Sagittarius 2018 Horoscope ~ April to June

Saturn continues sorting through your possessions in 2018 and will show you what memories and gifts you still treasure and what you really don’t! Saturn is great for weeding out junk. Keeping large amounts of items that have no use or sentimental value just attracts spiders and dead energy. By giving to charity or selling stuff on, you are move the energy for others to enjoy. If you suffer from low self esteem, then this transit is invaluable in terms of looking within and getting some support from older wiser, mentors. These folk can guide you towards people and pastimes that make you feel good about yourself, rather than feeling unworthy.

Jupiter is still in your mystical 12th house. If you are the sort of person that needs to do something with this nebulous, fog of a transit, then perhaps go on a retreat to somewhere where you can do nothing. This period will be the ultimate in navel-gazing, so going to an Indian Ashram or a Buddhist silent retreat would be perfect. Obviously you can’t do that for a whole year, (unless you are mad), but at least you can build a little altar or chill out zone in your home where you go for some quiet time on and off during 2018.

Sacred Herbs In 2018

Because of her retrograde, Ceres spends extra time in Leo from the beginning of the year until the end of this season. For you at this time then, the outdoor connection is vital for downloading ancient knowledge that has been lost. This will help you tune into your own higher self. Using sacred herbs may also appeal, though this is not necessary. The herbs or vine might help however, if you are so wired by modern life that you can’t relax enough to pick up the messages. This lasts until Jun 27.

Black Moon Lilith will transit through your cash house until Aug 11. It will shadow some of Saturn’s themes for you. You may seek consolation in your partner, but if their affection is not forthcoming or fulfilling, then their stingy grass may prompt you into looking for greener grass elsewhere. The appeal of forbidden fruit may prove irresistible as one tries to fill the void. This ‘fruit’ then, may take the form of a lover. Otherwise fillers such as drink, street drugs or anti-depressants may beckon at this time.

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Sagittarius Horoscope 2018

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