1 Ceres square Pluto. 2 Sun square Neptune. 3 Venus square Neptune, Sun opposite Saturn. 4 Grand Mutable Square, Venus opposition Saturn, Sun square Jupiter. 5 New Moon at 14º Gemini, Venus square Jupiter. 6 Sun conjunction Venus. 7 Venus square Nodes, Sun square Nodes. 9  Uranus conjunction Eris, Venus sextile Ceres, Mercury opposition Mars. 10 Sun sextile Ceres. 12 1st Quarter Moon at 21º Virgo, Venus sextile Uranus. 13 Mercury into Gemini. 14 Sun sextile Uranus. 15 Neptune Retrograde. 17 Pluto trine North Node. 18 Saturn square Neptune. 19 Sun on Betelgeuse20 Full Moon at 29º Sagittarius, Mercury opposite Saturn, Mercury square Neptune. 21 Sun into Cancer Decan 1. 22 Ceres conjunct Eris, Mercury square Jupiter. 23 Ceres conjunct Uranus, Mercury square North Node. 24 Jupiter conjunct North Node, Sun trine Lilith. 26 Jupiter trine Pluto. 27 Last Quarter Moon at 6º Aries, Venus trine Neptune, Mercury sextile Uranus, Mercury sextile Ceres. 30 Mars Direct, Mercury into Cancer. Venus sextile North Node.


June Ephemeris 2016
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2016 Astrology

The Astrology Of 2016

The main astrological influence over 2016 will be Saturn square Neptune which will get activated by various inner planets and then most importantly the lunar...