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Solar Eclipse March 2015

The Solar Eclipse on March 20 is at 29º Pisces and falls in Pisces Decan 3
Daring Visionaries & Star Measurers. Decan Ruler: Mars Deity: Elpis (The Spirit Of Hope) Aspects: None!

“This Solar eclipse is simmering, about to boil over from Pisces as it makes its way towards birthing at the spring equinox of 0º Aries. The collective is bursting with anticipation for the future and impatient because we have been cocooned for far too long.”

New Moon Solar Eclipse MarchThe Solar Eclipse falls on the fixed star Scheat in Pegasus the flying horse. It is also on the anaretic 29th degree. This is a very unstable place because the element is about to change into its very opposite. Pegasus was born from the blood of the decapitated head of Medusa (See notorious Algol). Bellerophon tamed the flying horse and then attempted to ride him up to heaven. Pegasus’s over-ambitious rider fell off before he got to the stars, but it didn’t stop Pegasus getting there.

From this myth comes the Pegasus syndrome “It is unwise to take any situation for granted as the ‘lesser’ person (or, in this case, beast) may be the very one to teach us the much needed lesson in humility. Pegasus is also indicative of a specific mission in life which the inquirer will always find the time and energy to pursue, although the path may be sewn with difficulties and limitations”  The article goes on to say “In poetry, the phrase “My Pegasus will not go this morning” means the author’s brain will not work (lacks inspiration), and “I am mounting my Pegasus” means he’s going to write (he’s becoming inspired).”

Interpretations of the fixed star Scheat itself seems to be associated more with the accident side of the myth. Robson says “It causes extreme misfortune, murder, suicide, and drowning.” [1] The Ebertins say. “Tied up with ‘malefics’, this could lead the native to lose his life in catastrophes, such as floods, shipwreck, mining accidents, airplane accidents, or maybe suicide. On the other hand, it is possible for a positive influence to emanate from Scheat, but only for some people, it can have a positive effect on their mental creativity, if these people are ready to receive such inflow.” [2].

Scheat Hits The Fan

Solar Eclipse March 2015Now my take on Scheat is that it although it can have a real naive, reckless attitude, this naivety is often a blessing. It gives one the bravado to go into the scary woods with nothing but blind hope and a gut feeling. Often the path to liberating wisdom is laden with booby traps, put there by those who want to keep us chained in ignorance. If we had done the sensible thing, conduct careful research and seen what a minefield the path was, we might never take the journey at all. Any worthwhile quest has an element of risk.

In actual fact, Pegasus inadvertently threw off his rider because he was stung by a gnat sent by Zeus! Maybe this Solar Eclipse on Scheat is telling us we are more likely to reach the stars if we become Pegasus ourselves, rather than riding on someone else’s research and studies. Visionary Pegasus says, question everything, do your own research, be your own scientist. Once you have a true, deep connection with your inner wisdom and solar center, nothing, no religion, no ideology, no–ism and no measly parasite can throw you off your stellar mission.

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  1. Hi Jen,
    I’m sorry I should have explained better. Psyc. Opp. is Psychological Operation. In other words, an organised plot to influence or control others. The mainstream media has is critical role in feeding false information to the public to achieve their ends. You have to search for “alternative news” or articles written on the internet written by proper investigative journalists or credible academics to find the TRUTH. You need to do your own research and not rely on what you are told by the mainstream media (owned by the same people who have a vested interest in keeping you ignorant).

    Second point: Astrology is based on the principal of synchronicity. The father of modern Psychology Carl Jung first described synchronicity as observed coincidences in which two or more independent events having no causal connection, seem to form a meaningful pattern. Causality states that nothing can happen without being caused. Therefore causality is not compatible with synchronicity or Astrology. The PLANETS of our solar system DO NOT CAUSE any particular event to happen any more than hands on a clock causing a specific time. Rather, what can happen at any moment is a reflection of the position of planets at a particular time. So one does not cause the other; they are synchronous and mirror each other.

    More than happy to share………..Knowledge is power

    • Angel – thank you for your response. I do realize that we are manipulated by the press but I am not inclined to conspiracy theories. Having said that, I am sure there is malicious activity that gets covered up. I just don’t see everything through that lens. I guess I will have to dig deeper about the true reasons for this pilot’s actions. As for Jung and astrology – yes, I understand synchronicity. Jung believed (according to R. Tarnas) that the Universe brings the meaning to the symbol. I assume this means we are not the ones assigning the meaning when we relating to an archetype. I am not sure I entirely agree if that is the case as I think in an astro reading for example, the person having their chart done brings a lot of meaning to the symbol and the astrologer is more like a channel. We are humans and operate with human perception regardless of how the meaning manifests. Entirely possible I do not understand the finer nuance of Tarnas’s explanation. #2 I am not saying the planets control us, make events happen, but there is an energy created, represented by the symbol and we respond to it, hence ‘as above, so below’. Also, horary astrologers are remarkably accurate with predictions. If this is not true, why bother to follow astrology at all? IMO the study of astrology is to raise consciousness and to be better in tune with the times and how the current energy might be affecting us. The no choice part is that there is an energy and it does affect us.

  2. Jen,
    In the way I understand it, the universe does not bring meaning to the symbol, humans do. An archetype is an unlearned tendency to experience things in a certain way through images, patterns, and symbols that appear in dreams, mythology, books or films. Therefore, it’s not so much relating to an archetype, but experiencing it in our own way. These energies/archetypes are symbolised by the different planets and give them meaning.

    An astrologer is not a channel like a psychic medium, but an interpreter of symbols, like a tarot card reader. Personality is interpreted by the birth wheel and predictions can be made using planetary transits or progressions,but it’s your choice how you decide to work with the energy. Self awareness is an essential human responsibility. As inscribed on the Delphi temple of ancient Greece, “Know Thyself”.

    The axiom, “as above, so below”can also be explained by Quantum Physics, “The smallest thing in the universe is subject to the same processes as the largest”. Astrology assumes the same energy that moves the whole universe has a kind of intelligence that also resonates with the development of human beings and our experiences. Finally, Jung’s synchronicity and archetype discoveries fit in beautifully with all of this. That’s why he’s GENIUS.

    I need a rest now. X.

    • Angel ;-), please do not feel a need to respond, just wanted to say I think we are more in agreement than may be apparent. I chalk that up to my imprecise use of language. Isn’t it remarkable how often Jung’s name comes up when talking about astrology – for the reasons you cited. I always chuckle when synchronicity happens – it is almost like a wink from the Universe… I have been thinking a lot about Jeff Jawer lately, the American astrologer who died in February one month after his diagnosis cancer. Putting the link here for those who wish to see the tribute –


      He viewed the astrologer as the bridge between science and religion and the poetry and art of meaning. As you say, the interpreter. But interesting how the client will always hear just what they need to hear! I was in counseling many years back with a Jungian psychologist who was an astrologer and all sorts of crazy things would happen during our sessions – bells ringing at just the right time, the right dream to crack the code, (of course) etc. She never let her astrology readings be recorded as she felt what one needed to hear is what I would walk away remembering. Thank you so much Angel for sharing this perspective on Jung and astro – it is very dear to my heart as unapparent as that may be. It is always good to know there are Jungians out there, especially ones who understand astrology.


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