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Saturn Square Neptune ~ Sept 2016

saturn square neptune

Neptune has been in Pisces since February 3 2012 and will stay there until 2025. The planet Neptune is one to be very suspicious of. As I have said before in other posts, Neptune can disguise itself as a saviour and angelic being, when underneath lurks the dark cupid/demon, out to vamp your lifeblood dry. I spoke about this in my ‘Twin Flames or Hell Fire’ post.

 Lana Lokteff’s addresses the negative and positive side of Neptune with her post “Neptune in Pisces 2012-2025, An Ideal Time For The Globalists”. “Considering the current state of our world, things can go either really good or really bad during the next 13 years. Either we believe a lie and become easily led into the murky water of our demise or we utilize these influences to truly enlighten ourselves so we can break the spell holding us hostage in an artificial world. The time for new ideology is here but what way will it go?”

Lana wrote that post back in Jan 2012 and now we are in the midst of Neptune literally dissolving boundaries between nations. In Europe, Germany’s Angela Merkel, seems to be taking the lead with this globalist/one world ideal. So we might like to look at Neptune as having a NWO agenda too… The ‘order’ (Saturn.) part is much easier to implement when we are ‘all one.’ (Neptune.). So with Saturn in Sagittarius, we approach the first of its challenging periods with one of three squares between Saturn and Neptune.

Saturn Square Neptune Dates: 26 November 2015, June 18 2016 & Sept 10 2016. This aspect is also triggered at the September 1 Solar Eclipse.

Saturn Square Neptune 2016

Germany is the magnet that the refugees and migrants are being drawn to, watch Syrian Girl on youtube for an alternative view of what we don’t see on the mass media. In the end, it’s the common folk who live with the fall-out, while the leaders are protected in sanitised, gated developments, far, far away from the clashes on the streets.

In Angela Merkel’s natal chart, she has Neptune conjunct MC on fixed star Spica, a brilliant and greatly fortunate star. Robson says Spica with Neptune gives “Well-born, comfortable surroundings, always sufficiently well off, associated with companies, gain through legacies” Neptune sits in its ivory tower, shining like a saviour at the top of her chart. Spica is the star found in the sprig of wheat that Virgo holds. Spica is associated with Ceres which is the super-nurse and carer. Ceres is related to empath Persephone, whose compassion for the dying pulled her down into the underworld. Saturn is harsh reality and intolerance however!

Refugee Crisis & ‘Saviour’ Merkel

Saturn is the boundary-setting that a lot of bleeding-heart Persephone types need to activate when they get involved with vampiric adult babies with ‘problems’…. You can’t save every single lost soul in the underworld! Neptune has a problem setting boundaries both literally and psychically. But being careful what you invite in, doesn’t make you a bad person.

Saturn square Neptune is about addressing where you draw the line and so called ‘enlightened’ people can be the worst at this. As an astrologer, witnessing the trouble Neptune causes in relationships has left me very skeptical about this planet. Everyone thinks that they can handle Neptune at ‘a high vibration’, but 85% of the time, they can’t.

Saturn square Neptune connected to a personal planet can be likened to a parent who has a pattern of rescuing partners. Unfortunately in mothering the ‘broken’ partner, the parents own children suffer from neglect. Ironically this ‘absent parent’ behaviour is most likely the cause of broken/Neptunian behaviours the first place. It’s self-perpetuating. Where will it end? We are caught in this loop now. The domestic microcosm reflects in the macrocosm. Neptune doesn’t really recognise time, and if all timelines are now, why care about the future? It’s just an illusion man… Saturn on the other hand is conservative, it knows that what one sows, one reaps as Chronos the keeper of time.

Vampiric Adult Babies

saturn square neptuneAstrology of course is all about time-keeping and the quality of the moment. It is wonderful we can peak into the past to see what might happen in the future. That’s why history is so important, providing we can question it, since history can be propaganda too and dictate our present actions.

The beginning of this Saturn square Neptune cycle started when Saturn was conjunct Neptune in Capricorn in 1989.

  • The Berlin wall came down on Nov 9 1989 when Saturn was exactly conjunct Neptune (0º 14′).
  • Nov 1 1989, the first dial up internet connection was made. Talk about dissolving boundaries!

We are at the waning square of this Saturn/Neptune cycle now. (If anyone is interesting in further research, the waxing Saturn square Neptune was in 1998/99 and Saturn opposition Neptune in 2005/6.) When Mercury makes a conjunction with Saturn, it in turn activates the square to Neptune. Keep an eye on the what is portrayed in the news, TV and social media. Mars activations will bring out bitter revenge tactics.

Mercury and Saturn will probably throw up some whopping lies, while Neptune continues its sorcery with media propaganda. It’s quite amazing how a small region like Hollywood in the USA can influence so many people in the world. With this square over the next year we will be looking at who controls (Saturn) the media (Neptune.) I urge you to watch The Century Of The Self  which “tells the untold and sometimes controversial story of the growth of the mass-consumer society in Britain and the United States. How was the all-consuming self created, by whom, and in whose interests? The Freud dynasty is at the heart of this compelling social history. “

The Political Arena in 2016

UPDATE AUGUST 2016.* I recently came across Glenn Perry’s excellent article on Saturn square Neptune he says “With Saturn square Neptune exact three times this year, a transparent film of lies has settled across the globe like a toxic pesticide. Examples are legion but I will focus on three, which, because they are expressions of the same archetypal dynamic, intersect like Borromean rings: 1) the Hillary Clinton scandals involving Benghazi and her private email server; 2) the Black Lives Matter movement, and 3) ISIS propaganda that exhorts its followers to commit murder-suicide.”

The article is well worth a read as it goes into this years politics throughly and fairly, in a way I have not seen from most astrologers who tend to glorify Neptunian traits. Glenn says on Neptune; “While spiritual practice and charitable service is the healthy expression of Neptune, this can be misallocated via victim-saviour dynamics that entail the enabling of bad behaviour. Neptunian over functioning, or “co-dependency”, is again fuelled by excessive and irrational guilt as evidenced when “saviours” feel compelled to rescue “victims” from the natural consequences of their own self-defeating actions”

*I wrote this article at the beginning of the year, before all the terrorist and sex attacks in France and Germany happened. Thanks Angela..


  1. This post and another I read recently got me thinking about neptune very much. I was wondering your insight on Yogi Bhajan, as he had neptune on his sun. An article on various spiritual leaders would be very interesting!


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