Aries Horoscope May

Aries Horoscope May

Aries Monthly Horoscope

Your Aries Horoscope for May 2016 has Mercury Retrograde in your big fat wallet zone. There is also a theme of travel too so if your business might go international at this time or you might travel to buy stock to sell locally. Therefore the material world will hold a great fascination for you, but you may get too attached to luxury items. Shopping might feel like good therapy this month as the annoying ad mantra “because your worth it…” plays non-stop in your head. The best way to use this pampering, sensual energy would be to share the indulgence with others. This is nice because pooling your resources gives everyone a feeling of abundance, and like attracts like, right? In the negative sense this could purely be the need to show off ones bling. Resist the being too ostentatious with your new possessions. To some it could become obvious that your material goodies are over-compensating for your own lack of self worth. After May 21 the emphasis flows away from glittery objects and more on what’s going on over the garden gate.

Aries May 2016 ~ Mercury Retrograde

Prepare to get your merchant head on for the next few weeks, while you have a natural feeling for buying and selling. This will not be the perfect time to sign a contract for a large purchase such as a car or house, but you can do quite well testing ideas out and dealing in actual ‘Retro’ items. You might pick up some bargains in an auction also if you have a particularly strong natal Mercury. Even if it is Mercury Rx, it will be that way for everyone, but at least you have it in you cash zone. This might be a time when you do more personal shopping than usual, but find you are returning a lot of it! Sometimes though, a Mercury Rx is good for specifically buying online so you can try clothes on at home with other outfits. You might do well writing for money at this time or about subjects to do with self-worth and ways to boost self-esteem.

Aries May 2016 ~ Emotions

The May 21 Full Moon brings with it a wanderlust for foreign shores. This would be the perfect time to escape to a home from home. It wouldn’t be a good idea to go anywhere too exotic however, because you will still want your familiar comforts. If you are a Brit like me, bring your own T-bags! The main thing is to go somewhere that forces you out of your usual routines. What you are really suffering from is just plain old boredom. So prepare yourself for the restlessness that will come in the next two weeks by setting time for something that will which you away mentally if not physically. This could mean planning some sort of esoteric study which will open your mind up to infinite possibilities. You want to feel boundless but also contained safely in a pod, like being on the London Eye or some such big wheel tourist contraption. If you can’t afford to travel anywhere you might find you will bring far-flung cultures to your own doorstep by making friends with a foreigner.

Aries May 2016 ~ Love

This month you are more likely to fall love with a funky new pair of shoes than a human being. Venus rules money as well as romance, so her covetous, material tendency can come out very strongly at this time. On the positive side, at least you will attract more cash into your life too, so keep your eyes out for ways to monetise your business rather than just being seduced by shop windows. The temptation will be to indulge in luxury goods rather than in wise investments, so try to have a little self control. You might need your partner to show their love for you through gifts and fancy dinners, but this may be because you feel a little insecure at this time. Maybe it would be better to show your vulnerability, rather than getting them to break the bank in order to prove their love. A genuine hug and kind words will feel unexpectedly precious if you drop the diva act. This will last until May 24 when along with Mercury direct station you will feel much more like the social butterfly and less inclined to cling onto to any one thing. It’s hard to fly with heavy suitcases, so travel light as exotic locations beckon. There could also be the promise of love with a fellow traveller, so another reason to leave all that restricting, old baggage behind!

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