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Scorpio Decan 2 ~ Nov 2 to 11 (10º-20º)

Scorpio decan 2

Scorpio decan 2 is ruled by the Sun. The Sun traverses the constellations of the Southern Cross, the Scales, the Crown and the Serpent from November 2 to 11. Here resides the Zodiac’s James Bonds. This is the zone of spies, femme fatales, spellbinders, depth psychologists and occultists. Yes I know it sounds a bit too much like a stereotypical sun-sign Scorpio interpretation, but this as close as it gets. Scorpio decan 2 conforms most off all to the typical mysterious and secretive ScorpioYou will see that the fixed stars that fall here totally support this. But typically for our Scorpio, there is even more intrigue below the surface. Having the scales of Libra here gives us more juice to work with. These scales can be measurers used for commerce or the Egyptian balances for weighing the souls of the dead. Equilibrium here is about finding that mid-range of emotions where one is calm and cool. Here we find the famous Scorpio “Poker face.” ( Lady Gaga’s moon here.)

Spiritual Accountants & Poker Faces

scorpio decan 2

Inside, the Scorpio decan 2 may be experiencing a tumultuous emotional storm, but on the outside, nothing, not a flicker, awesome…It’s all in the eyes though, the eyes burning into you with such ferocity, but what, what do these folk want, they won’t tell you?!!! How infuriating.

This is when you start doing things for them because they are so ripe for your shadow’s projection. You might feel bullied and overpowered depending how domineering your own personal shadow is, but who is doing that? Them? Well they aren’t saying anything so how could they be…? Yes, you can read a whole lotta “Wuthering Heights” into that blank stare.

Scorpio Decan 2 ~ Fixed Stars

Scorpio 11º 39’ ~ Mimosa in Crux in the Southern Cross. 1.2*
Scorpio 11º 52’ ~ Acrux in Crux in the Southern Cross. 0.7
Scorpio 12º 18’ ~ Alphecca in Corona Borealis in the Northern Crown. 2.3
Scorpio 12º 18’ ~ Menkent in the left shoulder of Centaurus the Centaur. 2.3
Scorpio 15º 05’ ~ Zuben Elgenubi in the Southern Scale of Libra. 2.9
Scorpio 19º 22’ ~ Zubenelschemali in the Northern Scale of Libra. 2.7
Scorpio 19º 57’~ Beta Serpens in the Serpens the Serpent. 3.7
*Magnitude. Star positions for the year 2000.

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  1. I am with natal Sun at exctly 15degree of Scorpio. From what i’ve read i guess i have no chance for happy life whatever I do. Better end it soon probably

    • Nooo you will evolve, I promise. All of your hardships are hurting you yes, but like the Phoenix, you will rise from them a new person. Please hold on. You will get through it. I’m a 44 yr old newly evolved Scorpio, it took many years but it was so worth all the pain. Hugs.

    • No please don’t kill yourself bro. God wouldn’t want that. You might go to hell. I’m a newly evolved scorpio at 19, and am now a bald eagle. I hope to be a phoenix eventually. But please do everything in your power to fight through it, we can all evolve. God loves all his children.

  2. My Pluto is in the 15′ Scorpio it trines my natal Sun, Mercury, Chiron and Jupiter in Cancer
    Sun 14′
    Mercury 18′
    Chiron 19′
    Jupiter 20′

    Even though Im a Cancer I prefer to have Scorpio as my ruling sign because it over empowers it taking in consideration that my Mars is in 26′ Aries there’s so much in me Mars only squares Mercury, Chiron and Jupiter Mars becomes the driver for 3 Grand Squares that I have

    My Moon is in Capricorn (ironic right) sitting right on my ascendant both at 3′ leading a stellium with Uranus, Neptune and Saturn 13′, 18′ and 22′ respectively which ends in Libra Midheaven my Pluto sits right here

    I have a Yod apexing Venus in Gemini 14′ Neptune Pluto Sextile

    But what I want to say is that Scorpio is a hyper ruler 8th house in Leo when I look at my horoscope I look for Scorpio because its so dominant you’re right on the fixed star I suffer from anxiety problems anyhow yeah


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