Sagittarius Decans

Sagittarius Decan

Sagittarius decan 1 ~ November 23 to December 2
Degrees 00°00′ to 09°59′. Is ruled by Mercury.

Sagittarius decan 2 ~ December 3 to 12
Degrees  10°00′ to 19°59′.  Is ruled by the Moon.

Sagittarius decan 3 ~ December 13 to 21
Degrees 20°00′ to 29°59′. Is ruled by the Saturn.

I am using the Chaldean rulers of the decanates. You can also check out the other planets and angles in these decans, which I will examine in more detail in a future book. For now you can take the meanings in the above posts and apply it to decan 1 degrees 00°00′ to 09°59′, decan 2 degrees  10°00′ to 19°59′ and decan 3  degrees 20°00′ to 29°59′.

Meanings for Sagittarius decans to come, this is a work in progress. 

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28 thoughts on “Sagittarius Decans

  1. Laura

    Cant wait til you have Sagittarius decan 3 done….im waiting in suspence?

    1. Marina Macario Post author

      Patience! These are a labour of love. I have started writing decan 2. I do these in between the work that earns me cash. Right now I have a mountain of work to catch up on after a much needed holiday, so I just can’t give a date.

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