Scorpio Decans

SCORPIO DECAN 1 ~ Birthdays October 23 – November 1 

Scorpio Horoscope 2015The Agony & The Ecstasy. Scorpio decan 1 is ruled by Mars. The dark edge to this decan comes from carrying the weight of the crucifix……More>

Picatrix* ~ A man holding a lance in his right hand, but a human head in his left. And this is a face of disposition, sadness, evil will, and hostility.

God/Spirit†~ Nymphai. (Spirits of Nature.)  Tarot Card ~ 5 Cups.

STARS ~ Miaplacidus in Argo, Priceps in Bootes, Palida & Gacrux in Crux,  Nusakan in Corona Borealis.

SCORPIO DECAN 2 ~ Birthdays November 2 – 11

Scorpio Horoscope 2015Spiritual Accountants & Poker Faces. Scorpio Decan 2 are ruled by the Sun and Jupiter.  They are constantly watching and judging you, like god. Deep in the recesses of their brain they are making tallys…. More>

Picatrix ~ A man riding upon a camel holding a scorpion in his hand. And this is a face of knowledge, modesty, disposition, of one who speaks evilly one to another.

God/Spirit ~ Leto. (Disputed. Mother of twins Apollo & Artemis.) Tarot Card ~ 6 Cups.

STARS ~ Mimosa & Acrux in Crux, Alphecca in Corona Borealis, Zuben Elgenubi & Zubenelschemali in Libra.

SCORPIO DECAN 3 ~ Birthdays November 12 – 22 

Scorpio Horoscope 2015Forest Lurkers & Karma Chameleons. Scorpio Decan 3 are ruled by Venus and Moon. This decan seems to contain all the items you would find in the musty forbidden forest. They are considerate folk…. More>

Picatrix ~ A horse and a rabbit with it. And this is a face of evil works and taste, and joining oneself with women by force and with them being unwilling.

God/Spirit ~ Kairos.  (God of opportune moments.) Tarot Card ~ 7 Cups

STARS ~ Unukalhai in Serpens, Agena & Toliman in Centaurus & Alpha Lupus in Lupus.


The decans above are as accurate as they can be within a ten degree orb. For a detailed exploration of your birthchart, please refer to the READINGS page.

NOTE: I started off using the ancient Chaldean rulers of the decanates, but will be adding in fresh material relating to the Triplicity rulers in 2015. Click on the links above for a more detailed interpretation of each decan using the fixed stars and celebrity examples. You can also apply the decan character traits to your Ascendant or Moon using these zodiac positions:  Scorpio decan 1 0° – 10°Scorpio decan 2 10° – 20° and Scorpio decan 3 20° – 30°.
*The Picatrix is a book of occult magic and astrology. It is often used as a reference for making astrological talismans. †The 36 Airs of the Zodiacs list of Gods and Spirits.


  1. Marina…I’ve been following your blog for years and I’ve never commented before. I wanted to say how much I enjoy reading here. Your perspectives are always so welcome. As an American, it’s nice to get another perspective. Thank you for all you do here, for sharing your thoughts and writings with the world and helping to raise our collective vibration ! xoxo Dee

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  2. Aww…Will miss my weekly wisdom from you, but good Luck on your new starry adventure sheila! G”day x

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    • I still write a weekly horoscope, but not for the individual signs. But hey you have a whole year to come. I am about to Start Virgo 2014. Scorpio not too far behind.

  3. where’s saggitarius??!! Meh!

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  4. I am a decan 1 scorpio October 28,1950 9 degrees with taurus rising 7 deg. Your decsription is pretty accurate but I am much more intense.

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