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Grand Trine 

Sun Aspects

Sun Moon Aspects
Sun conjunct Moon
Sun sextile Moon
Sun square Moon
Sun trine Moon
Sun quincunx Moon
Sun opposite Moon

Sun conjunct Mercury
Sun conjunct Venus

Sun Mars Aspects
Sun conjunct Mars
Sun sextile Mars
Sun square Mars
Sun trine Mars
Sun quincunx Mars
Sun opposite Mars

Sun Jupiter Aspects
Sun conjunct Jupiter
Sun sextile Jupiter
Sun square Jupiter
Sun trine Jupiter
Sun quincunx Jupiter
Sun opposite Jupiter

Sun Saturn Aspects
Sun conjunct Saturn
Sun sextile Saturn
Sun square Saturn
Sun trine Saturn
Sun quincunx Saturn
Sun opposite Saturn

Sun Uranus Aspects
Sun conjunct Uranus
Sun sextile Uranus
Sun square Uranus
Sun trine Uranus
Sun quincunx Uranus
Sun opposite Uranus

Sun Neptune Aspects
Sun conjunct Neptune
Sun sextile Neptune
Sun square Neptune
Sun trine Neptune
Sun quincunx Neptune
Sun opposite Neptune

Sun Pluto Aspects
Sun conjunct Pluto
Sun sextile Pluto
Sun square Pluto
Sun trine Pluto
Sun quincunx Pluto
Sun opposite Pluto

Sun Lilith Aspects
Sun conjunct Lilith
Sun sextile Lilith
Sun square Lilith
Sun trine Lilith
Sun quincunx Lilith
Sun opposite Lilith

Sun Ceres Aspects
Sun conjunct Ceres
Sun sextile Ceres
Sun square Ceres
Sun trine Ceres
Sun quincunx Ceres
Sun opposite Ceres

Moon Aspects

Moon Mercury Aspects
Moon conjunct Mercury
Moon sextile Mercury
Moon square Mercury
Moon trine Mercury
Moon quincunx Mercury
Moon opposite Mercury

Moon Venus Aspects
Moon conjunct Venus
Moon sextile Venus
Moon square Venus
Moon trine Venus
Moon quincunx Venus
Moon opposite Venus

Moon Mars Aspects
Moon conjunct Mars
Moon sextile Mars
Moon square Mars<
Moon trine Mars
Moon quincunx Mars
Moon opposite Mars

Moon Jupiter Aspects
Moon conjunct Jupiter
Moon sextile Jupiter
Moon square Jupiter
Moon trine Jupiter
Moon quincunx Jupiter
Moon opposite Jupiter

Moon Saturn Aspects
Moon conjunct Saturn
Moon sextile Saturn
Moon square Saturn
Moon trine Saturn
Moon quincunx Saturn
Moon opposite Saturn

Moon Uranus Aspects
Moon conjunct Uranus
Moon sextile Uranus
Moon square Uranus
Moon trine Uranus
Moon quincunx Uranus
Moon opposite Uranus

Moon Neptune Aspects
Moon conjunct Neptune
Moon sextile Neptune
Moon square Neptune Moon trine Neptune
Moon quincunx Neptune
Moon opposite Neptune

Moon Pluto Aspects
Moon conjunct Pluto
Moon sextile Pluto
Moon square Pluto
Moon trine Pluto
Moon quincunx Pluto
Moon opposite Pluto

Moon Lilith Aspects
Moon conjunct Lilith
Moon sextile Lilith
Moon square Lilith
Moon trine Lilith
Moon quincunx Lilith
Moon opposite Lilith

Moon Ceres Aspects
Moon conjunct Ceres
Moon sextile Ceres
Moon square Ceres
Moon trine Ceres
Moon quincunx Ceres
Moon opposite Ceres

Mars Aspects

Mars conjunct Saturn
Mars square Neptune
Mars conjunct Pluto

Jupiter Aspects

Jupiter sextile Uranus
Jupiter sextile Neptune
Jupiter square Neptune
Jupiter trine Pluto

Saturn Aspects

Saturn trine Neptune
Saturn sextile Pluto

Current Astrological Transits

Fixed Stars

Alycone – Pleiades
Ras Alhague

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