrology.com/trump-iron-lion-zion/
      I still think the riots were brought in by George Soros. I never believed that it was the students themselves. But I’m not sure I can believe it was in order to cut funds either. I’m sure Trump is brash enough to do that directly. His ego also is too huge to have it look like he is not ‘cool’ with the college kids!