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Planet Pluto

Pluto was discovered in 1930 and was officially the 9th planet of our solar system until Eris was discovered in 2005. When Pluto was born into our consciousness, talkie films were introduced, TV had just been invented and even the very first computer, the “Differential Analyser” had been developed.

The mass media appears to give us more awareness of what is happening around the world, but negatively it is used for propaganda, mind control and consumer manipulation. Advertising became more prevalent after Pluto’s discovery. Naming this tiny, frozen and isolated planet after the God of the Underworld was appropriate since the 1930’s was an era of gangsters, the great depression and brought the rise of Hitler’s Nazi party.

The Neutron was discovered in 1932, so advancements in nuclear physics also gave us the ability to destroy ourselves with the atomic bomb. Pluto’s potential is just like that nuclear missile; it takes a very evolved subject to use this power wisely. It also takes courage to stare death in the face and go with Pluto into the inky black unknown.

Pluto is frightening because mostly we resist its wisdom, try to repress it or bury our heads in the sand. All that does is delay the inevitable. That means when the Plutonic demon does come to the surface, it will be all the more putrid, and unpleasant to deal with. Poo! Oh yes, poo. Pluto is all about eliminating..

Most of all the dark lord is best at removing all that hinders our spiritual evolution. Hard Pluto transits are colonic irrigation for the soul. We can use the nice word “transformation”, but Pluto slowly decomposes, so at some point this chemical breakdown is going to stink! This is why we can feel so isolated during a Pluto transit and why Plutonians need to be secretive on occasion. Whatever form the purging takes, it ain’t pretty.

Pluto Discovery Chart

In the discovery chart we have a striking Boomerang Yod, which explains why Pluto is so very driven and focused. Once Pluto locks it’s stare onto a person or a mission it’s 90% in the bag. The Yod pointing at Neptune is apt since Planet number Eight reclaimed Pluto’s “last-stop-in-the-solar-system’s” crown. This outer-limits position does show Pluto’s connection with the occult and spiritualism.

Planet PlutoEris
 sextile Lilith is fitting since it was through Pluto’s experience with Persephone (Eris) that he learnt compassion in dealing with the tortured souls in the underworld. Lilith quincunx Neptune speaks of forbidden fruit and the wisdom gained from taking a bite of the apple (or pomegranate). Pluto is pretty much isolated in the 12th house of this chart, but what is interesting is that he is on Wasat the bridge builder that sits between the Gemini twins. This is Pluto’s role helping the dead transit over to the other side. Dark Goddess Lilith is strong on the descendant too and conjunct Mercury which brings out his trickster and seducer side. It is also Pluto’s ability to become invisible or be a master of disguise.

Powering this Yod forward is love. Idealistic, yearning, soulmate love. Venus on Fomalhaut “Secret and passionate love affairs, some restriction in the life, disappointments, easily led astray.” and “The artist or the fanatic; seeing magic in everyday life…to be a dreamer.” This is not really a violent chart, which is perhaps surprising since Pluto is often accused of being ruthless and power hungry. Nature can be violent, but it is not wilfully cruel. Pluto just wants to evolve in the way of natural law. It is primal, raw and puts on no airs and graces.

 conjunct Jupiter are rather smug in the house of hopes and dreams, they are both on Ain in the Hyades. But “The closer you move towards the Hyades, the more pro-active and controlling it gets. Ptolemy likened the stars in the bull’s head to Saturn and in part Mercury, which could make a dark trickster. AldebaranPluto Discovery Chartcan get itself into sexual scandal through greed when it is handed to them on a plate, while Hyades scandal comes from going too far with their stalking and obsessions.” This conjunction is very important as can represent a few things. Pluto’s buried treasure, his capacity for vast wealth, or even innocent Persephone as the Kore version of Ceres, cosseted by her father Jupiter.

The Fixed Stars

The Moon is on Zuben Elgenubi which is the unfortunate southern scale of Libra (Which used to be the scorpions claw), “Trouble through opposite sex, wrongful accusations, disgrace, ruin, mental anxiety, loss of relatives, many disappointments, much sickness” I think this stems from family sorrow and a tainted upbringing since it’s in the fourth house of the father. Saturn ate his son Pluto along with his brother Neptune out of fear they would destroy him. Seems like Pluto gets the raw deal each time, as his other brother Jupiter didn’t get swallowed and Neptune stays the big planet.

Poor Pluto then, the black sheep, the runt of the litter, the bullied one with so much to prove. Pluto looses out on the most obvious, surface bling, but his eventual gains are far richer and profound. You have to dig deep though, hence the Moon at the bottom of the chart. In this chart I like the way the Yod pierces through the earthly barrier of Ceres/Saturn quincunx Saturn. It is like Saturn vomiting back up Pluto and Neptune, after he was tricked into eating the stone.

The discovery chart has Sun opposite Neptune “They are prime candidates for projection. They seem to attract wounded and troubled partners who seek in them salvation. They may have supremely idealistic expectations in their love life, constantly searching for that perfect soul mate to make them feel whole.” Sun on Enif in Pegasus shows Pluto’s power of resurrection through the compassion and love. The elusive soul mate relationship of Venus opposite Neptune is part of the trigger too.

Love Addiction

PlutoIt is important to examine the original Babylonian version of the Persephone myth. Two misfits and lonely gods; Eriskhigal (Goddess of the Underworld) and Nergal (God of war and pestilence) fall madly in love and embark on a marathon six-day sex session. After this Nergal deserts Ereshkigal and resurfaces back to the upper gods.

Ereshkigal goes mad with rage because she hasn’t had enough of him. Through reasoning with the Gods (Like Ceres) Eriskhigal manages to negotiate Nergals return. It’s like the Persephone myth roles have been reversed. Both myths imply a sexual rite of passage and an awakening. The grief of abandonment and loss of innocence triggers transformation. Like Persephone, Nergal had to forsake the luxuries of the upper world, his securities and his status.

Visually I think the discovery chart Yod describes all versions of the Persephone myth very well. The Sumarian version has Inanna/Venus descending into the underworld and of course we have Sun conjunct Venus descending across to Neptune. Of course Neptune can be poisons, anaesthesia and addictions also. The Yod could even be a great big syringe piercing through the Ceres/Saturn quincunx. Love is the drug here.

That song. “I’ve got you under my skin?” is very Pluto. The Pluto discovery chart looks like carnal penetration. Saturn is on Facies, the penetrating stare of the archer. Cupids arrow? More piercing. Nothing describes the pain of mourning better than daggers through the skin as depicted in Catholic sculptures of saints and the swords cards in the tarot. Penetrating Pluto rules surgery. The first step in healing is often a bloody cut from the surgeon’s scalpel, to take out the festering tumour that is poisoning us.

We are going through a particularly black period on Planet earth so we are experiencing Pluto’s psychic surgery en masse. The dark lord has been retrograding over ruthless Facies at the time of writing (2012) which have made his transits seem like crucifixion rather than resurrection. In 2014 Pluto moves on to more fortunate Nunki in the archers bow and then onto the ancestral loyalty stars of Lyra (2016) after that. Maybe then the secretive one will reveal the heart of pure gold that lurks beneath his steely armour.

Pluto Aspects

SUN: Sun conjunct Pluto • Sun sextile Pluto • Sun square/opposition Pluto •
Sun Trine Pluto • Sun quincunx Pluto
MOON: Moon conjunct Pluto • Moon sextile Pluto • Moon square Pluto •
Moon trine Pluto Moon quincunx Pluto • Moon opposite Pluto
MERCURY: Mercury conjunct Pluto
MARS: Mars conjunct Pluto • Mars square Pluto
JUPITER: Jupiter opposite Pluto
URANUS: Uranus square Pluto
ASCENDANT: Pluto Ascendant Aspects


  1. At age 54, my spiritual guidance conveyed to me that I had been in an incestuous relationship with my father at a very young age and that it was time for me to deal with this. This was difficult for me, as I had no memories of any such thing. Through my guidance, however, I was able to make contact with an alter personality who told me that I had multiple personality disorder. Her name was Donna (Donna means “lady of the house”). I was soon aware of two alters, Donna and Little Girl. Donna was an out-of-body alter who had witnessed the abuse while not experiencing it herself. Little Girl was an incarnate alter who had directly experienced the abuse. Donna was the one who told me about it. Little Girl was much more quiet. Donna had a very harsh, cynical attitude towards Little Girl. In her opinion, Little Girl was a deluded idiot. Little Girl’s response to Donna was to turn her back on her and say, “She doesn’t understand.” I was grateful to Donna because she communicated with me. She gave me helpful information. She wanted me to know what happened. Little Girl was much more reticent. I had trouble understanding her. She was a gentle personality, loving, innocent and loyal to her father. I wanted to know her better, but she remained a mystery to me for a long time. I knew I needed to resolve the standoff between Donna and Little Girl in order to integrate them and bring healing to myself but this proved not to be an easy task. I had been working on this for a year before I stumbling upon a way to do it.

    I wrote a letter to my friend, Moira. Moira’s name means “fate,” a very Plutonic name. Her maiden name is Griffin. The griffin is a legendary creature with the body, tail, and back legs of a lion; the head and wings of an eagle; and an eagle’s talons as its front feet. Because the lion was traditionally considered the king of the beasts and the eagle the king of birds, the griffin was thought to be an especially powerful and majestic creature. Moira is the most Plutonic person I know. She was born on a Scorpio New Moon with Pallas 1Sco44, Sun 2Sco52, Moon 3Sco53, (conjunct my Jupiter 1Sco16, Neptune 2Sco59). Also, Moira has Mercury 9Sco43, Saturn 10Sco59, Ceres 20Sco03. All of her Scorpio planets are in her 8th House. She has Pisces Rising and an empathic South Node at 7Can42 conjunct my Ascendant at 8Can15.

    My first meeting with Moira carries a Plutonic image. We met on the day before my due date. I actually gave birth to my son a week later, but I was definitely in a very Plutonic condition at the time we met.

    In our Davidson’s chart, we have North Node 29Sco56, Saturn 29Sco28, Neptune 29Lib28, Pluto 29Leo39, Venus 28Leo44. Venus is conjunct Pluto. Saturn is conjunct the North Node, in Scorpio. All of the planets at 29 degrees are rather Plutonic, as they are about to transition to a whole different sign.

    When I wrote to Moira about the abuse from my father, I was able to express an intensity of dark emotion that I had not been able to release up until then.

    Shortly after that, I found the key to resolving the rift between Donna and Little Girl. This opened up a whole new layer of many alters and much hidden abuse from people aside from just my father. Little Girl breathed a deep sigh of relief. She was grateful that I was finally “getting it.”

    Much later, I became aware that Donna was not really an alter personality. She was a mental attitude that I had absorbed from my mother, but had not found a way to reconcile myself to.

  2. I find it very fitting that Pluto’s discovery chart has him stealthily tucked away in the 12th house, with an applying trine from the Moon in Scorpio, no less. It really echoes the way that Pluto operates: silently seething in the background, hidden from view until the force of his energies inevitably seep into our lives and demand attention/resolution/transformation. Cheers.


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