Pisces 2018 Horoscope ~ January to March

Saturn moves into your friends and wishes zone in your Pisces horoscope 2018, here it tests how much responsibility you are willing to accept at the behest of your friends. There is usually quite a positive outcome however. Like your comrades may want you to become a spokesman for their cause, yet you have a real fear of public speaking. The challenge of Saturn here, is that in fulfilling your peers needs, you become skilled in something that you might never had done otherwise.

Mars transits your career house from Jan 26 to Mar 17. You will be tested on how much you try to avoid confrontation in your dealings with others. If you are tend to constantly compromise for fear of causing offence then Mars now will show this tactic unexpectedly fail even though you have gone against your principles to make someone happy. Suddenly you can’t help but generate a resentful vibe! Eventually the seething viper of this energy is picked up on and the other starts acting out even more. There is no way you can avoid confrontation with this bad behaviour now. You have to decide whether this issue is really worth fighting for however, because things could turn quite ugly if the other is used to your backing down. If not, then this is one of those times when confronting the problem is actually about severing ties with it all together.

2018 Eclipses For Pisces

The Jan 31 Lunar Eclipse falls in your health zone. You want to be careful at this time not to consciously provoke people into revenge behaviour because right now you are not in the strongest position (Unless you have other mitigating transits). Mostly though, this is a time of much internal cleansing. This means you might well experience quite a few sniffles at this time in the form of colds or flu. (These can be the tears of unacknowledged grief too) Don’t try to work over it or suppress your body’s natural wisdom, just help it heal itself. Have hot curries, blow your nose a hundred times a day, whatever it takes, just let it all out! Bleurghhh. The Feb 15 Solar Eclipse switches sides and falls in your mystic zone. The universe is speaking loudly and you are divinely inspired. If however, there are some unrecognised boogie men that are giving you nightmares, then it’s time to open the creaky cupboards of your subconscious and shoo them out. This area of your chart is also one of hidden enemies so there is the possibility of psychic attack, which could show as psychosomatic illness. This Solar Eclipse is just shining a light on great big chinks in your psychic armour, that are in need of fortification.

Ceres spends an extra long time (Until Jun 27) in your health house because of its retrograde in Leo. Ceres healing work here will just support the work of the eclipses. Connection between mind and body is paramount now. Dis-ease of the mind manifests in the body. Before it gets a chance to get a grip, counseling may be the best recommendation, as well as giving up bad habits and addictions. The rape/abduction theme of Ceres can turn the enslavement of the position into something more sexual. Innocent Persephone could manifest as one being seduced into a sadomasochistic relationship that involves role playing and bondage. This can be figuratively or literally depending on your own proclivity!

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Pisces 2018 Horoscope

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