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What is a psychopath? Most people generally think this is the serial killer, pedophile, rapist or baby killer. Mostly however the extreme expression does not manifest and these people can be closer to us than we realize. Statistics state that 85% of psychopaths are men. But this figure is most probably not a true statistic due to the fact women’s psychopathic behavior is not so overtly violent and far more insidious.

Basically women do not get caught. When they go as far as to take a life, it is generally for material gain, otherwise they tend to harm those physically weaker than themselves which sadly in most cases is their own children.

A true psychopath cannot be cured. It is a brain deficiency which you can see under an MRI scan. They are born without empathy and their prime motivation is survival. They get an adrenaline rush from exploiting people and getting away with it. They have to win at all costs, whether it is conning someone out of money, bedding someone else’s wife, or having the last word. These people have no real creativity, so tend to plagiarize; they don’t know who they are so the only way they can gain potency in their lives is by sucking the life (sometimes literally), money or ideas out of someone else.

Psychopathic traits

Parasitic lifestyle, no remorse, no empathy, constantly blaming others for their misfortune, over the top emotional reactions out of proportion to the event, blowing hot and cold, constant lying, crying wolf, abnormally high or low sex drive, thinking the world owes them a living, delusions of grandeur, “poor-me” syndrome, fantastically charming, the use of “love bombing” and flattery, manipulative techniques, chameleon -like ability to be what ever you want them to be, fake vulnerability, ability to remember small details from the past and then use them against you to get their own way, short attention span, easily bored, feed on emotional dramas.

Psychopaths are incredibly clever and are master tricksters. They get away with so much because those who have had the misfortune to fall in love with one are just too embarrassed to warn others. So the psychopath will go onto its next victim and do the same thing all over again.

I went through my selection of extreme psychopaths and noted which stars and aspects came up again and again. Because my samples were so extreme, I had less of the charming Neptunian influence which you would expect from such a deceptive lot and more of the Pluto/Uranus. Neptune would come into it more with addicts. Below are my findings in order of frequency. There seemed to be generally more conjunctions, oppositions, squares and trines than sextiles and quincunxes. But there were many striking aspect patterns as you will see later.

Psycho Stars & Planets

PLANETS: As expected, Moon/Pluto tops the list, followed by Black Moon Lilith in aspect to the AC, interestingly this was mainly by trine and conjunction. Black Moon Lilith possibly rated so highly however because I looked for both true and mean Lilith. Both featured heavily. Out of the Liliths the highest score was with Venus ! This was followed in order of frequency by Lilith with Eris, Sun, Moon, Mars, Uranus, Saturn, Pluto and Ceres.

After the Liliths we get Mercury in aspect to Eris (which was one I hadn’t expected), Unaspected Sun, Moon/Eris, Moon/Uranus, Sun/Pluto, Sun/Uranus (All trines except one square), Sun/Ceres (Mainly squares) and Venus/Saturn (Hard aspects). I noticed very tight Ceres/Saturn and Ceres/Neptune seemed to come up a lot too. Another thing I noticed a high frequency of Venus conjunct Mars, they tended to be on powerful or darker stars and Sun or Moon opposite Saturn. This is not definitive research. I would’ve liked a bigger sample. But this is a start. The worrying frequency of Eris warrants further investigation.

PSYCHO STARS: The top scorers were all in Scorpio! Lesath  (24SAG01) the  stinger was tops and mostly showed being conjunct Lilith, Mercury and Ceres which was interesting since both Mercury and Ceres I would regard as being medicinal planets. Poisoning and toxic people spring to mind. Acrab (03SAG1) and Dschubba (02SAG34) next. These 2nd magnitude stars are in the head of the Scorpion and both sit next to each other on the ecliptic so they are very influential. I saw them time and time again. The Sun, Moon and Lilith came up strong with these.

Then we get the expected baddies “Evil” twin Pollux (23CAN13) in Gemini tended to show up on the angles and Algol ( 26TAU10) on Medusa’s head. After that in order of frequency; Antares (09SAG46) in Scorpio, Zosma (11VIR19) in Leo, Fomalhaut (03PIS52) in the fish at the foot of Aquarius, are we seeing a fixed theme here? (I noticed a few Liliths on Aldebaran (09GEM47) in Taurus.) Then lastly I found quite a bit of Algorab ( 13LIB27) in the Crow and Sabik (17SAG58) in Ophiuchus. Positions for fixed stars year 2000.


We have already featured Adolf Hitler’s chart, but putting Eris in we get this tight psychotic triangle with Uranus trine Lilith square Eris. This Mean Lilith is on the screaming Warrior Queen Bellatrix square another Dark Goddess Warrior Eris. Double trouble there, electrified by Uranus. His True Lilith is on Algol (Not shown.) Deceptive but mesmerizing Sun/Neptune plus a Moon/Pluto blown out of proportion by Jupiter and a doesn’t know who he is Neptune Sun square Ceres on the MC, smother, mothering the German people. He has all the signs…

Ted Bundy was the perfect Scorpionic seductor. With his Sun on Acrab. He used his good looks and charm to seduce then kidnap, rape and kill atleast 30 young women. He would go back to the crime scene and have sex with the corpses for hours at a time. He decapitated some of the heads and kept them as momentos. In his chart the strongest aspects is the Pluto trine Mars (02’) representing the deadly sex but also the sexual charisma. Interesting is Saturn the planet of corpses with Pluto (sex) showing the necrophilia. They are both in the 12th and oppose Ceres the earth, where the bodies were presumably laying. Neptune connects them all in some weird merging ritual. His Lilith was on Lesath, very apt as the sexual predator and his Moon on Sabik in the snake charmer does the job of hypnotizing his victims. In this case Sabik literally does give “perverted morals and success in evil deeds“[1]

Marvin Lemons was another sexual psychopath and necrophiliac. He actually worked as a grave digger and had a history of child molestation. He was known for sleeping with his dead victims and even slept in a grave with a corpse. He boasted to the police of his multiple murders, showing them pictures he had drawn of their decapitated, chopped up and mutilated bodies. He had his Moon on Acrab by just 01’and if you look at his chart this potent Moon has both a Yod and Eris plugging into it. Mars on Algorab describes rather too vividly his scavenging nature and quincunxes the bare bones of Saturn , like Ted’s Saturn it is in the 12th. Look at his lonely unaspected Sun buried in the 4th. Sleeping in cemeteries..

British “Doctor Death” Harold Shipman is one of the worlds most prolific killers, with atleast 218 murders to his name. He was a respected member of the community. Shipman killed mainly elderly but healthy women with an injection of diamorphine. He probably would never had been found out had he not attempted to forge a will of on of his victims in his favour. He covered his tracks well, forging medical records by saying his patients had been in poor health. In his extremely red chart we get Mars conjunct Saturn on “evil” twin Pollux opposite Sun conjunct Venus. This is very descriptive of a good twin/bad twin character. Two separate sets of triangles also. The icey Moon/Uranus sextile a spellbinding Pluto/Neptune minor grand trine below the horizon while above the horizon we have Eris square the medical Ceres/Mercury conjunction feed by the poison coming from Neptune. Neptune connects both sides of his split personality. Lilith sextile Venus gives him his bedside manner.

Onto some women psychopaths now. Frances Newton has a similar chart setup to Harold Shipman. She was executed in 1987 fro the murder of her husband, 7 yr old son and baby daughter. She shot them with a pistol belonging to her lover, the motive was thought to be for their £50,000 life insurance. Frances claimed they had been shot by a drug dealer. Her chart has the Moon sandwiched between cool electric Uranus and hot obsessive Pluto. Mars, Uranus and the Moon are ALL on Zosma. This star is not really noted for being evil as such, but it can be either victim or saviour. She obviously thought she could play the victim well enough to get away with her crime. That stick of dynamite stellium is opposite Saturn conjunct Ceres in the 8th house of death. As if her Moon didn’t have enough, it also has Eris and Mercury quincunxing that it also. Note Lilith on its own squaring the tight Sun/Venus and sextile Neptune. The bad girl, deceptive Neptune and incredible sexual charm.

Lastly we have Karla Faye Tucker. During an afternoon getting high on drugs, Karla and her boyfriend decided to steal a motorcycle. Somehow they both ended up murdering the bikes owner and a girl he was with. Karla killed the girl with a pick axe through the heart, strangely later telling friends that she experienced multiple orgasms at each blow of the axe. Karla was sentenced to the death penalty and imprisoned, after which she conveniently found god and pleaded that her life be spared. The Born-again Christian said she was now a reformed character and blamed drugs for her past behavior. Incredibly the psychotics “poor me” act did attract some support from religious groups. But the courts didn’t fall for it and she was executed in 1998. Her chart has an interesting mystic rectangle. Neptune’s drugs and lies are the midpoint of a charming Venus and the conman’s tricky Mercury. Mercury is on powerful archangel star Antares in Scorpio and helped by Jupiter and trined by Eris. Lilith is on Aldebaran, another archangel star, but only brings supreme success if one acts with integrity. Her Venus is in the tricky Crow on one of the magical Behenian stars. Maybe she though the archangels would save her from Ceres on Lesath, the lethal injection that was to kill her.

Of course with all these charts it’s easy to see all the psychopathic traits with hindsight. With these aspects one can very often either be the victim or the victimizer. We do tend to attract a lot of Plutonic/Lilithian clients and indeed many people close to us have many of the aspects featured here. My view is that with one in 20 people being psychopathic it is very likely that we know quite a few personally. But in order to deal with these people one needs some heavy duty darkstars in ones weaponry. It’s no good fighting Pluto with a fluffy pink Moon/Venus marshmallow. Throwing love at them will not work. Those of you born with any of the above aspects, be thankful you have them. They are a blessing not a curse.

1. Fixed Stars & Their Constellations. Robson Pg 199.

Raising awareness of psychopaths and narcissists –  Waking You Up
Thomas Sheridan – Labyrinth Psycho Blog

Author: Marina Macario

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  1. Well, why the focus only mostly on fixed stars?

    I have Sun Ascab conjunction, Lilith conjunct Aries Rising and Lesath conjunct Mercury and Neptune, Eris square Venus and I am not an evil person I think.

    I dont like taking advantage of the weaker or anything. I also have Moon conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn.

    Sometimes I feel sad, but I am sensitive and I dont like using people for my advantage, I prefer being independent. So how do you explain this?

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    • I do need to expand on this article if people are not getting it. The short answer is the “killing points are the healing points”. There is magic and there is sorcery. A knife in the hands of a surgeon is a life saver. You might be someone who attracts psychopath types so that you can show them how NOT to behave.

  2. Most of the psychopath traits listed fit geminis negative side, but all you really need to do is get to know one to realize that they’re crazy

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