Angel, Demon or Psychopath?

What is a psychopath?* Most people generally think this is the serial killer, pedophile, rapist or baby killer. Mostly however, these extreme expressions do not manifest so close to home, but a psychopath can operate closer to us than we realize. *UPDATE 2015. I wrote this before I knew about Archons, weitiko mind parasites, psychic vampires, dark-cupid relationships etc etc. I don’t think now that you can tell if someone is an actual psychopath by looking at the birth chart. But I DO think entities may target certain individuals who tap into powerful magical stars. The entities can then use the subjects as puppets for their own sorcery. Channellers beware! Difficult natal aspects that show childhood wounding could also be weak entry points for these entities.

Neptune transits to any of the planets below could also facilitate these “walk ins”. This is why drug use is not recommended during Neptunian transits, it basically opens the flood gates! I also have to add, I’m not saying that if you have suffered abuse and you have wounds because of that, that archons can enter and you then become a psychopath. No certainly not! This is such a complex subject, whole books have been written about it. I’m only opening a discussion. But I appreciate this is extremely sensitive subject matter. We ALL have varying degrees of possession/infection, this society makes us that way. But there are ways of clearing ourselves, it just takes effort, a willingness to learn about what you are dealing with and patience.

Statistics state that 85% of psychopaths are men. But this figure is most probably not a true statistic due to the fact women’s psychopathic behaviour is not so overtly violent and far more insidious. Basically women do not get caught! When they go as far as to take a life, it is generally for material gain, otherwise they tend to harm those physically weaker than themselves which sadly in most cases is their own children. A true psychopath cannot be cured. It is a brain deficiency which you can see under an MRI scan. They are born without empathy and their prime motivation is survival. They get an adrenaline rush from exploiting people and getting away with it. They have to win at all costs, whether it is conning someone out of money, bedding someone else’s wife, or having the last word. These people have no real creativity, so tend to plagiarize; they don’t know who they are so the only way they can gain potency in their lives is by sucking the life (sometimes literally), money or ideas out of someone else.

Psychopathic traits

Parasitic lifestyle, no remorse, no empathy, constantly blaming others for their misfortune, over the top emotional reactions out of proportion to the event, blowing hot and cold, constant lying, crying wolf, abnormally high or low sex drive, thinking the world owes them a living, delusions of grandeur, “poor-me” syndrome, fantastically charming, the use of “love bombing” and flattery, manipulative techniques, chameleon -like ability to be what ever you want them to be, fake vulnerability, ability to remember small details from the past and then use them against you to get their own way, short attention span, easily bored, feed on emotional dramas.

2015 Horoscopes

Author: Marina Macario

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  1. Marina, what do you do if you come across a psychopath chart during a reading for a client? Must be awkward, but do you in fact tell some people they need to get psychological help, or that they are just plain old evil?

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    • If they have come for a reading, then chances are the client is into self work which means they wouldn’t be a psychopath! I don’t think I would attract psycho clients, but I do think I attract those who have been abused by them. The charts looks very similar. Psycho looking charts may well be prime targets for possession because the charts are a powerful instrument. In that case I would advise the client to keep as grounded as possible, work in a field where they could be themselves and express their creativity. Self awareness is the key and wisdom is power. Psychological help would be pointless to a real psychopath. I don’t believe that a chart can really ever show a true psychopath, but I believe it can show what karmic contracts you have agreed to which could in fact be false contracts. You then grow up thinking you did something dreadful so now you deserve to be abused by psychopaths or are doomed to having terrible relationships.

    • Hello, and thanks for this valuable information. I have a question and a comment. First the question, in your opinion what is the difference between a sociopath and a psychopath? …and I was surprised to not find Sedna in your list of planets/objects. If you ever live through a Sedna transit, she’ll make all your charts from then on. I include Sedna in every chart I do, even horary.
      thanks again..

  2. I am a medium, and am just ending a 22 year marriage to a psychopath, he is using my mediumship to take custody of my son.
    He falsified criminal charges on me when I told him, I had talked to a deputies wife, and if the abuse did not stop I was taking my son and leaving state. Next thing I know I am in jail, he has my son, and custody of my home, I was left with clothes on my back and nothing else.
    I am not fighting him for custody, and have had to defend my abilities in court.
    Where do we go to have a chart reading done by you.
    I think he is polluted with attachments, and his aunt was a black witch, who is deceased.
    He did the usual NPD stuff isolation from family, lies, smear campaigns, not allowed to work or have money.
    He also has stage iv cancer which made him even more abusive, and unpredictable.
    He told me he was angry I am living and he is dying.
    I would love to see what my chart says about this.

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  3. In answer to Steve. Yes Sedna probably should be included, I wrote this article before I did any research on Sedna though. I have written about Sedna here SEDNA. Sedna moves so slow though and I find dealing with Eris is quite enough!

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  4. I find it very interesting that you combine Astrology and Psychology. Im very interested in your work, and did’nt read something like that before. Could you create my birth chart too? Im very curious about the results
    Date of Birth: 21. 11. 1990
    Time: 06: 10 a.m.
    Place: Adana (Kadirli) / Turkey

    I would be very happy to hear from you, and good luck for your current ongoing works

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