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Carrie Bradshaw Horoscope,I was quite a fan of Sex & The City when it was on the TV 10 years ago now. Then it was still kinda regarded as feminist and quite radical. Now because it’s less sex and more domestic it seems to have become a bit of a guilty pleasure.

I can’t believe I’m quoting the Daily Mail but anyway…“Go savage Carrie & the girls, they’re the only safe target left.” Liz Jones.

Ok, it IS pure escapism, but like a very sickly trifle, you can’t resist going back for another spoonful. I have convinced a male friend we have to see it this weekend in the name of post-modern feminist research…

Sex and the City’s huge success must be due to the 4 archetypes hitting on something in the collective unconscious. I found each character does in fact have a birthday. though no time. (Not the same as the actresses who play them) So I thought it might be fun to go through each one and see if they actually match up to any of the Goddess Archetypes.


Bling Culture

I find Carrie Bradshaw to be the epitome of Venusian “bling” culture. At the same time (despite being intensely annoying and self obsessed.) she wins all the polls on “Who is your Fav SATC character.” Aphrodite is the most enduring goddess of them all because love, love, love and pretty things are just SO seductive.

They give her birthday as 30th January 1966. I imagine they choose this date because of the kooky Aquarian Sun. But I love that she’s a writer and in this chart her Mercury is indeed conjunct Venus. The tightest aspect in her chart is Mercury sextile Ceres tho. I do see Ceres as highly abundant, but it’s dark side is possessiveness and over attachment to material wealth. It’s quite Taurean which Venus rules.

Combined with Mercury would be constant thinking of growth, could be in philosophical thinking but also in the size of her wardrobe. A fickle nature is shown by Mercury also, the need for novelty. New PAIRS of shoes constantly. Mercury is dualistic and given to fashion fads. Her Venus is sesqui the tight Pluto/Chiron opposition which can be obsessive. Quite a shopaholic aspect. Conversely it can be sexual healing also through her psychological writing.

Like many born that year she has drama queeny and greedy Jupiter on Capella squaring that opposition. So she resonates with a generation of shopaholic, self obsessed, constantly busy, neurotic women who cannot shut their minds off. (Wait a minute…IM born January 1966…Oh god she is my shadow!)  Capella is the star on the goat in the arms of the Charioteer (Constellation Aquilla) It’s very much a “I want it all” constellation, especially with Jupiter. And the goat is Capricious! But it is also a highly successful star also, with Jupiter : slander and criticism, too enthusiastic or zealous, many voyages, trouble with relatives.”

Her Lilith is trine Jupiter also. Her saving grace. I guess she is given to self-reflection, spiritual thoughts and philosophy. Her sexuality a tool for enlightenment.

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Author: Marina Macario

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  1. I think the producers/writers missed a trick in this show by not casting the 4 characters based on the elements. Natally 3 are Fire Suns and 1 Water.. Fundamentally the show was exploring the Whore archetype (all 4 in consensual reality terms would be regarded as sluts/slags in this culture/context). but we had 1 character who seemed to be ‘whoring’ a lot more reluctantly or ambivalently than the other 3, the water sign. Fires signs are more extroverted and less relationship orientated than the other 3 elements, So to my mind, or a Psychological Astrologers, the show was unbalanced in respect of this. Incidenatally, the show also seems to have caused a lot of harm as well to many women. Studies seem to show those who watched the show became more sexually promiscuous. In other words the audience may have felt these ‘fiery’ attitudes towards sex/love were more the norm than in fact, elementally speaking , they are or what horoscopists might expect.

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