Pisces 2018 Horoscope ~ April to June

Saturn continues through your hopes and dreams zone. During this time you will also find out wether your career goals have been realistic or not, sometimes this time can be one of disappointment where you see you friends ascend or promoted while you are left behind.

If that is the case, all ideas and plans will be aborted. Don’t fret! you will get the chance to start all over again when Saturn enters your first house for a brand new cycle. We tend to perfect 11th house visions on our second cycle here, rather than the first. (Saturn has a 29 cycle around the chart.) so it is not the end of the world if you don’t make it this cycle. What you will at least come out with is valuable advice from the peers who did succeed.

Jupiter loves travelling through your expansive house of far-away places. There is serenity in feeling that there could be a higher power taking care of things. Events that occur at this time seem to have a special, destined feel about them and result from being able to tap into a universal intelligence. When we have that sense of the architect in the sky, there is less pressure that we have to work everything out ourselves. So after the intense soul-searching of Jupiter in heavy house 8, you are ready to emerge into this carefree, experimental phase.

Black Moon Lilith supports Saturn in your friends zone. New friends made at this time could all carry Lilith themes. For example; you form a triangular friendship, you become friends with a healer/witch/shaman or make a friend who is taboo in the eyes of your regular friends. (Too poor, rich, religious, bohemian or traditional etc..) The lowest manifestation would be befriending an addict, hoping to rescue them, but then getting pulled into the drugs yourself. More positively you could make friends with someone who ‘red pills’ you, which distances you from your more unenlightened friends. Sometimes this can feel like you have joined some sort of cult! You will tend to feel pretty uncomfortable with regular society, once you know too much!

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Pisces 2018 Horoscope

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